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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    03-30-2018, 01:03 AM
    SEO Intelligence Agency - Various Courses The SEO Intelligence Agency (SIA) is run by Dori Friend. It's a community of SEO marketers that come together and test what's actually working in Google's algorithm. No myth or fluff -> their tests are backed up by real data. GB Discussion Topic: SEO Intelligence Agency - Various Courses What's included? (We'll try to get as many as we can. The more money we can collect, the more courses we can bring to the group) SEO Intelligence Membership for 4 months. Advanced On Page SEO: $297 Conversion Rate Optimization, Beginners: $347 Conversion Rate Optimization, Intermediate: $297 Conversion Rate Optimization, Advanced: $297 Pay Per Click for SEO: $297 Local SEO: $297 Affiliate Marketing: $297 SEO Rockstars Event 2017: $497 Total Costs: >$3.4k Seat Price: $25/seat # of Seats: ~140 As many as needed to cover the above + GI fees. >95 interested members. (From OSE, FUB and GI) If interested, leave a reply below. Interested members have been messaged. Regards
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    04-01-2018, 10:19 PM
    Sovereign Man Confidential Membership (+ entire archive!) 2nd GB GB Discussion Topic: Sovereign Man Confidential Membership (+ entire archive!) 2nd GB Sales Page: Product Price: $995 Seat Price: $20 Min. # of Seats: 50 If you're interested, leave a post below and we will message you with payment details. (Read Instructions Carefully to get access FAST.) Best wishes everyone
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  • Jeeva2612's Avatar
    04-08-2018, 06:15 AM
    “Michelin Star rated” Hypnotherapist… …(ALSO: read on to find out the unusual “link”between a Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist and WHY Igor Ledochowski is the bestperson to teach you Ericksonian hypnosis)… From Cliff Mee, The Hypnosis Training Academy If you really want to become the equivalent of a “Michelin Star rated” Hypnotherapist (operating at a rarefied level way above other hypnotherapists) this message is definitely for you. That’s because you’ll find out about a genius of a man who was (and still is) without parallel in his field. The first thing you should know about this man is that he was not a hypnotherapist in any way. He was a theoretical physicist. But not just any theoretical physicist. First of all, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics (in 1965). Secondly… His name was Richard Feynman and, curiously enough, the way Fenyman’smind worked for theoretical physics holds a great “parallel” for the way Igor Ledochowski’s mind works for Ericksonian hypnosis. Let me explain: It was said of Richard Feynman (and his ability to “see” things in physics that other physicists just couldn’t): ‘It required this really amazing physical intuition – an insight into what was really going on.’ Well, when it comes to “seeing” what is really going on in all the nuances and subtleties of Ericksonian hypnosis -- Igor Ledochowski possesses an amazing intuition and a deep insight into what is really going on in all facets of Ericksonian hypnosis. It was also said of Richard Feynman: ‘He could explain things in different ways than the professionals thought about them. He could break things down into their constituent pieces and speak a language that you already shared.’ Well guess what? When it comes to Ericksonian hypnosis -- Igor Ledochowski can explain things in ways no other hypnosis teacher can. He can also break things down into their constituent parts and explain it all to you in a language you already understand. Look, if it’s not clear by now, the point is this: The way Richard Feynman could breakthings down AND break-new-ground in theoretical physics – Igor Ledochowski can break things down AND break-new-ground in Ericksonian hypnosis It’s why those interested in hypnotherapy… do whatever they can… pay just about whatever it costs… and fly to wherever they have to go in the world… just to attend an Ericksonian hypnosis training put on by Igor Ledochowski. That’s certainly what happened when Igor held a live training for Ericksonian hypnosis at theAdvanced Ericksonian Hypnosisevent in Dublin Ireland a few months ago. As soon as the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis event was announced, veteran hypnotherapists and eager-to-learn novices alike cancelled whatever other engagements they had to be at thattraining. Why? Because as just about everyone involved in hypnosis knows, Ericksonian hypnosis is really thecapstone of all other types and styles of change-work hypnotherapy. It was actually modelling Erickson's style of hypnosis that pretty much all other styles of hypnotherapy were created – as well as the entire field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). So… as any hypnotherapist or NLP’er worth their salt knows… …when you get really good at Ericksonian hypnosis… ALL your other hypnosis and NLP skills and abilities naturally evolve to a greater degree of proficiency But back to you – and how you can now take advantage of Igor Ledochowski’s latest, most in-depth training on Ericksonian hypnosis. Igor’s latest, most in-depth Ericksonian hypnosis training is called: The Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis includes all the video footage of the live Ericksonian Hypnosis training that Igor Ledochowski put on in that recent training event. It includes all the same training that attendees of the live event training paid $5,995 for (not counting their air-fare and hotel bills etc). And now – for a limited time – you can access all that video footage (along with other accompanying training materials) via an online modular training course – right from your computer. Bottom line though? This: the Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis is an online course (and ONGOINGRESOURCE)… That no serious hypnotherapist or NLP’er would want to be without Now, before I tell you about the “content” of the Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis training –I want to bring something else important to your attention. It’s this: There are other trainings (by other hypnosis trainers) out there that touch on Ericksonian hypnosis but… at best, they can only turn you into the equivalent of a “fast-food”-type hypnotherapist. By contrast… Igor’s Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis will short-cut the process of transforming you into the equivalent of a “Michelin Star” Hypnotherapist (operating at a rarefied level way above other hypnotherapists). That’s important to know – because… Not all Ericksonian hypnosis trainings are created equal And Igor’s Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis is without equal (it stands head and shoulders above any other Ericksonian hypnosis training out there). So just know that if you want to operate at a level well above other hypnotherapists – you need look no further than Igor’s Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis training. It goes into more DEPTH and BREADTH than any other training on Ericksonian hypnosis. It is also designed to teach you not just through information but through INSIGHT (where all trueunderstanding comes from). In fact, taking the Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis training will develop the skills and principles behind all the techniques in hypnosis to an entirely new level of understanding. It will enable you to internalize all the techniques of hypnosis (through INSIGHT learning) and really trust your unconscious when doing all the hypnotic processes. That in itself is HUGE (as all the best hypnotherapists are able to trust in their own unconscious and let hypnosis “come out of them” in a totally fluent way). But it gets better still – because: The Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis training will also get you to that “happy place” of being able to trust the unconscious mind of the person they're working with. That really is KEY in hypnosis - setting this absolute trust that everyone's unconscious mind knows what's best for them and “wants” to make amazing changes in their lives. Another “added benefit” of going through the Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis training? It’s the deeper understanding you will get from the aspects of Ericksonian hypnosis will also play out in your life in every personal interaction in your life. You will suddenly have a much better understanding of all facets of human nature. It will allow you to look behind the facade of the conscious personality to “see” who every person really is – enabling you to bond and connect with all types of people in ways that will remain a “mystery” to those who have never taken the Practitioner of Ericksonian HypnosisTraining. Again, all-in-all (and for all the reasons given above) the Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis is an online course (and ONGOINGRESOURCE)… That no serious hypnotherapist or NLP’er would want to be without That said, here is an overview of the “content” of the Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosistraining you can NOW access in the onlinemembersarea we have set up for you: Here’s a breakdown of the Practitioner Ericksonian Hypnosis Program delivered in 23 Modules: Module #01: Ericksonian Hypnosis Insights & The “MW” Principle Module #02: DEMOS: (1) Standing Trance (2) Power Words & Trance Themes (3) The Ambiguous Touch Arm Levitation Module #03: Language Softeners To Reduce Resistance, DEMOS: (4) Eliciting Trance Phenomenon (5) Building Anticipation & Frustrating The Response Module #04: Hypnotic Patterns With Embedded Suggestions, Tag Questions DEMO: (6) Erickson’s 4 Key Trance Inductions Module #05: Simple & Positive Negation, Ericksonian Hypnotic Intensity & DEMO: (7) Group Induction: Covering All Possibilities Module #06: Combining The “MW” Principle With H+ and How Humor Can Help Bypass The Critical Faculty Module #07: The 3 Step Formula For An Ericksonian Hypnotic Blitz, Erickson’s Hypnotic Sets DEMO: (8) Slowing Down Your Subject Module #08: Putting Erickson’s Hypnotic Sets Together, Trance Signals As A Biofeedback Loop & DEMO: (9) The Ratification Set Module #09: The Contact & Appreciation Sets DEMOS: (10) Mind/Body Dissociation (11) “CUD” – Parts Module #10: Group Learning Induction, DEMO: (12) Trance Training, Trance Training Cycles To Determine Purpose, And Priming For Work Module #11: “Hypnotic Offers”, Dr. Unconscious Cycles DEMOS: (13) Doubtful Arm Catalepsy I (14) Doubtful Arm Catalepsy II (15) Doubtful Arm Catalepsy III Module #12: DEMOS: (16) Arm Levitation, The “Arm Levitation” Cheat Exercise & DEMO: (17) Trance Training Using Dissociation Module #13: The Apposition Of Opposites, How To Expand Hypnotic Dissociations DEMOS: (18) Using Dr. Unconscious Work Cycles (19) Amnesia Regression Module #14: The Amnesia Protocol, Group Learning Trance & Erickson’s 5 Key Trance Skills Module #15: How To Do Powerful Ericksonian Revivifications DEMOS: (20) Revivification Using Hypnotic Summaries (21) The Objective Review Module #16: In-Depth Q & A, How To Invent Your Own Protocol & The Importance Of Ensuring “Emotional Release” Module #17: How To Train A Subject To Release Emotion DEMOS: (22) Stabilizing An Emotion (23) Ericksonian Deep Emotional Release Module #18: Group Induction: Forming New Memories, The “Rossi Review” DEMO: (24) Content Free Therapy With Double Arm Levitation Module #19:How To Troubleshoot Subjects Who Resist You & The Pressure Resistance Exercise Module #20: More Methods For Handling Resistance Caused By Miscommunication, Inappropriate Identity, Lost Cause & “Being The Martyr” Module #21: Group Learning Induction DEMOS: (25) Eliciting Ideomotor Signals (26) Ericksonian Content-Free Therapy Module #22: In-Depth Q & A, How To Create “The Inner Healer” DEMO: (27) Putting It All Together And Activating The Inner Healer Module #23: DEMO: (28) Working With A Medical Issue By Activating The Ericksonian Inner Healer At The Unconscious Level, Final Thoughts & Conclusion Naturally, all the Ericksonian hypnosis techniques and processes will be fully explained and more importantly demonstrated (in a strategic best-use way) at various points throughout the online videos in the Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis training. Just as long as you get back to me within the next ? days Sales Page : Price : Today Just $149 x 6 Number of Seats to be announced Interested Members please comment below.
