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  • debrat's Avatar
    07-30-2017, 04:36 PM
    Sales Page: In Celebration of Jim's Birthday, Kwik Learning Presents... The Ultimate Online System To Supercharge Your Focus Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Potential & Get More Done Than You Ever Imagined (At Any Age!) Have You Lost The MomentumIn Your Life? Are You Having A Hard Time Getting Started?For the first time in history, we live in an age where we can get any information we want at any time. We should be happy and healthy...but many of us are feeling the opposite. Why? Because a world where knowledge is convenient and abundant also comes with endless DISTRACTION. - Do you feel like you can do anything but can't get yourself to start? - Do you work 40+ hour workweeks and still not get the important things done? - Are you overwhelmed by interruptions and distractions? Like you, I once struggled to focus in a world full of distraction and overwhelm. At first, I loved the constant stream of social media, email, and news alerts. I felt on top of the world. I knew about everything that was going on, and I always had interesting conversation topics at parties and networking events. But over time, I noticed that I was missing deadlines and procrastinating on essential tasks...which in turn cost me a lot of money and time. That was when I realized I needed to be honest with myself: all these distractions weren’t just harmless fun. They were destroying my productivity - and I needed an intervention. So I asked my high-achieving friends for help. They too lived in a world of distraction...but they were doing everything they needed to do AND still showing up at the top. Why? Because the world’s most successful people know how to manage their attention and focus. This isn’t a skill that comes intuitively. It requires practice and learning...which means you too can MASTER it. After YEARS of experimentation and implementation, I finally figured out the perfect road-map to get to where I needed to go. Learning how to focus has allowed me to take my business and life to the next level. It's a crucial element of success, no matter what field you’re in. Recently, I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of requests from people like you asking EXACTLY how I got my focus in order. That’s why I’ve decided to create a brand-NEW program called the Kwik Focus Blueprint. It starts on Monday, September 18th, 2017…. However, a very Special Pre-Registration Rate is available RIGHT NOW - so I invite you to join me TODAY! With this 30-day program, you’ll rewire your brain in order to supercharge your focus and attention. In just 10 - 15 minutes a day, I’ll teach you how to tackle the underlying causes of distraction and procrastination. We’ll then set up new routines so you can give the most attention to your most high-value tasks. If you've lost momentum in life and want to give it a boost, then take advantage of our summer special today. I look forward to being your focus coach. To your success, Jim Kwik Founder of Kwik Learning @jimkwik Price Price -Early bird registration. Only available for 1 day - $197 After this the product then goes up to $497 This is a time sensitive GB at a great price Expected Seat Price: $10.5/seat Min. # of Members: 20
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  • wylie99's Avatar
    07-28-2017, 02:34 PM
    Hi Gang!!!! This event..... Looks like would fit into a lot of members "wheelhouse" here! Who would be interested in seeing if we can get a group buy for this event? $700 for the live event......if we could get 40 people, that's only less than $20 each. I think this would be an AWESOME event to have. What do you think?................................................ Wylie
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    07-25-2017, 12:22 PM
    Hello members OSE has been down for like a week now. It's now back online. If you can't login, please post here. is next. Regards
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  • appie's Avatar
    07-28-2017, 07:06 PM DROPSHIP LEGACY VERSION 2.0 IS HERE NOW! You will get immediate access to the step by step ONLINE training course of everything I did to reach my first 2 Million in sales and beyond! One time payment and LIFETIME ACCESS to all future updates! Credit Card Number: CVC Code: Expiry Month: Expiry Year: Item Price $997 Dropship Legacy Course 997 Yes, I will Take It! BONUS TEXTING ACCESS: The closest thing to mentorship that you will get from me. You'll have 2 texts allowed per week for priority response directly from me! Order Now For Lifetime Access NO REFUNDS ON THE ALL THE WAY UP COURSE. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE SUPER SERIOUS! I CANNOT JUST GIVE THIS INFORMATION OUT WITH THE RISK OF YOU TAKING IT AND WANTING A REFUND. Here Is A Sneak Peak Inside ALL FOR $17,274 GET ACCESS FOR ONLY $997 ONLY FOR THE SUPER SERIOUS WHO WANT THE GOLD PLATTER HANDED TO THEM Act now before the price goes up to where it should be priced at! I'm letting a limited amount of people in at this price for the new release of Version 2.0! 00Hour00Minute00Second And you're being taught by me who walks the talk daily Disclaimer: I sometimes snapchat my dog or car A Word From Adrian (EL TIRO) The Dancing Machine What My Students Are Up To: A Word From Oliver Who Started As A High School Student! A Word From Daniel Who Is Running His Store In His Spare Time: ENROLL TODAY! Copyright 2017 - Dropship Legacy - All Rights Reserved Disclaimer
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  • zintetik's Avatar
    Today, 11:34 AM
    Do we have to create a new thread (Discuss GB) for the new product (here at GI)??... elian, could you open a thread in OSE to see if we can get more members interested in the new product?.. (I think OSE is more active now) elian- $100 ​asts18- $100 zintetik- ($Any) ambryus- $100 assaf- $100 dieter- $100 pitah604- $100 VinceX- $100 cb44- ($Any) mantrashakti- ($Any) naval3377- $100 billbill2210 $100 mampf $100
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  • mampf's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 AM
    elian- $100 ​asts18- $100 zintetik- $100 ambryus- $100 assaf- $100 dieter- $100 pitah604- $100 VinceX- $100 cb44- $ any mantrashakti- $ any naval3377- $100 billbill2210 $100 mampf $100 I might increase my part on short notice somewhat, to secure that new offer.
