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    05-29-2018, 07:04 AM
    The Agora Financial Copy School System GB Discussion Topic: The Agora Financial Copy School System Sales Page: Product Price: $2,900 Seat Cost: $53 If you're interested, leave a post below and we will message you with payment details. (Read Instructions Carefully to get access FAST.) Best wishes everyone Interested members list: mic7; (Any) liberty; uhacks; (Any) jolerox; skyfrance; (Any) InsideOut; sensor; drkgable00; george; lasvegas; icke; Cartellian; (Any) TheEditor; gary; bluedaisys; nespolino; SteelersFan ($100); Dobiz($60); mitchemup; gustavojellav ($ any); hobbes556; fuzzymemory ($any); AceHigh ($any); iangmc; chris108 (any$) stylez ($any) thefsboking; Ebelle; scservice; ($50) embryo; mogwai; Lloydh6494 golfguy michaelz IMHustler (any) Yurian ($50) bcz5678 kinglouie Brickleberry; zach009 davenet (up to $100) simple ($50) samjam ryne (any) Maxcentral(any) Gecko(any) junio77 kayt61 ($60) zagreg Voodoo1 (any) Warkat(60) marketinguru ($60) The Tutor ($60) spudtc (Any) ChrsitianSeidel23 Jec9657 (any) gbllack Ken Banks breaker31 kwkMAGICC; skyfrance; Devilhart; liberty; Ovasee; warkat; colinio; 2k12; ronsingh; FUB Interested Members: URBrainOnFeed; windel; ($ any) nlbhoy; ($ any) youngmilli; ($ any) sponge; ($ any) Heron69; greenx; braintoons; dougreit; tatboy; Mastery; mongo89; urangeloflove; bienvenue; ($ any) randyrandola ; Mahendra Mistry; 007hustler; iaroslav; dmanukr; globotron; vanbino; Calmer12; Onlinewarrior; tarheel; teddykgb; mambo; wookie; clickyteeclick; vince333; notaguru; donutmad; wyldchyld; alfaquad; viper1978; ahoopey; flannels; MDakri; ShondaFrost451; computerdoctor; Dogmatix; TheLighetrPolice
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    05-28-2018, 01:30 AM It’s the most sought-after copywriting system on the planet, and… "It's Turning People Off The Street Into Million-Dollar Marketing Producers... In Just Days!" No Outsider Has Ever Been Granted Access To The Legendary Copywriting Process Of Agora Financial... Right Now Is Your ONE CHANCE! Warning! ONLY 200 COPIES AVAILABLE Demand for this package is OVERWHELMING... But ONLY 200 COPIES of the Agora Financial Copy School Bundle are being released. Ever. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. You will NOTsee this offered again. This is your one chance. And right now there are over 5,053 people eager to buy... 200 out of 5,053... you do the math. That means less than one out of every five people wanting this package will actually get their hands on it. You see, the Agora Financial Copywriting Process is so powerful, newbie marketers and copywriters -- who've never written a word of copy before -- are banging-out multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns in just days using it. But unfortunately, over 95% of the people who want access to this package will never see it. And I MEAN never... Because everyone who buys has to sign an Ironclad Non-Disclosure Agreement. And chances are... by the time you get halfway through reading this letter, it will be completely sold out. So don't waste another second... Grab Your Copy Now! ONLY 200 COPIES AVAILABLE Monday, May 28, 2018From: Todd Brown Dear Fellow Marketer, Every A-Player knows: Writing copy is at the foundation of everything we do. Everything. If you don't know how to craft winning copy... you'll struggle to ever experience the thrill of a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign. That's just a fact. The marketers who don't know the real secrets of writing great copy are the ones constantly on the sidelines envious of the others who're making the millions. Today is your chance to join that elite group... and finally become one of the envied ones. Because today you have an unprecedented opportunity to get your hands on... The Most Coveted Copywriting Method On The Planet! Agora Inc. is the 800-pound gorilla in the world of direct response marketing. They started as a small publishing company, and today generate over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in annual sales. And Agora Financial is the fastest growing division of ALL the Agora Companies. They generate over 3 MILLION DOLLARS A WEEK! Yet, I'll say what nobody else has... Their tech sucks. Their web design sucks. And they're wildly behind in the use of cutting-edge online marketing tactics. So how and why are they growing at such staggering speed? For one single reason... Because they've developed a specific training process over the past decade -- The Agora Financial Copy School -- which is, literally, taking people off the street and... Turning Them Into Million-Dollar-Plus Marketers & Copywriters In Just Days! Yes, DAYS! Newbies, who've never written a single word of copy... now cranking-out marketing campaigns bringing in millions. People with no marketing experience... no copy experience... no creative experience... not even writing experience... and watching them generate multiple millions of dollars from a single campaign. Often, their very first campaign after going thru the Agora Financial Copy School. Like: Peter Coyne: 27-year-old who never wrote any copy before. Banged-out his first campaign in 10 days and it generated $4,600,000. Matt Insley: Never wrote any copy before. Banged-out his first campaign in 7 days and it generated $10,500,00. Robert Phillips: From Columbia. Banged-out his first campaign in just 2 days and it generated $8,100,000. Ridge Abraham: Young kid. Never wrote any copy before. Banged-out his first campaign and it generated $7,000,000. Evaldo Albuquerque: A Brazilian native. Wrote one piece of copy before. Banged-out his first AF campaign and it brought-in over 50,000 new customers and generated $20,000,000. Patrick McKelvey: Recent college graduate. Banged-out his first campaign and it generated 20,000 new customers. Ryan McGrath: Wrote some copy before with no big wins. Banged-out his third campaign and it's generated $30,000,000 in gross sales. ... and so many others! After going thru the Agora Financial Copy School, these marketers and copywriters don't struggle to come up with killer marketing ideas... ...they don't struggle with writer's block... ...they don't struggle writing headlines... ...they don't struggle with writing the body of their marketing... ...they don't struggle with crafting their offers... None of that. They laugh at that! After the Agora Financial Copy School... they crank-out campaigns that produce tens of thousands of new customers and life-altering sales. And they do it in just days! And that's exactly why entrepreneurs... marketers... copywriters... and the biggest direct marketing companies in the world... have been trying for years to get their hands on the Agora Financial Copy School process... Desperately trying to get a mere peek. A glimpse. Anything! It's been a thing of legend in the world of direct response marketing. But, no outsider has EVER been granted access. Nothing. Nada. Until today. They've Chosen To Reveal Their Secret Copywriting Method Now For A Very Specific & Time-Sensitive Reason... Fact is: Agora Financial is now growing TOO FAST thanks to their Copy School. So they're creating several new divisions within the company and launching multiple new copywriting teams simultaneously. Which means: they need a lot more people they can turn into million-dollar-plus producers. And quickly. And they believe the most efficient way to do that is to put several hundred people thru their Copy School at the same time. And do it remotely, instead of in Baltimore over the normal two month period. And they're doing it with... The Agora Financial Copy School Bundle! So what is it? Simply: The keys to the golden goose! Your ticket to knowing how to write copy that pulls-in MONSTER SALES! The Agora Financial way. Everything you need to know and do to have copy that brings-in droves of new customers. Every time. I'm talking about you having the power to make money almost any time you'd like. On demand. No more writer's block... no more not knowing what to say or how to say it in your marketing... no more endless hours working on copy only to have it flop... and no more campaign duds. Never again! Those days are over for you. Because with your copy of the Agora Financial Copy School Bundle, you get: 16 unedited, raw video sessions from an actual 60-day Agora Financial Copy Camp! You get full access to the most coveted copywriting process on the planet! Recorded, guerilla-style, in the actual copywriters room of their headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, you'll be a fly on the wall as every part of the Agora copywriting process is revealed, from A-Z. None of what you'll see was intended to be viewed by anyone outside of Agora Financial. So it's completely raw and real! Totally hardcore. You'll go through the same exact training that's transforming ordinary people just like you into million-dollar-plus marketers. Every trick. Every technique. Every piece and part of their legendary method will be at your finger tips. And when you're done watching these recordings, you too will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to crank-out your own campaigns that produce staggering sales, new customers, and profits! Complete transcripts of each session plus the "cliff notes" given to all new AF copywriters! Every word of every video session is captured for you, completely unedited and in its entirety. So, if like me you like to highlight and take notes to make sure you don't miss a single nugget or gem, now you can. The official 60-day Agora Financial campaign reading package! You get the same schedule, the same reading list, and same bundle of marketing promotions given