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  • ckaee's Avatar
    03-26-2018, 07:06 PM
    Posting after seeing his videos on how he thinks about projects and because of him having a good track record with BTC early, ICO investments in ETH and and others. Its not so much about technical price predictions but more about the fundamentals for them, its an interesting and valid approach. With enough interest the 5 days we have should be enough to get a GB going. What You Get: The Monthly Genius Newsletter We are going to go through specific ICOs/Tokens and provide deep analysis of the project. Our team will put each ICO/Token through our rigorous framework AND we will also be talking (and recording the conversations) with the smartest geniuses we know in this space and getting their valuable input. You will learn everything we do. Hours of in-depth foundational course materials We’ve cut out all the fluff and given you Cedric’s exact framework for eliminating 90% of all ICOs. We start with the very basics (looking for high returns only; tracking network growth) then ramp up quickly to more advanced topics (spotting super dominance; generating vs. capturing value). All of it fully recorded w/ “cheat sheets.” Access to Cedric's Network This will be your "unfair advantage." This network took Cedric over 8 years and $2.5 million to achieve. As part of the 1000x Group, you'll receive the exact same information advantage he now has. Not having this advantage is likely much more expensive than the cost of membership.
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  • MaxCentral's Avatar
    03-28-2018, 03:47 PM
    The Facebook Ads Playbook SECRETS To Growing Profit & Revenue Product Information / Sales Page(s): Ignite Your Testing, Optimisation & Scaling With The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook A STRUCTURED APPROACH TO SETTING UP FUNNELS, TESTING AUDIENCES & ADS, OPTIMISING PROFITABILITY AND SCALING REVENUE FOR ECOMMERCE & DIGITAL PRODUCTS I'VE BEEN A SUCCESSFUL MARKETER FOR 15 YEARS, BUT THIS DIDN'T STOP ME MAKING MISTAKES WHEN I FIRST STARTED OUT WITH FACEBOOK ADS. It took me TWO YEARS to finally figure out a formula that would work for me. I read, listened, attended, paid but still didn't manage to profit and scale predictably. Spent a year boosting posts thinking that was the only way to run ads Couldn't make sense of the range of targeting and ad options Found very little practical help let alone guidance on exactly what I should be doing Was close to giving up on Facebook Ads as a viable advertising platform Found a formula that worked back in 2014, that's continued to pay dividends today! I've not had it easy, working my up the corporate ladder as a self-taught marketer. I learned SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, TV advertising, you name it. I was always curious about the possibilities of Marketing until I realised just how powerful Facebook was. - I wasted hundreds if not thousands trying to test things out without know how to get things working - I struggled to repeat my successes as I failed to develop a strategy, relying on chance - I always felt Facebook was against me; just when things got working the rug was pulled from beneath me - I felt inferior looking at other people's results, wondering what their secrets were... Does any of that resonate? My first success was with a company called Lost My Name (now Wonderbly) in 2014 - we became the poster child for Facebook due to our amazing success! I helped scale them from 6 to 8 figures ($26.5M) in the space of 18 months. "Depesh was instrumental in taking Wonderbly (previously Lost My Name) from a bootstrapped project to over 1 million units sold worldwide in 18 months. He joined as a growth consultant and quickly scaled our sales through his expertise with Facebook ads, making Wonderbly one of the fastest growing startups on the Facebook platform at the time. There can't be many that know Facebook ads better than him." - Asi Sharabi (Founder, Wonderbly) After that I consulted for a few different companies, and helped them also grow through Facebook ads which got me thinking... I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE REALISE THERE IS A PROVEN FORMULA TO GETTING FACEBOOK ADS TO WORK? Facebook's Blueprint course is a good primer to understanding how to make Facebook ads work, but I found the secret that most courses overlook. MY SUCCESS WITH FACEBOOK ADS IS BECAUSE I'M GOOD AT MARKETING, NOT BECAUSE I'M GOOD AT FACEBOOK ADS. I decided to package this up for my agency into training material, which then became the basis for this training course. The course contains the exact same frameworks, strategiesand tactics that have helped me to create growth for companies of all sizes and niches. Like the Ecommerce company where Facebook was responsible for the majority of growth with over $26.5million annual revenue. Or the lead gen and digital product businesses hitting 1000-20000% ROAS (return on ad spend). The course is built to provide you with structure and repeatable processes to test, optimise and scale your campaigns. If you're actively running Facebook ads campaigns this course is for you. If you're overseeing someone, a team or an agency running Facebook ads, there is also enough strategic content to give you an edge in understanding how to push them harder. If however you or your team have never run Facebook ads before, this course is NOT for you as I don't cover the absolute basics which I recommend learning through Facebook's FREE Blueprint course. This course is aimed at hands-on marketers, entrepreneurs, agency owners and consultants within ecommerce and digital product lead gen/sales.i, I'm Depesh Mandalia. A Facebook Ads Agency Owner, Coach, Trainer and also an Advisor to Facebook. I actually wanted to be a games designer when I was younger. After learning to code websites in my late teens I became fascinated with the world of the internet. In 2005 I joined a company to manage their website and in the 4.5 years I was there, helped add millions to their growth through Conversion Rate Optimisation and SEO. Disaster then struck in 2009 when I was made redundant due to the global crisis. Weeks and Months went by and no one was hiring. I fell into depression, only saved by my wife who'd also only recently given birth to our 2nd child. It's after this that I decided I needed to set my own path and not work for others. In 2010-11 I created a million dollar Affiliate Marketing business, only to have lost it all by the middle of 2012 - I was over confident and took my eye off the ball, losing out to changes Google made to organic search. Fighting depression helped to make me more resilient this time around, but it was hard to be set back, again. gain in various roles before I made the breakthrough with Facebook Ads in 2014 after lots of mistakes and learnings two years prior. Commerce which now serves clients across North America and Europe. MY WORK WAS RECOGNISED BY FACEBOOK in 2014 I've enjoyed being part of the Facebook 'inner circle' for several years, talking at their roadshows, joining internal meetings and providing feedback to help them improve their products & services. I've met Senior Execs through to Engineers and Product Managers in my quest to better understand how the platform works. Years of time dedicated to attending events, providing feedback and validating some of my strategies with the very best strategists at Facebook. It's both an honour and privilege to work closely with Facebook and to know they turn to ME for advice and feedback. But there's