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  • elian's Avatar
    Today, 08:32 AM
    VERY VERY interesting!!! All of the newsletters with 4000$! But, we need to move fast, before they remove the deal. I am all in of course no matter the split-cost!
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  • someintrest's Avatar
    Today, 08:08 AM
    Patriot, any news for them, who already paid? Thanks!
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  • abcscript's Avatar
    Today, 07:17 AM
    Payment details pls
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  • zintetik's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:36 PM
    I second that motion... From the site, it says it costs ~$4000.. we're 12 right now which means $333~ (I'm ok with that)
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  • dieter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:13 PM
    How about going for this one - if we aren't too slow?
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  • lzara's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:57 PM
    Come on guys, please pay asap...really been waiting for this one for a while...will be EPIC
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  • TennisAnyone's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:36 PM
    What's the status on getting Sam Ovens & Tai Lopez - How To Start A Wildly Profitable 6-7 Figure Consulting Business uploaded? I've paid and received nothing.
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  • julianecm's Avatar
    08-21-2017, 08:12 PM
    I want to pay for this please !
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  • billbill2210's Avatar
    08-21-2017, 07:49 PM
    Hey VinceX, is there a plan B if we don't get the next 8 people. i.e. if we all agree to up our contributions?
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  • KaleJ's Avatar
    08-20-2017, 07:45 AM
    Thanks for the response. I will patiently wait until the end of the month next time. Is it possible to get February, March & April content? Let me know how much should i contribute.
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  • VinceX's Avatar
    08-19-2017, 04:52 PM
    Hi Guys, hopefully there remaining 8 we will get soon. if not there are still possibilities that those who are still going to join us might back out. Its better we have more!! keep it going guys.
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  • asts18's Avatar
    08-19-2017, 01:42 PM
    We need some action here. We are getting there.. 8 more people.. :)
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    08-19-2017, 12:03 PM
    We've just learned that it will be available on the 26th of August. We shouldn't give similar updates in the future for some reasons, so we'd really appreciate your understanding.
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  • KaleJ's Avatar
    08-19-2017, 11:38 AM
    Hi Patriot, When will we receive August's download link? I thought it would be available on August 15th as per the guidelines, but i haven't received it yet. Where to find it? Let me know.
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  • petedw's Avatar
    08-19-2017, 08:20 AM
    Patriot, I've sent you a private message about paying with Skrill
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  • taie778's Avatar
    08-18-2017, 11:32 PM
    can i join GB now?please send my link(paypal first),thanks.
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    08-18-2017, 01:33 PM
    Paid members ($12/seat): robusiness; Dayztrader; jekzb; skafalis; michaelz; lzara; rtrev; warkat; mosh_it;
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  • BrianMoran's Avatar
    08-18-2017, 11:27 AM
    Hi Patriot, Would you be able to send me a payment link (Skrill) please :).
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  • BrianMoran's Avatar
    08-18-2017, 11:26 AM
    Brainpower ($150) acepro ($20) Royael ($50) mokhan ($30) freebird ($30) lightmagician ($150) pariscraze ($30) luckypistol ($50) uhacks ($20) FractalZoom ($30) Justice (in at any price) Ckaee($30) golfguy ($25) Day (?) markjames (any) Yoda777 ($30) VinceX (in at any price) berg ($50) ​BrianMoran (Any)
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