to the new copywriters on day one of their training. That's sixty straight days for you of the exact marketing promotions to review and study, complete with annotated notes from Joe highlighting the most important takeaways for you. Plus, you'll also have the fast-action notes included for the Agora Financial copywriters, so you can quickly reference the most important strategies for each day. And by the time you mark the last piece of copy in this package as "read", you'll have a master eye for the look, feel, and sound of great copy. The complete, Legendary Agora Financial Swipe File! Considered the most valuable collection of marketing campaigns and promotions in existence... "Worth a king's ransom," many have said. Easily worthy of a $5,000 price tag, itself. Includes over 300 marketing campaigns, hand-annotated by Joe, personally... all categorized by Mark Ford's seven lead types. Over 4,000 pages of dialed copy! With this collection, you'll know exactly how to structure the most important pieces of your copy, using the proven lead-type templates. And you'll want to reference this anytime you write a new piece of copy... cause it'll hand you the perfect message structure and flow for every campaign. Simply follow the proven formula, and you're good to go! And you'll own it for life... as one of only a small number of people in the world ever to see the inside of this coveted collection. And all of that is just for starters... Because in addition to the video recordings, unedited transcripts, 60-day reading package, and your own copy of the legendary AF Swipe file, you'll also get: Access to the Agora Financial Private Daily Submission Portal! You won't have to wonder if you're nailing every piece of the Agora Financial copywriting process... because you can submit your ideas, daily, for two months, to get feedback and accountability direct from the AF Copy Team. It's like having the Agora Financial copy team as your accountability coach for two whole months. And with this... you'll feel confident and secure knowing... your copy is spot-on and primed to produce serious sales for you. 3 months of access to the INTERNAL, weekly Agora Financial Copy Debriefs! Every week you can jump on a live copy meeting between Joe, his team, and dozens of the top copywriters and marketers in the world... and listen-in on their insider discussions about winning marketing campaigns. You'll be on live with, and hear from, folks like: John Forde, David Deutsch, David Garfinkel, Doberman Dan, sometimes Mark Ford (Michael Masterson), plus Joe and the AF copy team, and more! With access to these calls, you'll be among the first to hear about the newest copywriting and marketing breakthroughs discovered at Agora Financial and thru their friends and partners. You'll be among the first to see what new copy angles are crushing-it... what new offers are spiking sales... and even the newest traffic generation methods killing it. You'll even have the opportunity to contribute ideas to the calls, get your questions answered, or just be a fly on the wall soaking it all in. Nobody but Agora insiders and invited guests are given access to these private sessions. These calls are so valuable, no matter what's going on in my schedule, I never miss a single one. And, now, you'll be there too... and be part of the gang. Because Of The Value Of This Material... And For Security Reasons... None of this will be delivered online. Joe and the folks at Agora Financial do NOT want any of this floating around on the net. They'll take swift and significant legal action before they allow that to happen. So this is NOT a downloadable program! Everything has been carefully loaded onto monster-sized thumb-drives. Each, hand-numbered... And your specific Agora Copy School Bundle thumb drive will be shipped to you right away via first-class mail. SEE WHAT THE FUSS IS ALL ABOUT IN THIS 7 PART SERIE: Price 2900 - launched today ONLY 200 Copies *ever*
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    06-22-2018, 05:34 PM
    Profit Engine - 3 Steps to $1k Per Day - by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones GB Discussion Topic: Profit Engine - 3 Steps to $1k Per Day - by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones Sales Page: Price: $2,497 Seat Price: $55 Interested? Reply below and we will send you the payment details.
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    06-15-2018, 04:46 PM
    Illuminati Mastermind Amazon Private Label Monthly Mastermind Manny Coats & Kevin King 3 Months GB Discussion Topic: Illuminati Mastermind - Amazon Private Label Monthly Sales Page: Product Price: $1,191 Seat Cost: $45 for 3 months (June, July and August) Minimum Number of Seats: 27 seats. If you're interested, leave a post below and we will message you with payment details. (Read Instructions Carefully to get access FAST.) Best wishes everyone
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    06-09-2018, 06:41 PM
    Illuminati Mastermind Amazon Private Label Monthly Mastermind Manny Coats & Kevin King 3 Months Illuminati Monthly Training The absolute best resource for advanced training on all things private label. Learn the strategies and tactics 6-Figure/Month sellers are using right now Get access to monthly coaching calls Get access to monthly Q&A calls Page 1 Ranking on Amazon is completely changing Do you know how Amazon is changing the way keywords work? It's not what you think. In the May edition of the Illuminati Monthly training, we just may blow your mind with the new way you have to think about ranking on Amazon. Over 50,000 tests and poring over legal documents from Amazon reveal what you need to consider if you want to remain competitive. Watch a FREE REPLAY TODAY of what Amazon sellers say is the "Best Amazon-seller webinar ever" from the guys at the Illuminati Mastermind. In this 2-hour jam-packed sample webinar you will learn all of this for FREE: How we save $10,900 or more per year, PER product, from our suppliers How we get great videos made that show up on your Amazon listing page How we keep getting paid if Amazon closes our account How we magically increase our conversion rate and rank higher A little-known tactic that increases our sales on Amazon by 5-20% without spending any money About an incredible opportunity to learn and network with successful sellers How we get tens of thousands of dollars in reimbursements from our suppliers WATCH the FREE replay TODAY: If you like what you learn in the free webinar, join the monthly Illuminati and learn what gurus, podcasters and 99% of Facebook FBA group members don't know about how Amazon is changing the way to get Page 1 rankings. It's all laid out in detail in our May 2017 monthly paid training. REPLAY EXPIRING SOON: Free Webinar for Amazon Sellers Price: $397/Month ($1191 for 3 months) Suggested Seat Price: $30 for 3 months If you're interested, please add your name to the list below. Best regards
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    06-09-2018, 06:19 AM
    2 million copies sold… $100 million in sales over 40 years… The #1 best-selling personal development course of all time – updated for an new generation Based on science. Proven by results. The New Psychology of Winning How to make winning your newest habit so you start experiencing success in your career and your life without conscious effort All over the world, people are grinding away, working long hours for little reward – and then there are natural born winners who seem to succeed easily and effortlessly. You’re about to join that second group. Denis Waitley is America’s top performance coach. His program The Psychology Of Winning has sold 2 million copies and has become the greatest personal growth course of its time. Along with US Olympians and NASA Astronauts, companies such as GE, Microsoft , and Mercedes Benz have brought this program to their top executives for the unique opportunity to train with Denis. There’s a diamond within you, waiting to shine. The traditional school system doesn’t teach you how to polish it. Your family may not have known how either. The methods Denis has used on the world’s top achievers are equally usable by any person willing to learn and take action. This is how you polish the diamond inside. This Quest is for you when you’re ready to: Deliver mind blowing results at work…so you are recognized and rewarded for being the #1 performer in any company you join. Become twice as productive as before, so you can double your results… without giving up the rest and relaxation you need to be at your best. Attract other super performers to your vision… so you can avoid bad hires and build a team of high achievers just like you. Become highly sought-after for your expertise so you can live life on your terms, get paid what you deserve and design the lifestyle of your dreams. Join Denis Waitley, America’s Peak Personal Growth Legend for the next 82 days, as he shows you how to master the mindsets of champions so you can conquer any challenge you face and live a life of meaning, accomplishment and significance. What REALLY Separates Super Performers From Everybody Else? Denis Waitley has dedicated his entire career to the study of success and how people can replicate it in their lives. And what he’s discovered is truly profound. Success begins with a unique twist in the way he teaches people to think. The thoughts they shape behind the scenes rehearsing their inner game weeks, months, or even years before they take their place in the spotlight. Let’s not kid ourselves… to become a super performer in any field, you need ingenuity, hustle, and a bit of help from the universe. The undeniable truth is that every single