something I'd like to know from you. WHAT'S STOPPING YOU FROM BEING SUCCESSFUL WITH FACEBOOK ADS? WOULD YOU AGREE THAT A PROVEN FORMULA FOR TESTING, OPTIMISING AND SCALING COULD MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE FOR YOU? WHAT VALUE WOULD YOU PLACE ON HAVING MY EXPERIENCE TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS? T IN LEARNING THE SECRETS OF THE FACEBOOK ADS PLAYBOOK? This course Hear What Others Have To Say Akbar Sheikh Creator of multiple 7 figures businesses, winner of Shark Tank and a client of Depesh's. "His strategic insights have provided my company with the means to scale several times over within just a matter of months, and the value we received was worth COUNTLESS times the investment paid him. Depesh Mandalia is truly a rare gem, secret weapon, SUPER POWER that any business could benefit by having on their side of the table." - Anand Houston (Agency owner) "Depesh is the GOTO Guy when it comes to run Facebook Ad campaign... Detailed guidance, truly genuine, he really wants to help you turn your campaign into a big Success and have all the Expertise needed!" - Fanny Myth (Facebook Ads consultant) The Facebook Ads Playbook 3 Reasons To Join This Course: #1: LEARN HOW TO TEST AUDIENCES & ADS THE RIGHT WAY #2: LEARN FUNNELS, OPTIMISATION & ANALYSIS #3: LEARN SCALING & AUTOMATION USING RULES READY TO JOIN? 15+ Years of Marketing Knowledge: I'm a marketer and entrepreneur first, Facebook Ads Pro second. This course is steeped in marketing knowledge to give you tools and strategies not found in any other Facebook Ads course. Group coaching from me: I charge $1000 for a one hour consult and strategy session - you'll get hours of my time included throughout the course and via the mastermind group. Bonus material: I've compiled up additional material and will continue to add to it ensuring you stay ahead of the game (available in the membership portal) including case studies, hacks and tips. ROCK-SOLID Guarantee: If the training doesn't work for you I'll apply a full refund AND pay you $100 for your time - just show me what you've applied and where/why it didn't work within 30 days. You'll also get the latest insight from our Facebook rep, learn the latest via my advisory position with Facebook aaaaaaand, get priority access to attend live Q&A calls with industry experts. Plus our Course Messenger bot will ensure you stay up to date with everything throughout the course. Here's The Course Outline And What You'll Get Today The 4 Funnel System ($1000 value) - how to create and structure an account to help you optimise your results better. The 3N Ads Formula ($2000 value) - my favourite module, on how to get people to stop scrolling, engage and take action from your ads. Pixel & Data Mastery ($1000 value) - how to get the best out of your pixel and setting up your insights reporting. Bonus: Audience & Funnel Cheatsheet ($500 value) - a breakdown of audiences to use and at what stage in the funnel to use them The Graduation Framework ($2000 value) - my signature module that's served me well for so many years, despite the changes within Facebook which teaches you how to test audiences and creatives efficiently without wasting spend. STAR Method Testing ($500 value) - a simple but effective way of running and tracking tests. Ads Sniper Strategy ($1000 value) - a simple but big impact strategy to squeeze better profitability from your campaigns Sales Funnel Optimisation ($2000 value) - a breakdown of tools and techniques I use to improve CPA through conversion rate improvements in your sales funnel. Scaling Strategies ($2000 value) - The V & H scaling strategies including an over-the-shoulder live demo of a 3-day scaling strategy I conducted on an account Auction Mastery ($1000 value) - understand how the auction works in simple but deep terms and how to make that work in your favour Automation & Rules ($2000 value) - the tool I prefer to use and the rules I like to put in place to help control cost and to scale on auto-pilot Regular live Q&A coaching calls ($2000 value) - opportunity for you to get support on the training material or your business directly from me and my team Regular updates to the training modules to keep up with the latest Facebook updates 3 Months Access to the private Mastermind group Founding member discount if you wish to continue with the Mastermind subscription Access through me to the latest news from Facebook in my role as an Advisor Access to a former Chief Marketing Officer, Entrepreneur, Agency Owner and Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Business Owner (that's me, by the way). Packaged up that's around $20K in VALUE You might be thinking 'how do you stack those $ values up Depesh'? This is what it typically costs for a short-term contract to work with my agency. These are the exact same principles we use every day to help client's optimise and scale. The value you see is the value we bring to clients and what I've been delivering for many years. Despite the value of the course, I'm costing this at a tenth of the true value. No other course comes close to what's inside. Join today and start smashing your performance for just $1997 JOIN TODAY Proceed to payment page Are you ready to invest in your learning, your success, your confidence and the ability to grow profits and revenue for your own company or the companies that you work with? Over and over and over and over again? A one-off fee that gets me working as part of your team. That gives you access to a private mastermind group of like minded individuals on the same journey, plus immediate access to the course and invite to the Mastermind, including hosted chats with external experts. What difference could that make for your business today? Tomorrow? In weeks? Months? Get started today for just $1997 and join the band of Facebook marketers that know how to profit and scale. I will personally join you on the journey of sky rocketing your business growth through my experience as an entrepreneur, marketer and of course Facebook ads expert. I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Depesh Ready To Go? JOIN TODAY FOR JUST $1997 Proceed to payment page Your order is 100% Secure Unsure? Go ahead and sign up for the FREE Masterclass recording of a webinar I did recently, and also gain access to the full course structure so you can see the full value yourself. Don't forget the ROCK-SOLID guarantee that if the course doesn't deliver results for you within 30 days of you learning, implementing and using the support Mastermind I'll refund the cost AND give you $100 compensation. Group Insider Group Buy Rules & FAQ The GB Process From Start To Finish : Group Insiders Group Buy Complete FAQ Topics : read all sticky, pinned topics and replies and noted info boxes] GB Rules Reminder Post & Resulting Outcomes if violated :!!-Read-this-after-purchasing-your-first-Group-Buy&p=17393&viewfull=1#post17393 List of Interested Members + (including respective GB pledges) Please try to keep the list formatting in order so that our members and staff don't have to keep editing it to correct, Before you post the reply to add your name to the interested list, you can preview the post and edit it after if something was not correct. Most important is to not miss any members from the ongoing list and copy the brackets like how the other members are posting. "I am committing to contribute to this Group Buy (GB) for purchase from the respective Author of this product" Format - GI Username + (AMOUNT) or (ANY) or (=<10% TOTAL COST) Committed Contributor's List: Maxcentral ... ... ... ...
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    04-04-2018, 05:18 PM
    The topic maybe 2 months passed, maybe more, but under 6
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    04-14-2018, 08:23 AM
    Learn to Generate Supercharged Retirement Income by Joining Manward Trader... The average payout for a couple is just $2,212 per month. That’s $26,544 a year for both you and your spouse – just over the federal poverty line. Needless to say, it’s not nearly enough for a dream retirement. Or even a comfortable one. And that’s just not right. Your retirement should be a celebration. A triumph. And while the government is content with giving you less and less... at Manward, we want to give you more and more. That’s why I’ve developed a way to build what you can consider your own personal “social security” – capable of paying you an extra $5,167 per month. In total, that’s an extra $62,000 per year, about 2.5 times more than the average Social Security payout. Better yet, you can collect this income BEFORE you turn 65. And this is critical: If you’re already retired, it in no way affects your benefit payouts from the federal program. That’s because my method – and I, for that matter – have nothing to do with the Social Security Administration. This method is the foundation of my independent research service Manward Trader... where I teach readers exactly how to collect their own supercharged “social security.” I believe that once you create your own retirement income, you’ll be set for the comfortable retirement you deserve... and you’ll achieve the real meaning of the phrase “social security.” In fact, combined with $26,544 from the federal government’s Social Security program... and maybe a little bit from your 401(k) or pension... you could be pulling in more than $100,000 per year with my system. Imagine... Moving into your dream home and paying off the mortgage with lightning speed – with only your own effort... Taking your whole family (grandchildren included) on trips around the world – and not pinching pennies... Pulling up to reunions with old friends in a gorgeous sports car you paid for in cash... Now... I’m not handing out any fish here. I want to teach you how to generate reliable, meaningful income – using a special investing strategy to help you retire on your own terms... without worrying about making ends meet. That lack of worry is true freedom. True liberty. You’re not restricted by anything – not by your bank account... and definitely not by any Washington bureaucrats. In the past, I’ve helped more than 5,000 people discover how to get started with their own supercharged moneymaking systems. I want you to be next. Let me show you just how profitable this system is... USE THIS HARD AND FAST LAW OF ECONOMICS FOR HEFTY PAYOUTS My system for generating income is a special type of investing. It’s one that requires NO previous financial experience... It doesn’t require you to sit in front of a computer for hours day trading... And best of all, you can get started with $1,000 or even less. To put it simply, this technique involves a way to use the power of the stock market to increase your wealth quickly – and consistently hand yourself outsized income in a very short time. This does NOT involve leverage. Or options. Or any difficult trading strategies. In fact, it’s the simplest and most profitable income strategy I’ve ever uncovered. That’s why I recommend our subscribers use it to generate the retirement income they deserve. Creating your own supercharged “social security” (without the help of any government agency) starts with a very simple principle. You see, for all the fancy math and complicated charts you hear about from the talking heads on TV... For all the crazy metrics and unusual chart patterns... Stock prices actually move based on only two forces... Buying pressure and selling pressure. Put simply... buying pressure pushes a stock up. And selling pressure pushes a stock down. Mind-numbingly basic, I know, but it’s an indisputable law of economics. This law is the foundation of my system. And it’s the reason you could reliably generate $5,167 monthly by following one easy signal. In short, I found a way to identify the exact moment when buying pressure begins to dominate selling pressure – and drive stocks much higher. Let me show you. Here’s a chart that shows what I call the “Liberty Indicator.” I call it that because understanding the simple way this indicator works can give you more financial liberty than perhaps any other investment tool. What you’re looking at is a line that measures the difference between buying pressure and selling pressure. When the Liberty Indicator crosses into the green zone, that’s where buying pressure is higher than selling pressure. So from that moment, stocks go up. Legendary investor Joe Granville said, “Stocks do not rise in price unless demand exceeds supply.” It’s just that simple. You don’t have to look at earnings, book value or complex financial statements... And you definitely don’t need to learn any complicated trading techniques. When buying pressure begins to dominate, stock prices can’t help but skyrocket. Okay, no doubt you’re skeptical something this easy could actually work. I don’t blame you. So let me show it to you in practice. The Liberty Indicator chart I just showed you is from the stock Vale. Buying pressure rose above selling pressure on September 26. And here’s what happened to Vale from that moment on. The Liberty Indicator crossed into the green... And the stock rose nearly 60% in just a few short months. Not bad, right? But hold on, it gets much better. Here’s another example. On March 7, the Liberty Indicator for United States Steel Corporation crossed into the green. Buying pressure was higher than selling pressure. And in fact, it continued this way for five months! As a result, from the moment the Liberty Indicator crossed the threshold, United States Steel Corporation shot up 89.19% over just five months or so. Talking heads on financial TV segments may talk about price-to-earnings ratios... moving averages... or the complexities of the global steel market. But according to the laws of economics, you don’t need to know any of that. It all comes back to that one simple fact... Prices rise when buying is greater than selling. In the case of United States Steel Corporation, you would have nearly doubled your money in just five months. You would have collected $8,919 of pure income from just one $10K investment. Here’s another example... Emerge Energy Services. ............ Sales Page Link: Product Price : 600 usd number of seats : 30 = 20 usd per seat + site fees List of Interested Members + (including respective GB pledges) Please try to keep the list formatting in order so that our members and staff don't have to keep editing it to correct, Before you post the reply to add your name to the interested list, you can preview the post and edit it after if something was not correct. Most important is to not miss any members from the ongoing list and copy the brackets like how the other members are posting. "I am committing to contribute to this Group Buy (GB) for purchase from the respective Author of this product" Format - GI Username + (AMOUNT) or (ANY) or (=<10% TOTAL COST) Committed Contributor's List: 1) Kossytv 20 usd
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    asusfan started a thread [Introduction] hello groupinsiders in Introductions
    For almost the entirety of my life, I haven't had any direction in what to do. I don't have much to show for the 28 years I've been alive. But after listening to self-development shows for the past half year, I'm now trying in earnest to create a more vibrant life. Working at a warehouse barely pays the bills and can get mind-numbing so I started looking for ways to gain more lucrative skills. As of now, I'm learning web development which I feel would be a fine career as I live in the bay area. I have no firm estimation on when I could possibly be skilled enough to be hired, but for a few months I'll be totally immersed in learning and creating projects. From here I'll talk with developers in my area to see where I stand. Ultimately, I'd like to transition into creating and developing businesses, but this probably won't happen for a few more years. Thank you for being such a welcoming community. Happy learning.
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    Has anyone heard of the PB Code by Ryan Coisson? Any possibility of someone starting a GB for it? :D
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    chris101 started a thread [Introduction] Next level SEO in Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I’m looking to take my SEO-Game to the next level and improve my skills. I am happy to have found such a great community, where we can share and exchange knowledge. Cheers!
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    Hi all, I registered a while back, but then kind of forgot about this community since I had a lot going on in my life. I'm especially interested in SEO, since it always has been my favorite way of getting traffic. I started with SEO somewhere around 2006 but during the last few years, I did not have much time to work on my online business. What brought me back to this community was an email about a GB for SEO Intelligence Agency. I would really like to be a part of that. Besides SEO I'm an experienced, Google and Bing certified, SEA manager - this is what I do from 9 to 5. So if anyone has any questions regarding adwords or bing advertising, feel free to contact me.