super performer is made from the INSIDE out. And that’s *splendid news*… because it means you now have the power within to discover… The Secret To Repeatable, Unbeatable Success In Any Field You Choose What if you knew you could install the same winning attitudes super performers like US Olympians, Grammy winning musicians and NASA Astronauts use to experience consistent success in everything they do… So you could land that promotion, get that raise you crave and 10X your business success? How thrilling would it be if you could become the all star at work that knocks every opportunity out of the park… so top companies started chasing after you (instead of the other way around) And just how high would your confidence soar if you had America’s greatest coach on the sidelines, cheering you on every step of the way? Would you want that for yourself…or for your team? If your answer is YES, then keep reading, because you’re about to learn how this unique capability can be yours today In a bold and brand new 82 Day Quest on Mindvalley. America’s Human Performance Legend Denis Waitley is inviting you on a mission to discover the secrets to super performance… so you too can pull off buzzer beating victories that serve humanity. Whether that means starting a conscious business… writing a book… launching a speaking career… or becoming a transformational coach or emerging as a superstar CEO… You’re about to discover how to become truly world-class at whatever you choose to do. In a moment, we’ll show you how to join us on this jaw-dropping journey, however before we get into that, allow us to share a scenario with you… That reveals the surprisingly playful way our minds can save us… even in the darkest days of our lives. What Years Of Torture And Isolation Taught Denis About Winning From Within Much of Peak Performance Coach Denis Waitley’s genius comes from the insights he discovered after interviewing hundreds of returning American POWs from Vietnam… Men and women who spent up to 7 years inside of tiny cells… who were often tortured and experienced long periods of hunger and isolation. As a veteran and POW rehabilitation coordinator, Denis noticed something extraordinary about a very special group of these POWs… While many individuals had their spirits broken, this group emerged from their imprisonment to do amazing things in their lives: Here are just a few of the spectacular results Denis Waitley discovered: A colonel stuck in an 8 by 8 foot cell played imaginary rounds of golf in his mind for 5.5 years… and returned home to play the best game of his life on the PGA stage. A detainee came back to the USA in such amazing shape, he smashed a world record for sit ups without resting… 4500! A group of POWs who had never held a guitar in their lives, created crude instruments out of sticks and strings… and 7 years later emerged to become accomplished flamenco guitarists… Another group of POWs taught each other foreign languages and 50 of these returnees came back home speaking several languages fluently… It’s these stories of ingenuity and extraordinary achievements that inspired Denis to create The Psychology Of Winning (POW). He used the same initials – POW – to honor of these exceptional individuals. Now just imagine what you could learn from… A coach who knows these inspirational stories from the inside out… A coach who has taught Superbowl athletes, Olympians, and Astronauts to win from within A coach who wants you to thrive wherever you may be in life. The good news is you no longer have to imagine this… because starting today you can start training your brain to win from within by going straight to mission control… And working directly with legendary coach Denis Waitley on Mindvalley’s newest program: The New Psychology Of Winning: Unleashing The Champion Within A New 82 Day Quest Designed To Help You Master Medal Winning Mindsets, Talk Yourself UP To Success And Train Your Brain To Win Join Legendary High Performance Coach Denis Waitley for this incredible adventure so you can absorb the $100 million dollar insights he’s shared with over 2 million people and counting… Just imagine how much more effective you will be when you discover: Two “polar opposite” emotions that yank on our motivation strings… and exactly which one to pull tight quickly hit your income and personal growth targets. How to attract conscious superstars to your business… so you have a tribe of “A” players who know how to bring your vision to life in record time. What a US Navy flight training exercise can teach us about trusting our hunches and you can make decisions with precision every time an opportunity comes your way. The mind movies US Olympians like Michael Phelps play to rehearse for game day and how to “pre-create” your own scenes… so you too can win before you begin and relax into achieving all the success you desire. The internal Goal Positioning System (GPS) you can use to quickly pivot when conditions change… so you always move in the direction of your biggest opportunities. This is the same “virtual reality” exercise NASA astronauts used to get the Apollo spacecraft to the moon and back… and it’s now available to you on Mindvalley for the first time. How to override disempowering thoughts stored in your subconscious through mental rehearsal that never ever feels repetitive… so you follow through with speed and efficiency on every commitment you make. Get instant stress relief with this tiny “tweak” to the way you start your day… so your productivity and energy levels soar and you get more done. How to replace years of negative conditioning with a 2 minute free-flowing affirmation that works ten times better than therapy and instantly puts you into a state of bliss whenever you need it. Every day of this 12 week journey you’ll learn new how to become the ultimate self-starter and a sought after winner and finisher who tackles every project with energy, integrity and vision. How The New Psychology Of Winning Will Help You After finishing this 82 day Quest you will discover: The single most powerful way to flip your brain’s switch to “win” and crank up your imagination to high so you can talk yourself UP to success. All in less than 15 minutes of fun practice a day… How to discover your priceless potential so you can become your own greatest mentor, role model, best friend, coach and inspiration… The Waitley Way: How US Olympians use visual simulation to succeed before they compete… and how to stay humble and hungry in the heat of competition. Why your outward success is a mirror image of what you think you’re worth on the inside… and how to truly become an “A” player that inspires your tribe. The “I got this” mindset that gets you recognized as the “go to” girl or guy leaders trust to help them win big The “future me” seeing-eye “trick” that’s helped American POWs endure years of captivity… and how to harness the same mental technology so you can win no matter what setbacks you face or how long it takes. How to hardwire your brain to consistently perform at the top of your game from the locker room to the boardroom… so you can lead with compassion and resourcefulness. How to be more persuasive in the company of other super performers… so you can attract winners who can’t wait to contribute to your vision of success And much, much more… This newly updated version of the top selling personal growth program in human history will motivate you like no other, and you’ll do it all with the support, inspiration and encouragement of a group of likeminded souls, your Quest Tribe. As you quickly absorb the wisdom Denis Waitley shares with your Tribe, you’ll be amazed how deeply you connect to your peers and how emotionally invested you become in supporting their growth as they strongly support yours. 6 Ways This 82 Day Program Will Help You Win From Within 1. Master The Mindset Olympians Use So You Can Win Before You Begin You’ll discover how to use the self-talk of champions so you quickly climb to the top of your field and optimize your influence and earning potential. 2. Learn Super-Sharp Focus So You Can Work On What Matters You’ll discover how to align your energy, willpower and focus so you can identify and work on the key areas in your life that produce the biggest results. 3. Tap Into Your Talents So Headhunters And Rainmakers Chase After You You’ll discover how to double down on your top talents and make yourself so useful you easily outgrow your job description and attract icons who will help you rise to exciting positions of influence. 