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    04-12-2018, 05:01 PM Does anyone interested in this course? Price : $997 including New Renaissance Membership Club 2018 Information “Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less, Guaranteed” was a fantastic USP in 1975. In 2017, going to market with that is like pedaling a broken bicycle across 6 lanes of traffic on the Los Angeles 405 expressway. If Last Year’s Hot Double Espresso is this year’s Sleeping Pill for Your Customers, YOU need to Wake Up. NOW. A new Sea Change in marketing has come. Dear Marketing Professional: 2003-2010 was the Golden Age of Google. If you could attain a solid edge against everybody else on the Big G (which was not always terribly difficult for some time, especially in AdWords), you enjoyed buckets of traffic.The world ate out of your hand. Everyone was playing on YOUR turf. Plug in your killer offer and here comes the dinero, spilling hundred dollar bills on your living room floor like a hacked ATM machine. 2011-2015 was the Golden Age of Social Media. If you could get better engagements, better targeting, more viral action especially on Facebook, you were King For The Day. Twist your offer around to get extra Social love, and you were picking up customers left and right. 2016-2019 is the age of the Killer Offer. And the death of what used to be “good enough” or even great. Traffic is not enough. Likes and Shares are not enough. And few can afford large quantities of traffic anyway. What will be shall not be what came before. The earth is rapidly shifting under your feet, Part 1: Uber has reached critical mass and they are expanding RAPIDLY. Billions of dollars in their coffers. And while media attention focuses on battles with City Hall, good ol’ boys clubs and cab companies, the real story is: They’ve slashed prices so low, drivers are down to minimum wage and EVERYONE is taking Uber EVERYWHERE. It’s so cheap and so seductive, no sane person could NOT try it. That is a KILLER offer. The earth is rapidly shifting under your feet, Part 2:, buttressed by over two hundred million dollars of Venture Capital (!!!) is clashing violently with Amazon, aiming to be the Costco of the Internet. For bulk purchases their prices will be HALF of Amazon’s. Like a sumptuously provisioned army, they can afford to journey years through dry desert without making a profit. That, my friend, is a KILLER offer. Lethal. NOTICE THAT WHILE FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, SOCIAL ETC. CERTAINLY PLAY A ROLE WITH UBER AND JET, Google and FB are not the tipping points. The real deal is Uber’s killer, utterly irresistible offer; Jet’s USP of suicidally low prices. If they need to tape twenty dollar bills to every order until 2019, that’s what they’ll do. If it costs even less to Uber than to own a car (it often does), then why not hire a minimum wage chauffeur every day of the week? Plus the supply of Uber drivers is endless. If one wrecks his vehicle, he foots the bill to fix it and another Uber driver stands waiting in line. If Jet is half Amazon’s price, Jet WILL get you to try it out. Especially if you’re a church, school or business. It’s all in the OFFER. “I’m a small business,” you say. “Uber and Jet are NOT relevant to me. You’re wasting my time telling me this stuff.” WRONGO. This DOES affect you, down to your marrow. It affects you the same way FedEx overnight affected mail order catalogs 30 years ago. It instantly made it impossible for anyone to get away with “Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.” Just like McDonald’s made it unacceptable for bacon and eggs to take 35 minutes. Same as the web made Bulletin Boards obsolete. Old-school “Dominos Pizza” USPs are as useless as soggy pizza boxes. 2016 is the age of the LETHAL USP. Uber and Jet and Amazon possess lethal USPs and they don’t give a flying rip if they put YOU out of business. Most people don’t know why sales are down. They don’t know why finely-tuned sales messages are drowning in the deafening, inane, tribal music of social media. You ask: “Why is selling to my customers like trying to revive a drunk with black coffee and a cold shower?” You puzzle. “Why are customers slouching with MORE apathy and indifference and boredom?” You wonder: “Why am I hemorrhaging MORE and more cash on Google Ads, Facebook ads…and getting LESS traction? Why am I spinning my wheels?” “Why am I pressing SEND on more emails and getting less clicks?” “I sent TEN emails about that new promotion – including blaringly obvious deadline subject lines – and I just got off the phone with a guy who had no idea whatsoever that we even sell that!” “Why does it seem like EVERYTHING is getting harder?” You reason to yourself: “Hey wait a minute! I AM unique! Nobody else does quite what I do. I have a rock-solid guarantee. I have good copy on my website. I write decent ads. I split test. We engage with our customers on Social Media. We send out emails twice every week. We have good autoresponder sequences. We employ Perry’s ‘maze’ concept.” You reassure yourself: “I have USP. My team went over that again four months ago.” Right. And you know what? You’re still sliding backwards. Why? Because of OFFER inflation. A farmer has a field full of tall ripe corn plants, but look close and you see the leaves are full of holes from locusts. Corn is sickly, dry and shriveled. Heartbreak at harvest time. Hard winter ahead. Great traffic cannot save a typical, ordinary ‘good enough’ USP. You MUST create a DEFINITIVE Selling Proposition. The locusts quietly chomp away at your USP and your identity, 24/7/365. There’s less left than you thought. THAT is why sales are soft. But that’s not all. You also need to consider the 90/10 X-Factor. Every marketer should read my book 80/20 Sales and Marketing. Some folks should memorize entire chapters. Yet for those who already embrace 80/20… more bad news. 2016 to 2019 is not 80/20. It’s 90/10. (This can also be good news… VERY good news… depending on which side of the coin you’re on.) TEN PERCENT of the marketers will get NINETY PERCENT of the money and traffic. It’s no longer 20% who get 80% of the traffic. It’s more unequal than that. That means if you’re #4 or #5 in your market, you’re not even on the radar. You’re not even Yahoo or Bing. You’re Dogpile. Soup kitchen. It means unless you’re at least #2 or #3, you might as well not even exist. And it means if you’re #1, you’re going to crush everyone. Remember that ABBA song “The Winner Takes It All”? That’s the song of this decade, baby. Welcome to 2016-2019. The winner most definitely is going to take it all. There’s a chance it’s going to be you. You do have a chance. If you own a DEFINITIVE Selling Proposition, you stand a RESPECTABLE FIGHTING chance, a new lease on life. Because once again that “Unique” Selling Proposition is no longer enough. In the old days, all you had to do was answer these four questions: Why should I read or listen to you? Why should I believe what you have to say? Why should I do anything about what you’re offering? Why should I act now? Now you need to answer THESE questions: Why should I relinquish my cell phone in the coatroom before entering, then devote my attention exclusively to you? Do you have the street cred of a Hollywood demigod? Why should I wake up tomorrow at 4:30am to stand in line and beg for what you’ve got? Why should I pay double to get it right now instead of waiting until tomorrow morning? That’s a DSP. Definitive Selling Proposition. Current example of USP inflation: The #1 elite marketing event of 2005 was Gary Bencivenga’s Bencivenga 100 event in Manhattan. A mile from Times Square. The USP: “Come hear the world’s best living copywriter for 3 days. This guy pulled down $5 million from ONE direct mail piece.” Gary got 100 people at $5000 list price to show up. The #1 elite marketing event of 2014 was my Star Principle event with Richard Koch. The USP: “Come hear the fractional billionaire who made $100 million from ONE investment. Oh, and he’s worked 1-2 hours a day for the last 25 years.” I got 80 people at $7500 list price to show up. Gary and I reaped similar results from our efforts. Both audiences raved about the experience. But do you see the triple espresso demands on the USP in less than a decade’s time? I don’t make up the rules. I just inform you what they are. And the rules are: If you don’t transform your USP into a LETHAL USP, a Definitive Badass Diamond-Tipped Sawblade, then the grim reaper is heading your way. Did I mention the economic turmoil which exacerbates any and all of these problems? Will Greece and the Euro bite us all in the ass? Will they be the Balrog in Lord of the Rings, whose whip snaps up and drags Gandalf into the abyss, right after Gandalf thinks he took the beast completely out? How about the shuddering price of gold and the Chinese Stock Market? Is any of this gonna give us United States whiplash? Joe Sugarman, founder of BluBlockers, was running his gadget outlet JS&A in the 1970’s. He said every time Jimmy Carter said something stupid, sales went down. So…will you be armed to weather the malaise and hopelessness that your customers may experience? You’ll need a superior USP to overcome that. None of us can say what will happen. But what I can say is, you betta not stick your head in the sand. If there was ever a time to be wide awake and vigilant, the time is NOW. Planet Perry members ARE gaining ground with Definitive, 2019-Proof Selling Propositions. Charles started a nutrition business in the UK which uniquely blends both online and offline delivery, such that even in an impossibly, ferociously competitive market (choked with inane government regs), he’s growing at high double digits. His Star Principle scorecard is 165 (max is 200). He’s pulled this off without taking on a single investor. Goal: Sell his firm for nine figures. Jeff has a tiny B2B software niche by the balls. He’s far and away the best choice and controls that market. Jeff says, “When you’re a human you can’t afford to lose one leg. When you’re a centipede, losing one leg is no big deal.” His feature set dramatically outstrips his closest competitor. That momentum started in late 2008 when he came to a 4-Man Intensive. It was right after the stock market crash and his market was drenched in blood. Jeff was about to retreat, to batten down the hatches and try to ride out the recession. But I advised him: Jeff, put your six staff members on a plane and WOO every single potential customer with their in-person presence at every sales call (your competitor will try to save money by selling via Skype) and prove to them that without your software they’ll go bankrupt. He did, and pretty soon bankrupt CEOs were offering to sell him their companies. His main market is not growing, but Jeff’s primary software company is the cash cow that is funding four other spinoffs. In the last decade Jeff has spent stretches living in his office… but at least once every three months now he’s hobnobbing with billionaires. He invests an insane amount of money in personal education, and it shows. Roundtable member Rick made $900,000 in a single deal this year. Multiple deals on the table. He’s the ONLY guy in California who does what he does and people are literally dying to make their relatives Rick’s next client. Roundtable member Nancy Slessenger was a struggling, wobbly HR consultant just a few years ago. Now she runs a staffing and hiring machine that sports the best guarantee in the business. While others could attempt to copy her marketing message, I’m not sure any can copy her process. Accelerating like a rocket. Private Client Group member Jeffrey E. dominates the educational space for part of an entire profession. He routinely has suitors offering millions to buy his company. Not enough millions yet though. Solidly profitable and bridging the gap to the next chasm that competitors will find impossible to cross. Private Client Group member David in Australia has harnessed the Network Effect. That’s when you generate a confluence of buyers and sellers, all operating within YOUR ecosystem, effectively giving you a monopoly. His is in Australia. He is parlaying this same monopoly into the United States as we speak. Roundtable Member Patrick in Western Europe has three businesses, none of which occupy more than ten hours a week. Two mostly occupy one hour per week. He’s about to buy a million dollar home. His biggest complaint at our meetings is there’s not enough to do. I told him to find a cause that sets his pants on fire. Roundtable Member Megan Macedo turned a major corner last fall and went from running a rather unexciting website development and consulting business, to being the #1 Queen of Be Yourself Marketing. She achieved that magical transition of creating a niche where none existed before, yet in the midst of pent-up demand. Her rates have tripled in the last 12 months. Her empire grows even as we speak. No one can imitate her. All of these individuals share one thing in common: A Definitive, “90/10 Market Domination” Selling Proposition. A DSP that causes all others to sit up and take notice – and competitors to fear. INTRODUCING: Definitive Sales Proposition (DSP) The USP for the Age of Lethal Offers 3 Get-it-Done-Now Options Definitive Selling Proposition with Hands on Guidance by a Pro Copywriter $1497 (or $997 with Mastermind 12) Includes 3 live webinar sessions and help crafting your DSP from a Planet Perry-approved Pro Copywriter. Definitive Selling Proposition: Concierge with Hands on One-On-One Guidance by Bryan Todd $2997 (or $2497 with Mastermind 12) Includes 3 live webinar sessions plus personal coaching with a Pro Copywriter and a 1-on-1 phone session with Planet Perry’s “Mr. DSP” Bryan Todd. Definitive Selling Proposition Live Laboratory In Person Live Lab at Your Office with Bryan. You and Bryan uncover secret gems that would have never come up on a phone call: 1-day Bryan onsite at your business. Are you ready take command of your USP with a deep-dive in-person strategy session? Email Josh Thomas for details. What Uber, Jet, Apple, and the Planet Perry members mentioned above now possess can no longer be accurately described as a “USP” anymore. We need new terminology. That’s why I’m call this the “Definitive Sales Proposition” or “DSP” What’s a DSP? A DSP is a multi-dimensional USP. A DSP is a USP uncovered using a 9-layered matrix. A DSP is USP with a “magic ingredient” that adds a defensibility component to your USP that cannot be constructed using fill-in-the-blank USP templates. A DSP is USP revealed through turning over every stone in your business to find competitive advantages that you didn’t know you had…or could have…before. A DSP is a thorough, systematic expansion of your USP, with tentacles that grow into deep roots…it requires work, but it’s the most vital work you’ll do this year…probably even this decade. A DSP not only TELLS your story but REDEFINES it to its core. A DSP makes your product fundamentally more alluring. A DSP never elicits a “SO WHAT?” response from your marketplace. No one can be indifferent to a true DSP. They either love you or hate you. (I got hate mail when I created my event with Richard Koch. Millionaires who were NOT fractional billionaires accused me of lying. Good. I dragged egos through the mud until I garnered their attention.) A DSP sharpens your message to a point of SPECIFICITY and SIMPLICITY that it pierces right through noise. A DSP is the ONLY thing your customer will rave about. Do You Need a DSP? You need a DSP if you’ve gone through the traditional USP steps and… You’ve still got a USP that’s based solely on slight competitive advantages like your ability to haul in cheap traffic, your evangelistic ability to convert prospects, or your profitable pricing model. Those advantages are awesome… but they are not long-term defensible… The Story of the “Mattress Man, God of Traffic” Years ago a guy used to come on my coaching calls. Was way back before everybody and his skunkworks had a Google AdWords account. This guy knew AdWords better than anybody selling his product. He knew his SEO too. He was a tiny traffic god of the early 21st Century. And he did really well. Selling mattresses. He bought them wholesale, bought traffic cheaper than anybody, and sold them for a decent profit. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat. Zero USP. Nothing differentiated him from anybody else in his market except a slight price and traffic advantage. He was just a traffic Zeus. And that was enough. He killed it. For a while. Then, of course, everybody else figured out Google AdWords and SEO. His only advantage went poof. And he had to scrap his mattress business and go looking for another gig. Not sure whatever became of him. Hope he found a business in which he could develop a real USP. Big Lesson… Traffic ain’t USP. No matter how good you are at attracting it. Conversion ain’t a USP. No matter how good you are at sweet-talking or even hypnotizing buyers. Economics ain’t a USP. No matter how attractive your pricing structures are. All are subject to the winds of change. All can flee like wild horses over the hills. And leave you holding a warehouse full of mattresses you can’t sell. Leave you wondering, “What happened? Why do I suddenly have to spend twice as much to halve my results?” “Why are my customers no longer paying any attention to me?” “Why is my advertising drowned out by a sea of mindless distractions?” But a DSP? Well, that transforms your cap-gun advantages in traffic, conversion, or economics into AK-47s. In fact, a DSP unlocks hidden advantages in traffic, conversion and economics you didn’t even realize you had…and unleashes them on your unsuspecting competition. You Need a DSP if… Your product or service can be copycatted, duplicated or reverse engineered. The mark of a true USP or DSP is DEFENSIBILITY. Is your USP a defensible formula, method, experience, personality, or advantage? You Need a DSP if… Your current USP is based on your product or service. (Experience-based USPs are much harder to crack.) You Need a DSP if… Your current USP is not based on radical simplicity. You Need a DSP if… Your current USP based solely on tangible, “logical” advantages. You sell a complex, mature, complete solution. You sell in a space where competition is frenzy-level thick. You need a decisive way to cut through the clutter. Your customers still ask “What makes you guys different from the other guys? You’re getting your ass handed to you. Bryan Todd and I have been helping marketers craft USPs for over 10 years. Every single Planet Perry member who has been through our Bobsled Run has had hands-on help from me and Bryan. USP is the starting point for everything we teach in that course. You don’t move to step 2 until you bang out a solid USP. I estimate, through Bobsled Run and his popular USP Breakthrough course, Bryan has helped over 500 entrepreneurs hammer out a daisho-sharp USP. And now, we’re adding a deeper layer. The DSP Layer. This program is going to start with a major X-Factor that you must put in place before you even start wordsmithing and doing ‘normal USP stuff’. In three coaching sessions, Bryan Todd and his team of USP experts take you through the 9-layer DSP Matrix. Every single student will get hands-on help from a Professional Copywriter. You will leave with your USP clearly defined, outlined, positioned, and you’ll have supporting stories and evidence READY-TO-GO so you can either easily bang out a sales page or else hand it off to even a “B-Level” copywriter and get outstanding results. If you register for the Concierge course, you’ll get BRYAN helping you, hands-on. One on one. In all options, you’ll get Bryan’s complete process. Together with my “X-Factor” I just mentioned, and also my “Y-Factor.” What’s the Y-Factor? The Y-Factor is: Starbucks has a DSP – even though they don’t really have a USP!!!! Starbucks undoubtedly has a Definitive, Bulletproof, Lethal Selling Proposition – despite the fact that if you write down their “logical” USP according to our original, classic Planet Perry USP formula, they don’t really have a USP! Seriously. Besides location, go ahead and try to list even three purely logical, rational“arguments” why you should go to Starbucks instead of any other establishment that sells hot beverages. What’s up with that? It’s hugely important. I’ll cover that in session 3. Plus, there’s even more if you want it. In the Premium option, Bryan will work with you for a Full-Hour 1-on-1. He’ll help you polish your DSP into a bullet-proof, competition-smoking powerhouse. Plus everyone will get access to a professional copywriter who will help you breathe life into your DSP. You can even hire that copywriter after they’re done honing your USP into knife-edge sharpness. My Pledge to You! This will not add yet another item to your ever-growing To-Do list. I’ve designed every option in Definitive Selling Proposition to help you get your DSP identified, sharpened, and implemented in as little time as humanly possible. Every option includes assistance from Planet Perry approved professionals. You will get this done FAST. Period. When you complete this experience, you’ll know one of two things… You’ll know you have more than just a temporary competitive advantage. You’ll possess a defensible, long-term definitive sales proposition. You’ll have a killer offer for the age of the killer offer. OR… You’ll know you’re in the wrong business. You’ll know it’s time to get out of Dodge. You’ll know you need to stop selling what you’re selling and get another gig. If you find out that #2 is you, well, that will suck. But it won’t suck as much as wasting another year, two years, or five years of your life slogging away in a business that will never provide you with the revenue and profit you need to pursue your passions. Better find that out now and cut your losses. It’ll be the cheapest way you could possibly find out you’re in the wrong business. Then you can cut the strings and walk on. Plus you’ll know exactly what your next gig should look like. You’ll have DSP in your bones. But if you do find out #1 is you, I’ll guarantee you 5 things… In fact, I’ll let you pick the 5 things… My “Pick 5” Definitive