4. Perform At The Top Of Your Game… And Inspire Your Team To Do The Same You’ll be driven to give generously and start each day with a smile on your face so you build relationships that set you up for long term success. You’ll rally your tribe to consistently perform at peak levels by giving them the freedom to dust off their dormant talents and apply them in ways they see fit. 5. Transform Temporary Setbacks Into Passion Achieving Action You’ll discover the true meaning of being response-able, so you can lead your team to accept the unchangeable and course correct when things go sideways. This the perfect way to help anyone in your presence to stop stewing and start doing without smothering or micromanaging them. 6. Become Your Own Greatest Coach, Motivator, And Mentor You’ll learn how to coach yourself into a burning desire to win without needing or seeking anyone’s approval or validation. As a result of participating in this 82 Day Program… You’ll train yourself to build a “muscular mindset” so you can access your built-in super strengths and lead your team past any obstacles you face You’ll discover the “easy button” that allows you to size up growth opportunities on the spot and only say YES to the projects that move your mission forward You’ll discover the secrets to motivating superstars so they are loyal and committed to your vision…and are free to use their greatest gifts to boost your bottom line You’ll learn to spark feats of creativity so you discover and implement game-changing ideas on a daily basis You’ll learn how to use habits like hammers so you can run lean and outhustle the competition even if your practice isn’t perfect. You’ll learn a rare lesson in empathy and why it’s never too late to communicate and how friends and family can help you find richness and meaning in what you do You’ll be able to apply flexible thinking when you’re at a crossroads so you can quickly pivot to new opportunities when circumstances change. Imagine arriving at work with knowing you’ve already got the talent and team you need to conquer any business or personal challenge you face… By the end of the day, knowing the mission you’ve chosen in life gives you and those you care about in your life a lasting feeling of abundance and meaning. It’s true, you can have ALL of these things…when you choose to join your tribe today. The New Psychology Of Winning Is Divided Into 3 Parts To Give You That Winning Habit In The Shortest Time Possible Part 1: Why Winning Starts From The Inside Out This is where you learn to assess your unique talents and skills and set your sights on becoming an authentic champion. Denis will hand you the key to bringing the best out of others… and show you how to set your internal thermostat for success. Highlights include: How to become the actor, scriptwriter, and director of the award winning documentary called “your life” so you can quickly rise to world class in any profession you choose. How to harness the speed of trust so you can win over anyone to support your goals. How to live by choice, not chance and the simple way to take charge of your success Why winning starts with giving… and why the less you try to impress the faster you’ll progress (hint: it all starts with a very special brand of gratitude which we will practice) Why you have more value inside than you can use in 1000 lifetimes… and how to turn your talents into strengths so your greatness gets rewarded and recognized. Part 2: How To Train Your Brain To Meet Every Challenge With Confidence In this second part, you’ll discover how to think on your feet and respond flexibly in fast-changing environments. That means you’ll have the calm and poise to make smart decisions under pressure. Denis will give you the formula to replace distraction with inspired action so you make the most of the 168 hours we all get each week. Highlights include: Why optimism is an incurable condition… and the “problem solving twins” you must enlist so you can lead your team with the perfect mixture of warmth and passion. Why focusing on failure is a huge drag on productivity… and what to do instead so your team bounces back. This will help you turn “mistakes” into golden opportunities. What decades of coaching Olympians tells us about the power of positive self-expectancy. The best part is you’ll discover how to stay sharply focused on the potential of the present moment so winning comes easily. This is like goal-setting on steroids (and way more fun). Why imagination owns the podium and what multiple Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps can teach you about stockpiling winning images in your brain. It’s just like instagram…for champions. Part 3: How To Fuel Your Dreams And Drive Every Project To The Finish Line This is where you’ll learn how to access your internal Goal Positioning System (GPS) so you can position yourself for success. You’ll discover how to hack your habits so you can transform insights into winning solutions in half the time. Highlights include: How to eliminate distractions and “time thieves” that are robbing your attention so you can get back to delivering massive value and results that wow How to put passion in the driver’s seat of your you only engage in activities that produce the highest levels of enjoyment and income for you The 3 P’s of goal achievement and why fuzzy goals rarely succeed. This one insight alone will *give your goals instant traction*… so you can get world class results without wasting time or energy How to assume mission control without smothering initiative, crushing creativity or micromanaging your team… so winning innovations get executed quickly. By the end of this 82 Day program, exciting new career and relationship building opportunities will open up to you. You’ll discover new ways to add value and enrich the lives of others… and get rewarded handsomely for the impact you make. As a result, you’ll be able to shift your business and career into high-growth mode. Price $349 - This closes on 22/06/18
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    06-09-2018, 06:49 AM
    Brought To You By World-class Energy Healer And Spiritual Teacher Jeffrey Allen… Introducing Unlocking Transcendence – The First “Fitness Program” For The Spirit A 60-day Journey Designed To Strengthen Your Spiritual “Muscles” In Six Key Areas Of Your Spirit, Nourish And Exercise Your Soul And Gain Sovereignty Over Your Entire Being For centuries, we have strived to understand virtually every aspect of how our bodies function, and how to enhance our physical health and performance through nutrition and exercise. And today, with the aid of modern technology, our understanding of what it takes to be physically fit has been refined to a precise and detailed science. So, knowing what we know now, would you agree that if you want to improve your physical fitness – whether it’s building your muscles, increasing your strength, losing weight, improving your stamina – that signing up to a gym, hiring a personal trainer, and following a structured, step-by-step program would be the fastest way to achieving your fitness goals? What do you think? Following that same logic, wouldn’t you also agree that you want to improve your spiritual fitness? To develop a powerful transcendent practice, accelerate your spiritual journey, and get completely aligned with your soul’s calling? That you need an equally robust spiritual fitness program to follow, AND have an experienced spiritual personal trainer to help you reach your spiritual goals? If you answered “Yes” to both questions then read on. Because this program is for you if: You feel stuck in your spiritual journey where every step you take seems to take you two steps back. You need help getting spiritually aligned while pursuing your life goals. You want to include transcendent practices as a daily habit in your life. You want to inject the perfect dose of spirituality in your busy life to make space for bigger things that impact the whole of humanity. You’re looking for a powerful approach to level up your spirituality in all dimensions of your life. As You May Already Know, We’re More Than Just Physical Beings. There’s a spiritual dimension to us — a dimension that has governed everything that has happened to us in the past and will continue governing everything that will happen to us in future. However, neither our education system nor our political and business world recognizes it, much less, teach us how to live by this principle. Hence although we are physically fit…most of us are not, spiritually, as fit as we want ourselves to be. What if there is a spiritual “fitness program” that is… As precise as the modern science of physical fitness Designed to strengthen the 12 deepest levels of your spiritual awareness And, over 60 days, ascends you to transcend the limits of your physical reality? Why Most People’s Spiritual Path Involve Two Steps Forward One Step Back You may have been on the spiritual path for a while now. And you know that unless you can connect with your inner voice, access your own intuition, and make time for transcendent practices, you don’t feel your best. But then you’ve got a demanding schedule and a whole universe of people that needs you that makes it impossible for you to progress spiritually. So you end up going from feeling zen, calm, and at peace in one moment… And feeling spiritually empty in the next. You may even feel like the only way to really make any progress in your spiritual path is to let go of your many wants and desires. Which can only lead you to feeling like you’re cutting off a deeper part of yourself. And what most people end up falling victim to is trying to fill that void in your soul with a cycle of unhealthy habits and negative thoughts. It doesn’t have to be that way. Although that may be the reality you live in, right now, it’s not your fault. We live in a world that is so deeply ingrained in a physical reality which pays little attention into understanding and nurturing the other crucial aspect of our being — Our spirit. While we’ve made great strides in unravelling the inner workings of our physical body, and we have tens of thousands of gyms scattered across the country offering a whole range of programs to help us get physically fitter. … There has never been a “gym” we could sign up for to help us develop a transcendent practice to nurture soul and get us spiritually fit. Until today. The Unlocking Transcendence Quest, The World’s First Spiritual Fitness Program Designed To Help You Gain Sovereignty Over Your Soul So You Can Live An Extraordinary Life So, at a spiritual level, self-awareness is self-transcendence. The more we stretch our awareness across all dimensions of our being, the more self-transcendent we are. This is the ultimate definition of Spiritual Fitness. And we wondered… Is it possible to devise a holistic spiritual fitness program that easily fits into our day? The answer is… a huge roaring YES. A methodical, fun, step-by-step journey of self-awareness that will help you cultivate a spiritual practice that you’ll look forward to every day and will positively impact every aspect of your being. In the same way a fitness instructor will train you in the gym, teaching you new exercises to improve your physical strength, Jeffrey will guide you through a series of exercises that will build your spiritual “muscles” day by day. And as your spiritual fitness improves, you will quickly find yourself more deeply aligned with your spirit than you ever imagined possible. And you’ll experience this profound transformation in just 60 days, Because… This Is Not Just A Course — It’s a 60 Day Coaching Program on Mindvalley’s New Quest Learning Platform — So You Learn At Up To 500% Better Than Conventional Courses So here’s what we found.… The traditional way of taking courses is: you invest in a course, and you study it by yourself in your own time for about 8-10 hours. Some might do it over a weekend, and some others might stretch it out over several months. But you’re doing it by yourself, and it lacks accountability and excitement. Unlocking Transcendence is run on Mindvalley Quests learning platform, so what happens is you’re going to go through the program along with thousands of others. Your Spiritual Fitness Affects 12 Areas Of Your Life In Unlocking Transcendence, the microlearning methodology is applied over 12 Specific Levels of Awareness. In Just 60 Days, you will… Become Self-Aware Feel empowered and aware that you are co-creating your life 1. Location Awareness – Be present, observe your experience & think outside the box 2. Time Awareness – Be calm, relaxed, focused, in the moment & highly attractive Be Physically Present Feel calm, present, accepting and abundant 3. Physical Awareness – Be athletic & coordinated, accepting rather than judgmental 4. Energy Awareness – Abundant life, full of synchronicity, tapping your hidden powers Be Mentally Organized Be organized and clear, learn quickly and adapt easily 5. Mental Awareness – Organize your mind, think clearly & intentionally 6. Listening Awareness – Take the easy road, be in the right place at the right time Become Spiritually Activated Live a relaxing peaceful life, even when there are challenges 7. Intuition – Make relaxed decisions, quick progress, synchronicity, flow & abundance 8. Spiritual Connection – Feel connected, peaceful & enthusiastic, generous & abundant Find Emotional Balance Feeling expressive, compassionate, humble and deeply understanding 9. Emotional Awareness – Be honest, non-judgmental & alive with your emotions 10. Empathic Awareness – Feeling expressive, compassionate, humble & understanding Be Highly Impactful Feel calm, authentic, more purposeful & satisfied with life 11. Personal Awareness – Enjoy a fulfilling sense that you are impacting others positively 12. Global Awareness – Create a better world through highly impactful work Experience An Earth-shattering Spiritual Transformation That will completely redefine who you are as a spirit. You will become purposeful, always in flow, happy, committed to making a difference, feel connected to others and have complete sovereignty over your destiny. All in just 60 days. Instructor Profile Meet Jeffrey Allen Your Fitness Instructor For The Soul Jeffrey is regarded as a global authority on energy healing and many reputed healers regularly seek him for healing sessions. Hence he’s known as The Healers’ Healer. Through a deep understanding of energy, Jeffrey helps people break through hidden blocks and create a powerful energy awareness, giving them a unique edge in their personal and professional life. A decade ago, Jeffrey was living a ‘successful’ life as a software engineer with a great job, six-figure salary, and all the toys he desired. Yet, external success came with a price… a constant nagging that he wasn’t fulfilling his true purpose. Through a remarkable set of coincidences in 2005, Jeffrey found himself teaching graduate spiritual studies in Uganda, Africa to a talented group of advanced students. It was then that Jeffrey discovered he was “a spiritual teacher pretending to be an engineer”. Since then, Jeffrey has helped thousands of clients around the world to live in alignment with their true purpose (and energy) — so they feel tremendous confidence; enjoy deeper happiness; attract more love; avoid health struggles; and create more abundance — in other words, finally live the lives they were born to live. Eight Ways Unlocking Transcendence Will Transform You 01 You’ll be in tune with your purpose Most people never truly live a purpose. This is why 54% of Americans, according to Gallup, dislike their jobs. But when you’re spiritually aligned, your spirit leads you to your purpose. You end up not with a job or work but in a career that gives you meaning because you know you’re meant to be there. 02 You’ll find yourself in the state of flow Flow means you’re living every day with beautiful visions of what you want to create, yet a beautiful joy envelops you every single day. When you’re in the flow state you open yourself up to synchronicities, coincidences, and it almost feels like the universe has your back. 03 You’ll experience more consistent states of joy You live every day in wonder and joy. Joy is one of the ultimate states of human existence. But the best part is when you’re joyful in a daily basis, so are the people around you. It is the end goal of end goals. Everything we do in life, every decision people make is often so they can experience brief instances of joy. But what if these experiences can come from within you consistently before you attain any goals. Now, you’ve learned what masters have preached for centuries. 04 You’ll feel at peace with yourself and the world You’ll feel at peace not just with your own thoughts but with the world. This means that you’ll no longer feel judged, put down or affected by other people’s negativity or negativity happening in the world. You’ll be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that you are okay, and that your spirit is watching out for you. 05 You’ll develop a deep desire to make a difference One of the reasons we do what we do at Mindvalley is because we want to create people on the planet who seek to make a difference. One of the side effects of this program is that you start developing a compassion towards humanity and all of life. This naturally seeks you to want to do more good in the world. People at this level tend to volunteer more, create good things, look beyond religion, culture and ethnicity and feel a kinship with all human beings on the planet. They seek to make a difference because they have a deep longing to leave the world better off than when they came into it. 06 You’ll develop a more solid sense of empathy Empathy is one of the most powerful tools of the 21st century. As you go on this path, you’ll find that your empathy increases. You’ll feel more compassion, understanding, and more connectedness to others. Empathy has been proven to improve your performance at work, to make you more likeable, and to make you have a positive influence on others. It’s an essential skill not just for leadership, but for everyone from a mom raising kids at home to a office executive working with a team. 07 You’ll become emotionally aware Emotionally aware means that when negative emotions enter your head, they don’t cause you to jump into rash action. Rather, you observe them. You can see them entering your mind as they enter and you can deal with them how you feel so. You can sit back and watch them and not do anything. Imagine being able to observe anger come within you. And by not reacting to it, you allow them to pass through. This is the essence of being emotionally aware 08 Finally, you’ll have complete sovereignty over your own life Sovereignty implies that you make your own rules, live by your own rules and are not influenced by the rules, judgements, opinions and pushiness of others whether it comes from teachers, preachers, fathers, mothers, culture or religion. You live your own life based on your rules. And with a deep knowing that you’re living true to yourself and your soul. Here’s how the course is structured: 01 Part 1: Self-Awareness (Day 1-10: June 25th – July 4th) Level 1: Location Awareness Focusing your awareness and stretching your awareness Deepen your experience of spatial awareness Sensing your awareness independently from your physical body Journeying outside your body and into the stars Applying Location Awareness in real world Level 2: Time Awareness Using Time Awareness for different times in your life Moving through time for understanding your past and future Choosing your future by changing timelines 02 Part 2: Physical Awareness (Day 11-20: July 5th – July 14th) Level 3: Physical Awareness Deepening your awareness of your physical & energy body Getting deeply connected & in-tune with your body Noticing and relieving pressure on your body to be a certain way Healing your body’s prototype cell Applying Physical Body Awareness for a powerful presence Level 4: Energy Awareness Feeling energy flowing through your body Healing to release stuck energy from your body Moving your energy body independently from your physical body Bringing both bodies into perfect synchronization Balancing conflicting advice from others regarding your health or body 03 Part 3: Mental Awareness (Day 21-30: July 15th – July 24th) Level 5: Mental Awareness Outer Mind Awareness and Inner Mind awareness Becoming more organized & clear with your thoughts Improving your listening Turning down the noise and mental