Sales Proposition Guarantee Pick 5 of These 10… Boost your click-thru-rate by 20% Slash your cost-per-action by 20% Cut your cost-per-click by 10% Raise your prices by 10% Increase your sales by 10% Raise your sales team’s close rate by 10% Notice a distinct change in the quality of questions you get from your customers Earn a position of honor in your marketplace Wrestle control of the transaction from the customer…you are in charge! Wake your customers up from their apathetic slumber. Here’s How You Get the “Pick 5” Guarantee… Just send us a “Before and After” screenshot of your USP on your sales pages within 60 days from your date of purchase. And if I didn’t get you 5 out of those 10, I’ll give you your money back. How Much Does this Cost? DSP Basic … $1497.00 (or $997 with Mastermind 12) You get access to all 3 webinars with Bryan Todd. He’ll take you through his 9-Layer DSP Matrix. You get the “Pick 5” Guarantee. You get to hammer out your new, lethal DSP. Plus you get access to a professional copywriter. Your copywriter will help you flesh out your DSP and core DSP stories. After working with your DSP copywriter, you’ll own documentation you can hand to any B-level or above copywriter and get back sales copy that communicates your DSP. DSP Concierge (Done with You)…$2997.00 (or $2497 with Mastermind 12) You get everything in DSP BASIC Plus you get a 60-minute 1-on-1 with DSP Breakthrough Concierge session with Bryan Todd. Whichever option you choose, if you achieve only ONE of the PICK 5 guarantees Boost your click-thru-rate by 20% Slash your cost-per-action by 20% Cut your cost-per-click by 10% Raise your prices by 10% Increase your sales by 10% Raise your sales team’s close rate by 10%… Etc…you’ll earn back your investment in a matter of weeks…maybe even days. DSP Live Laboratory…Email Josh Thomas for details You get the DSP master himself, Bryan Todd. Bryan visits your business onsite for a 1-day mastermind session. You also get access to all 3 webinars with Bryan Todd. He’ll take you through his 9-layer DSP Matrix. Live Course Schedule Session 1: Tues, June 14th @ 3pm Eastern (2pm Central | Noon Pacific) Session 2: Wed, June 22nd @ 11am Eastern (10am Central | 8am Pacific) Session 3: Tues, June 28th @ 3pm Eastern (2pm Central | Noon Pacific) In The Age of the Killer Offer, THIS is your #1 Job. If You Slack Off and Leave it to Someone Else…You’re a Burnt Biscuit in a Smoking Oven. Have you ever paid a lot of money to hire a professional copywriter? Ever waited breathlessly to get the copy? And when you got it was it…less than you expected? Ever throw up that copy on your site and get back less than bank-breaking revenues? Did you get a few vulturous opt-ins when you were expecting a flock of hungry buyers? A few minnows swimming into your lead pool…but no whales? Do you know why that happened? (OK, sure, maybe the writer sucked. That’s always a possibility.) But, more likely, you trusted the copywriter with THE job you should have done yourself. A job only you can do well. What were you asking the copywriter to do? Hammer out your unique selling proposition. Most people want someone to hand it to them on a silver platter. It’s not totally your fault (but it will be after you read this letter) because we all used to do it. We used to do it because we used to be able to get away with it. Back in ye olden days, before the Yelps and the Facebooks and the Twitters and the Amazons made it super easy to review products and services… Well, back then, a slick word jockey had the chops to weave your USP-less sow’s ear into an order-sucking silk purse. Not today, dear reader. No million-dollar wordsmith can outsell 627 one-star reviews on Amazon. Ain’t happening. Crumbling dry biscuits in an oven that’s been left unattended for six hours. Here’s a copywriting secret for the Age of the Killer Offer: If you have a bionic, bullet-proof DSP, the copy writes itself. You make your copywriter’s job about 100 times easier. And your copy does pull like you want it to pull. And you do boat the whales you hoped to harpoon. So, you can keep paying all those genius copywriters, consultants, PPC experts, and all the other gurus out there more and more money for fewer and fewer results… Or you can get a real DSP and drive your tentacles deep into the ground, deep into your customers’ psyche… where you really can answer those four wicked DSP questions with pride. The age of the Domino’s Pizza USP is over. You can’t survive by scraping cheese off the box lid. Help yourself to some real Chicago deep-dish pizza… together with that Diamond Tipped Sawblade. And: Carpe Diem – Seize the Day. Perry Marshall I
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    Brain Health Coaching Certification Course By Dr Daniel Aman Just Google Him He Is Very Famous Brain And Memory Expert Learn how the Amen Clinics Method can help you improve clients or patients' brain health and earn 50 CE/CME credits. For therapists, physicians, healthcare professionals, business coaches, teachers and anyone interested in teaching others practical neuroscience -- this clinical course was designed for you. In this professional online certification course, Daniel G. Amen MD will teach you how to plant brain health into the lives of those you serve, including how to use the lessons we have learned from the world’s largest database of brain SPECT studies (>125,000 scans) and how to implement the Amen Clinics Method into your practice. Complete with the best and latest advances in brain-health care, this self-paced course contains over 40 hours of in-depth training on neurobiology and practical neuroscience. Get an in-depth look and experience how Dr. Amen teaches his own Amen Clinics clinical staff on how to diagnose and treat patients. Additional Information • Download Full CE/CME Details here • Download Course Agenda here • Download Principal Faculty here • Download BHCCC Brochure here Course fee includes CE/CMEs if you choose to obtain them. * Technical requirements needed to complete course: internet connection, latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. * Intermediate level course: This course is recommended to individuals with a year or more experience in the relevant field of practice. Questions? Call (877) 624-2933 or email for more info. DR. AMEN TALKS ABOUT BRAIN HEALTH COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE Invest in Yourself and Your Profession BECOME A CERTIFIED BRAIN HEALTH COACH In this course, you'll discover how to: Enhance Your Education Enrich your practice and develop your professional skills with one of America's leading psychiatrists and brain health experts. Improve Lives Discover and master a unique skillset to improve your life and the lives of those you love and serve - with a brain health oriented approach. Boost Your Referrals Build your practice and gain access to the fastest growing community of brain health clients and patients with our national referral network. Reviews Don't take it from us! Listen to these happy customers. Everyone in the field of mental health should be required to take this course. I am a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. These studies along with the problems that my son and I have had drew me to taking this course. I have not yet completed the course but I have managed to implement a great deal of what I have learned already to our benefit. I am enthusiastic and amazed. I have learned more about the brain and how it works as well as possible reasons for the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual problems of myself, family, friends and clients. Why do we NOT scan the brain and its function in order to discover which area is causing ADD, Bipolar disorder, violence, schizophrenia, depression etc. It is only through this course that I managed to understand the exact part of my brain that has been dogging me for years and begin to support it. It is only though this course that I understand that my son's problems (and they are major) stem from traumatic brain injury suffered during years of playing rugby, which began at age 8. Not one of the professionals we consulted mentioned anything about traumatic brain injury. We were told that he is schizophrenic, its starts around the age that it did and that is that. His psychiatrist, whom is wonderful, has not SPECT scanned his brain and so I now understand that we are merely shooting in the dark with medication and supplementation. What the heck!! If we know exactly what part of his brain is damaged we can target his medication, supplementation and dietary program more specifically. And he would have the correct diagnosis instead of one which has been in of itself damaging. NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF. What will you learn. Well you will learn the anatomy and function of the brain's systems, how that relates to behavior, what to do about it with regard to medication, supplementation and diet. You will learn how to read a SPECT scan. It is so unbelievably COOL!! The course supplies you with everything you need from video and audio recordings and printable material. A fabulous tool kit full of information to learn and refer to later on. An extensive intake packet for clients and loads more. If I were a psychiatrist, medical doctor of any kind, psychotherapist, naturopath, social worker or assistant to any of these I would not hesitate to sign up to do this course. In fact this course should be taught in every medical college and should be required for all mental health practitioners. I thought that I might be out of my depth considering I am not medically trained. But I have had no problem keeping up with the material and being able to extract the knowledge that I need for my personal and professional requirements. I highly recommend this course!! by Janet SYLLABUS View Course Outline 1. The Brain Health Coaching Course10:00:23 Discover practical neuroscience and how Dr. Amen teaches his own Amen Clinics clinical staff how to diagnose and treat patients. 2. Opening the Mind, Healing the Brain18:33:56 Learn how to perform, read, and apply brain SPECT imaging in clinical practice with skill building exercises. 3. Unchain Your Brain Audio Course08:18:19 Learn how to treat addictions. Understand brain types, ANTs, brain enhancing nutrition, supplements, and meditation & hypnosis exercises. 4. Natural Ways to Heal the Brain Audio Course04:01:22 Discover how to take control of your own health for issues such as ADD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and memory problems. 