chatter Being in flow through awareness of your environment Seeing through your own mental filters Breaking through your mental ceiling Level 6: Listening Awareness Developing a more compassionate mind Listening to the pulse of the world 04 Part 4: Spiritual Awareness (Day 31-40: July 25th – August 3rd) Level 7: Intuition Going beyond your body & mind with your perception Validating your Spirit essence Understanding what intuition feels like Sensing things through intuition Mixing your physical & intuition awareness Using your intuition for remote viewing Improving your confidence & success with intuition Tuning into the Akashic Records to access information Discovering clues for healing recurring patterns in your life Level 8: Spiritual Connection Exploring past lives Viewing multiple sets of information at once Deepening your connection to nature & the planet Changing your connection with others Tapping into your connection with Higher Intelligence 05 Part 5: Emotional Awareness (Day 41-50: August 4th – August 13th) Level 9: Emotional Awareness Changing your relationship with your emotions Having clear boundaries with others Finding & releasing old stored emotions Feeling all your emotions and discarding inauthentic ones Transmuting your emotions into gratitude & joy Refining your emotional map Avoiding damaging emotional outbursts Level 10: Empathic Awareness Exploring your Empathy Awareness Using your empathy to tune into specific emotions Matching others consciously to gain understanding Clearing out all the stored emotions that are not yours 06 Part 6: Impact Awareness (Day 51-60: August 14th – August 23rd) Level 11: Personal Awareness Feeling & amplifying your positive personal impact Shifting unconscious negative impact you have on others Improving your friendships and trust with others Communicating with someone telepathically Reducing potential conflicts before talking to anyone Talking telepathically while you’re having a verbal conversation Using telepathy or spirit to spirit communication in relationships Focusing your efforts to make a bigger impact Seeing opportunities to align with your bigger plans for impact Find a clear path forward for making the impact you desire Clearing unconscious patterns that sabotage your success Level 12: Global Awareness Using your spirit to broadcast your message to the world Price $349 - This closes on 22/06/18
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    Transforming Your Self NLP Model Video Course . (Transforming Your Self is probably the best NLP Model ever created) NLP Legend, Steve Andreas, created this Self-Concept Model many years ago. . But unfortunately, now he is retired. Damon C. learned it from Steve Andreas. Damon is Steve's student. And now he is teaching this Transformative Model online. Product Information Video Presentation $347 + GI Fees
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    I am new to this forum and interested in the below GB How to access that? I am getting "you do not have permission to access this page" message! Please help!
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    Hey GI buddies! Is this a new program or a rebranded old program from Igor? Private Page: Special Limited Time Offer For Hypnosis Training Academy Subscribers Only Advanced ‘MBL' Program Shows You... "How To Get FASTER Results From Mind Bending Language ... By Saying Less..." In these rare, “Guerrilla Videos" I detail below you'll be able to "sit in" on an exclusive mentoring program (held just for my licensed trainers) and see -- through my interactive point-by-point coaching and feedback -- how to evolve from "doing mind bending language" to creating a series of profound rapid-fire unconscious shifts... Just By BEING With Someone In A Mind Bending Way... Read on to discover the unusual story behind this web page and the 'MBL' advanced program you have been pre-qualified to receive, called: "Advanced Mind-Bending Language Hypnotherapy": From: Igor Ledochowski Dear Reader, If part of you is suspicious mind bending language is not working as well for you as it could -- you may be right. And if that is the case, I want to reassure you... It's Not Entirely Your Fault See fact is: Mind bending language IS the most powerful covert conversational hypnosis "technology" that exists. When used right (and introduced into your conversation in the right context) it can unlace the "mental bindings" from someone's unconscious mind in a matter of minutes. Doesn't really matter what the issue being "worked" on is, either. Nor does it matter that the issue has been a "thorn in the side" of someone's life for 20-years or more. Mind bending language is the BEST covert "psychological and emotional thorn remover" there is for conversational-type hypnosis. I've Seen Proof Of That Too Many Times. Take for example the lady who couldn't even think about snakes without feeling like she was going to pass out. It was an issue that had plagued here for most of her life. Within 20-minutes of a session where mind bending language was used she couldn't understand how she had ever felt any fear or phobia around snakes. She even went out to a zoo and held a snake for the first time in her life. Then there was the man who was all jumbled up over work issues. He was extremely good at his work. But at the same time felt it was not fulfilling all his needs. Again after a few minutes of mind bending language he felt like a "new man" who had suddenly got clarity and zest for his work again. In other words: Mind Bending Language Really Is All It's Cracked Up To Be! That's why I applaud you for studying it. And I want to reassure you all the mind bending language training you've taken so far has been a very necessary part of your learning journey. More and more though, I've realized it's very hard to fully transfer the skill of using mind bending language NATURALLY and INSTINCTIVELY via traditional style teaching. My licensed trainer's first made me aware of that. See, all my licensed trainer's have received the very best of my training, have attended ongoing multiple teaching events I've put on, and understand all the mechanics of using mind bending language better than most. And yet: When they have attempted to use mind bending language in real life situations -- they have still, at times, found it difficult to use it in a fluid, natural-sounding way. As such, they have reported to me that using mind bending language... Sometimes Feels Clunky And Clumsy And, as you can imagine, that has tripped them up on occasions. Maybe you've experienced the same kind of thing. And know exactly what I'm talking about. Or, if (like a few of my licensed trainers) you feel you've fully mastered smoothly integrating mind bending language into a normal-sounding conversation (so it doesn't feel clunky or clumsy), you might have run into the other problem that has been reported to me, which is... Not Always Knowing How To Lead The Conversation In The Right Direction When It Gets Off Track Or There's A "Dead Spot" In The Interaction So, based on that feedback from my licensed trainers I did something about it. What happened is this: I recently held a private (and very exclusive) 3-day mentoring program in Dublin, Ireland. That mentoring program was not in the format of a traditional from-the-stage type seminar. It was more like a very intimate "fire-side" gathering -- with a heavy emphasis on role-playing and interactive coaching of mind bending language (MBL). I mention that because it’s highly doubtful you will have heard anything about that Dublin mentoring program. That’s because it was never promoted. It Was By Strict Invite Only Under a dozen people who had paid $10,000 to take my Licensed Trainer’s Training Program (and subsequently passed a rigorous certification exam) were invited. The important point for now though is this: The entire “theme” of the 3-day mentoring program was on how to instinctively use MBL… So It NEVER Feels Clunky Or Clumsy Over and above that: It showed the attendees (through interactive point-by-point coaching and feedback) how to evolve from doing MBL to… Simply BEING With Someone In A Mind Bending Way So, whatever is spoken (or not spoken!), the subject experiences fast and profound mind bending moments that completely reconfigure their conscious thinking AND unconscious responses to the issue being “worked” on. Altogether, I SHOWED attendees (through "hypnotherapy sessions" and individual coaching) how to take the emphasis off the what to say and, instead, put the main emphasis on simply BEING with someone in a mind bending way. That resulted in my licensed trainers finally "getting" MBL at its DEEPER more intuitive level. And because of that they started reporting to me that... all of a sudden... they felt the pressure taken off of them and the entire MBL thing became... Second Nature To Them! There are 2 other points you should know about that invite-only mentoring program (before I tell you how to get all the benefits out of it for yourself): POINT #1: I never hired a camera man to film the 3-day mentoring program. That was intentional. I only captured the audio recording of the mentoring program for my own benefit as well as to share out among the licensed trainers who had been invited to attend the event. But then point number 2 happened… POINT #2: On the first day of the 3-day event (before things got underway) two attendees told me they had their own personal video camera recording devices and asked me if they were allowed to capture video footage of the coaching and training for their own use. I couldn’t see why not. So I gave them both my permission. And that’s how two very dedicated attendees happened to capture video footage of the entire 3-day mentoring program on how to instinctively and naturally create mind bending moments in any personal interaction you have. Then what? Well, since I had my professionally recorded audio content of the event and now the video footage captured by my “video voyeurs” I decided to pay a professional video/audio technician to “sync” the audio recording with the best of the video footage. As you can imagine, it took the technician a lot of work and a lot of technical wizardry. But when I saw the results (the audio synced with the video) I instantly knew that… It Would Be Cruel To Keep The Videos Of This Exclusive Program From Someone (Like You) Already Familiar With Mind Bending Language Not so much because of what was taught. It's more a case of because of what was caught in action during the “hypnotherapy sessions” between attendees, along with the point-by-point coaching and feedback I delivered in real time as part of the mentoring. I’m going to tell you (in more detail) what was caught on those videos in just a second, so you can see if you want to go through them yourself. The bottom line though is this: The videos show anyone with a familiarity of mind bending language how to tap into a very relaxed and instinctive state that allows for your subject to experience a series of powerful (and cumulative) mind bending moments… Even If You Hardly Say A Word! It’s difficult to install that relaxed and instinctive state in someone through traditional from-the-stage type teaching -- you simply HAVE to see it in action before your eyes (that’s why I held the 3-day interactive mentoring program so the attendees could fully “get it” and experience it for themselves). That's not to say the mind bending language you’ve learnt up to this point is no good. Far from it. Like I said before, MBL is the most powerful conversational-hypnosis “technology” I know of. It’s just that... There's An Entirely NEW Level To Go To A level where you become naturally excellent at creating mind bending moments in other people – without even “doing” or saying anything in particular. Just like a person who is a natural at leading other people. Doesn’t matter what they say or what they don't say. They just “give off” an instinctive way of being that triggers an involuntary unconscious "following" response in others. The point? You need to watch the Videos that captured the advanced mind bending language mentoring program (held exclusively for my $10,000 licensed trainers) if you want to quickly become a NATURAL... At Creating RAPID & PREDICTABLE Mind Bending Moments In Anyone You Choose To Module Chapter Guide... Module 1: How to Create Spontaneous, Natural Mind Bending Language Introduction Coaching Session 1 Natural Style Hypnotic Intent Casual Communication Module 2: MBL Philosophy and Expanding Your Subject's Consciousness Knowledge Coaching Session 2 The MBL Philosophy Session 2 Continued Module 3: "Unconscious Moments" & Creating Powerful Healing Trances Slow Down To Speed Up! Session 2 Debrief Informal Coaching Sessions Module 4: Mining the Subconscious Mind for Answers Knowledge Debrief Coaching Session 3 Benediction Module 5: "Smart" Mind Bending Language & Using MBL Formulas in Public MBL Cards MBL Formulae In Public Coaching Session 4 How To Find Good MBLs Module 6: Taking the Pressure Off with Natural Covert Communication Session 4 Debrief Coaching Session 5 Session 5 Debrief Natural MBLs Module 7: Handling Resistance Demonstration: A Blend of Ericksonian Hypnosis & Mind Bending Language Coaching Session 6 Session 6 Debrief Non-Awareness Demonstration Session Debrief Module 8: The Power of the "Hypnotic Philosopher" Knowledge Debrief Coaching Session 7 Session 7 Debrief Knowledge Debrief Module 9: Blending Covert Mind Bending Language, Conversational Hypnosis & Ericksonian Hypnosis Knowledge Debrief Coaching Session 8 Session 8 Debrief Module 10: MBL Strategies & Non-Verbal Covert Communications Knowledge Debrief Strategy Coaching Module 11: A Classic Example of Executive Coaching, How to Hypnotically Develop Niche Skills & Conclusions Demonstration Developing Niche Skills Conclusions & Wrap Up To understand WHY -- here (in more detail) is what's been captured from this exclusive program: Module #1: How to Create Spontaneous, Natural Mind Bending Language This starts off with a live coaching session - where 2 students come up - one to be the hypnotist and the other the subject. I then provide point-by-point coaching and feedback as they go along to DEMONSTRATE how to make MBL authentically natural; rather than an exercise that relies on clunky "language patterns". You'll see how to make MBL as natural as the rest of your conversation (so you are completely covert). Module 1 ends with a philosophical discussion of the 3 stages of learning: mechanical (you don't know why it works, just what to do), principles based (where you figure out how it works) and finally intuitive (it all becomes easy and natural now). Module #2: MBL Philosophy and Expanding Your Subject's Consciousness In module 2 the focus is on the importance of "not trying so hard" and letting mind bending moments happen naturally. The coaching (captured in module 2) focuses on NOT trying to solve the client's problem - which leads to giving advice - and instead expanding your subject's point-of-view so that they find their own solutions. You'll see how in doing so MBL starts to have a strange and compelling logic (it evolves past the "random crazy stuff" that people usually throw out there!) Then there is a discussion about the general strategies we try to use in MBL - so that we can be confident that the subject will change without us having to force our advice on them! Module #3: "Unconscious Moments" And Creating Powerful Healing Trances Module 3 starts with a recap of the key principle of SLOWING DOWN and taking the pressure off so internal unconscious change in your subject emerges naturally. This module also focuses on the idea of spotting "Unconscious Moments" that are the best opportunities for a powerful healing trance. Then there's a great segment where I walk around the room and interrupt people mid exercise to coach them live in the moment. You can hear a bunch of these impromptu coaching sessions for your own insights. Module #4: Mining the Subconscious Mind for Answers Module 4 focuses on the main themes for the training: slow down, stop giving advice, stop trying to force the change, pay attention to Unconscious moments, etc. There is advice given on how you go from mechanical clumsiness to magical artistry. The coaching session then focuses on a relationship issue. One of the things you'll get from this module is how NOT to get sucked into the client's problem reality - and learning how to separate what their conscious mind THINKS is going on and what is really happening at an UNCONSCIOUS level. Very important! Module #5: "Smart" Mind Bending Language & Using MBL Formulas in Public In module 5 my MBL cards are used to stretch the students' range a bit. There is a Q&A segment on how to make my MBL Cards work in public, even though they are not particularly designed for that context. Then there's another live coaching session. Afterwards there is a LONG discussion on how to "get" the clever language patterns - you'll see Randy who is fixated on an unhelpful approach and how, using MBL, I slowly bring him around to seeing how to be more effective. NOTE: The Amateur Videos for this module are poor but the audio quality is very good. Module #6: Taking the Pressure Off with Natural Covert Communication The theme for module 6 is "less is more" - when to shut up, when to simplify your suggestions etc., to make the whole process of "working" with a subject more natural and easy. You'll see how by saying less, MBL actually becomes more natural, covert as well as effective. You'll also see how by adopting the mind set of NOT trying to resolve someone else's problem - your mind will stay open enough for you to spot the unconscious moments where the right MBL phrase will speed up and deepen the transformation process. Module #7: Handling Resistance Demonstration: A Blend of Ericksonian Hypnosis & Mind Bending Language Module 7 focuses on the power of strategic pausing - rather than rambling on and ruining good suggestions by moving ahead to quickly. By pausing (at strategic points) it gives your subject critical processing time. You'll also see how to clearly create a distinction between states (trance vs waking.) The bulk of the module, however, is me doing a demo with Randy on how to resolve resistance. Randy keeps trying to intellectualize the experience - and interferes with the hypnotic process as a result. However you'll see how (using a combination of Ericksonian hypnosis and MBL) I create a strong conscious / unconscious dissociation in Randy so that even though he doubts anything is happening - and keeps trying to interfere - he unconsciously resolves his issue of resistance to the concepts being taught. Module #8: The Power of the "Hypnotic Philosopher" Module 8 starts off with a general debrief and Q&A / discussion session where we address a lot of the stuff covered so far. The coaching session then challenges the hypnotist to have a "normal chat" while allowing unconscious moments to occur which can be captured and leveraged with MBL. I introduce the idea of a "hypnotic philosopher" -- someone who just has seemingly interesting chats with people about life that end up bending their minds so their whole perception around an idea changes. Module #9: Blending Covert Mind Bending Language, Conversational Hypnosis & Ericksonian Hypnosis Module 9 starts off with discussion about the unconscious mind