5. Change Your Hormones, Change Your Brain, Transform Your Relationships01:57:53 Dr. Amen and Angie Meeker, Pharm.D. explain the complex world of hormones and how they influence health and relationships. What people are saying about Brain Health Coaching Certification Course "Remarkable and Refreshing" I found the Amen Clinic's Brain Health Coaching Certification Course remarkable and refreshing. As simple as it sounds the principle of “if your brain works better so will you” has turned the lives around of the hundreds of patients I've worked with over the last few years. - Jack Felton, MA, MFT "A Paradigm Shift" I hope you join the team of professionals, such as my the first major paradigm shift in the fields of psychiatry and psychology to occur in over 100 years! I and the healthcare professionals associated with me have greatly benefited from being intimately involved in the application of neuroscience to everyday practice from being able to learn from Dr. Amen and his staff. - Dr. Earl Henslin, Brea, CA "Comprehensive and Effective" I am so grateful to have implemented the Amen Clinic's Method, which has given me access to incredibly helpful tools and resources and, best of all, a comprehensive and effective way to help my clients feel better! - Julie Banta "Remarkable and Refreshing" I found the Amen Clinic's Brain Health Coaching Certification Course remarkable and refreshing. As simple as it sounds the principle of “if your brain works better so will you” has turned the lives around of the hundreds of patients I've worked with over the last few years. - Jack Felton, MA, MFT "A Paradigm Shift" I hope you join the team of professionals, such as my the first major paradigm shift in the fields of psychiatry and psychology to occur in over 100 years! I and the healthcare professionals associated with me have greatly benefited from being intimately involved in the application of neuroscience to everyday practice from being able to learn from Dr. Amen and his staff. - Dr. Earl Henslin, Brea, CA List of Interested Members + (including respective GB pledges) Please try to keep the list formatting in order so that our members and staff don't have to keep editing it to correct, Before you post the reply to add your name to the interested list, you can preview the post and edit it after if something was not correct. Most important is to not miss any members from the ongoing list and copy the brackets like how the other members are posting. "I am committing to contribute to this Group Buy (GB) for purchase from the respective Author of this product" Format - GI Username + (AMOUNT) or (ANY) or (=<10% TOTAL COST) Cost $997 Committed Contributor's List: Maxcentral ... ... ... ...
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    One of the best B2B Sales Guru : A poor upbringing from one of the roughest areas of Chicago didn't stop Victor from earning a B.S. Electrical Engineering, an MBA and building a 20 year career as a top sales executive and becoming President of Global Sales and Marketing for a $420M company. As Vice President of International Sales in a Fortune 500 $3B corporation at the time, he was selected from over 500 sales managers to join the President’s Advisory Council for excellence in sales and management. He has shared the stage with top business speakers: Rudy Giuliani, Paul Otellini (CEO of Intel), and John May (CEO of FedEx Kinkos). He's the author of 13 books on sales and motivation and recently launched the Sales Mastery Academylearning platform with 300+ videos. He recently published his new book, "Sales Ex Machina: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Selling". International Experience: Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Latin America, Middle East, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Victor Antonio is a globally sought after sales speaker and trainer. His high-energy keynotes makes him ideal for your next sales conference. Sales Page Link : Sellingroup page : Product Price : 100 usd for 3 months number of seats : 10 Seats = 10 usd per seat+ site fees ONE ACCESS pass of 3 month is enought to download all 300 videos from the website List of Interested Members + (including respective GB pledges) Please try to keep the list formatting in order so that our members and staff don't have to keep editing it to correct, Before you post the reply to add your name to the interested list, you can preview the post and edit it after if something was not correct. Most important is to not miss any members from the ongoing list and copy the brackets like how the other members are posting. "I am committing to contribute to this Group Buy (GB) for purchase from the respective Author of this product" Format - GI Username + (AMOUNT) or (ANY) or (=<10% TOTAL COST) Committed Contributor's List: 1) Kossytv 10 usd
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    TheFakePirate started a thread [Introduction] Hi every one in Introductions
    - Where did you hear about us? The Pirate Pay dot org - Who are you? how old are you? what's your background? where do you come from? (these are suggestive questions, if you don't like to answer them, it's fine. They just give us an idea of who you are and so, members can help you and interact with you better) I am a learner, 44 years old, digital marketing and programming, Egypt. - What did you achieve so far? What do you want to achieve in 3, 5 10 years from now? Do you have plans or goals this year or for the years ahead? nothing compared to my expectations, I want to promote my digital products and this is why I want to learn programming, I am trying. - How can you contribute to this community? Share anything I know in case someone needs it. - State few skills you learned in the last 12 months. introductory level in C programming.
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    Hello all, Could anyone please tell me how can I join the med group buys? Do I need to have a certain number of posts and are there even any active med group buys? Thank you!
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    WHen i try to go to I've been getting a database error for over a week. anyone know what the problem is??
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    Timek started a thread [Introduction] Hi Everyone in Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I am originally from Europe and Living in the US now. I am a programmer working mostly on the web. I have a passion for learning new things, especially to become a better person, to improve my experience of life and the life of the people I meet. I would love to create a lifestyle business that allows me to travel. I am excited to be part of this community, to exchange with and support like-minded persons.
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    Jkoler started a thread [Introduction] Hey in Introductions
    I’m gonna make this simple I’m 18 y.o and born in Spain, although , living in a different country I recently got involved into business but I mostly studied self development stuff , now into speed reading The probably best book I’ve ever read , I don’t remember his name lol , it was a very rare ( to find book ) : the title was , something and then fuck getting a job
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    loltube started a thread [Introduction] Intro in Introductions
    - Where did you hear about us? FeedUrBrain - Who are you? how old are you? what's your background? where do you come from? (these are suggestive questions, if you don't like to answer them, it's fine. They just give us an idea of who you are and so, members can help you and interact with you better) Norway, engineer and entreprenaur, 30ish+ - What did you achieve so far? What do you want to achieve in 3, 5 10 years from now? Do you have plans or goals this year or for the years ahead? Amazon FBA and eCommerce seller - How can you contribute to this community? Very good knowlegde when it comes to Amazon FBA and eCommerce in general - State few skills you learned in the last 12 months. Amazon and FB marketing
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    jr292 started a thread [Introduction] Hello!! in Introductions
    Hello all! I have found this forum by endless googling. I am from NY, USA. I am currently working a 9-5 as a software developer. I am tired of the constant office politics and ready to start my own online business however I have no idea where to start. Ideally, I would like to develop my own software, SaaS, and sell it to a market however I do not know which market or what software product anyone would want. I do not just want to go out and make a copy cat software and waste time and effort without anyone buying. I have followed a lot of Russell Brunson videos on Youtube especially his Funnel Hacker TV channel. I am fascinated by the software he created and the process of selling info products and books to sell the software. I am a PHP, JS full stack developer. I use the Laravel framework and usually MySQL or MariaDB. If anyone needs help with hiring a developer I can certainly tell you what skills to look for. I am looking to absorb anything I can about choosing a market and finding out what they need. I am looking forward to learning anything this community will give me the chance to learn.
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    Antonio started a thread [Introduction] Hi everyone in Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm from Spain, studying medicine and interested in social media marketing. I'm here to join great GBs as well as discussions in case there are such sections of the forum. I see some mastermind threads but they may be unavailable for new members.
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    anthrax started a thread [Introduction] Hello All in Introductions
    Hiyaaa, I am a stock trader and like to learn lot of new things. I am being a part of this group to share the knowledge I have and get the knowledge that is shared. I want to meet like minded people here and learn new things. Regards
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    Interested in anything to do with Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.
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    would like to know what's with the course as well? It's been more than 3 weeks since the payment was done...
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    would like to know what's with the course as well? It's been more than 3 weeks now...
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    Please pm details to purchase this
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