and its true role in everyday life, hypnosis & therapy. Then the nuances of the "less is more" principle are covered and the important difference between doing LESS and doing NOTHING! The coaching session on this Module focuses on a weightless session and blends conversational MBL with conversational hypnosis. It seems like an "earnest discussion" is going on, but the subject keeps falling into trance. The module concludes with a classic Ericksonian trance - thereby showing the "3 ranges" of trance: covert MBL, covert hypnosis & Ericksonian hypnosis. Module #10: MBL Strategies & Non-Verbal Covert Communications In module 10 the all-important strategy behind using MBL and hypnosis in general is covered. By being aware of the overall strategy you won't get stuck at the level of techniques (and overwhelmed by the 1000s of techniques that are out there!) The coaching session on this module focuses on unconscious communication - especially looking at the non-verbal. Module #11: A Classic Example of Executive Coaching, How to Hypnotically Develop Niche Skills & Conclusions The coaching session on module 11 is with a student who "flip-flops" between being on track and falling off track again. You'll see how I give feedback to the student and help get him "back on track" when he misses an unconscious moment or tries too hard to change the subject. It's a classic example of how to "salvage" MBL when it seems like it's not going anywhere with the subject. The coaching session is also a classic example of executive coaching (the way I used to work with my executive clients). You'll see how minimal advice is offered as a solution and, instead, how to unlock your subjects unconscious mind so they tap into their own resources for the best solution for themselves. Then there is a short session where there's a discussion on how to use MBL in any training, coaching, teaching environment (outside traditional or therapeutic hypnotherapy) and get better results from all the people you work with. EXTRA BONUS: Full Transcripts Of All 11 Modules I've also had the entire program professionally transcribed for you in a searchable PDF so you can 'zero in' on any particular section. I like to read written materials on my ipad or kindle. And I also like to print out the sections I want to actively practice on paper. If you're like me, having access to written transcripts is an invaluable part of the learning process! All In All: These "Guerrilla Videos" will SHOW you (through demonstration) that when you stop talking so much and simply BE with someone in a mind bending way -- you are able to have a much more authentic hypnotic interaction with the people you come into contact with. It's hard to explain exactly -- but other people will "open up" their unconscious when you are with them in a mind bending way. And because you no longer have to speak a lot nor try and come up with any particular kind of solution -- the person you are interacting with will have the "space" and "processing time" to allow their own unconscious to give them new ideas and new ways of resolving their own issues. Sometimes they will even dismantle their whole issue just because of the way you have been able to create mind bending moments while in their presence. And that's when other people will suddenly start thinking you must be some kind of genius. Like I said, it's hard to explain exactly. Which is why you need to go through this training to see real time examples (and point-by-point coaching) on what I'm talking about. And that's when you'll "get" what I'm talking about - because you'll discover for yourself that... These “Guerrilla Videos" Will Take The Lid Off Your Skills And Turn You Into An MBL Pro, For Good And remember: You can use MBL in a role (outside traditional hypnosis or therapeutic hypnotherapy) and put yourself head-and-shoulders above your competition. In fact, if you are (or ever want to be) involved in coaching, teaching or getting the best out of other people in some way – you can use what you’ll learn on the “Guerrilla Videos" just mentioned… To Quietly Unlock The FULL Unconscious & Conscious Potential Of The People You Are Working With That’s exactly what my clients in the firing range business do with each new student. They literally take someone who has never held a gun before and, by creating a series of innocuous mind bending moments, they are able to get a first-time firearm student… To Hit The Center Of The Target Multiple Times And do so all within 10 minutes of first picking up a gun. That’s impressive (although not too surprising to me). And it gives you a good idea of the power of mind bending "language" as demonstrated and coached in the modules that make up my advanced program called: As you've now seen, mind bending language or, perhaps more correctly, creating mind bending moments has many advantages and uses beyond hypnotherapy or therapy-type work (the firearms client proves that beyond doubt). You can use it with employees. You can use it with colleagues. You can use it with a sports team. You can use it in any kind of teaching situation. In fact, the options for using MBL outside hypnotherapy are virtually endless. Having said that, because of the advanced nature of the material captured on the new program… Not Just Anyone Should Get Access To "Advanced Mind Bending Language Hypnotherapy" That’s because only people who have already received some form of training on MBL through any one (or more) of my programs that teach MBL should get this program. (If you are a complete “MBL Newbie” you should also invest in my Mind-Bending Language Card Decks”) Here’s the thing though: Although the audio on all the videos is of excellent sound quality, the video footage itself is a bit “ropey” in places. Mostly on the modules that captured day 2 of the mentoring program (Module 5’s video is poor). All the videos are definitely watchable – they’re just not to our usual high quality standard because the video footage came from a couple of attendees' amateur video recording skills, remember. For that reason… I’m NOT Pricing This Program At The $997 I’d Normally Charge For Material This Advanced And Exclusive In fact: Because the video quality doesn’t meet my normal training presentation standard I’m not even going to price it at $498.50 (which would be HALF OFF $997). Instead, while this limited offer lasts, you can get this exclusive advanced program for the much lower investment of just 3 simple installments of only $97. You are, of course, also fully covered by our…
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    06-19-2018, 04:33 PM It's time to share your message and... Scale Your Online Business By Building A Personal Brand That Makes A Global Impact! Enroll in the most valuable personal branding program on the market. Gain instant access to over 20 video trainings covering everything from the fundamentals of personal branding to the power of attraction marketing, so you can create a magnetizing brand that makes a real impact and scales your business to 6 figures and beyond. Enrollment Is Currently Closed. Join The Waitlist Today For Exclusive Bonuses! "I haven't even finished the course... But in that first week taking action, doing things like Lauren said, I ended up making $4,300 and being able to sign up 2 people that I can really make a difference in their lives." Wes Ferrell I've Spent 4 Years Refining My Strategies What you're about to learn wasn't created overnight, and who you're about to learn from was NOT an "overnight success" (newsflash: those don't exist!!) This program is the result of hundreds of hours of real education, experimentation, mistakes, wasted time, money, and energy - after running my first successful offline business 4 years ago and my current online business I have today. I created this program for you so you don't have to waste any time building your brand (like I did). If you're here that means you've held a vision, watched others succeed, and you're ready to experience it for yourself. I know you are, because I was too... And that's why I created Magnetic Branding Secrets - to show you that it's so, SO possible to build a personal brand that grows your impact & income faster than you could ever imagine. Because as you know... the more people you impact, the more your income grows. And since I take your success as seriously as mine, I made sure that when you step into this program, you step into my family. Not only will you gain access to all of the current and future content of this program, but you'll gain instant lifetime access to a private VIP support group with me and over 110+ other impact-driven entrepreneurs just like you, so you'll never feel alone in your journey. I'm here for you every step of the way, starting now. - Lauren Ready To Build Your Magnetic Personal Brand And Explode Your Online Business? JOIN THE WAITLIST TODAY FOR EXCLUSIVE BONUSES! (Enrollment is currently closed and reopens on June 26) Yes! I Need This - Put Me On The Waitlist Please!! Before I tell you more about Magnetic Branding Secrets, let me ask you a few questions: Are you struggling to communicate your value and make more clients say YES? Do you feel like you're constantly chasing clients or worrying about when the next sale is coming through? Are you having conversation after conversation with leads only to have them disappear like ghosts, give you objection after objection, or a big fat "no"? Have you felt just plain stuck in your business for awhile now - wanting to completely switch tracks and try something new? Do you have a powerful message to share? Are you struggling to grow and/or monetize your audience? Does it feel hard to outshine your competition, because it feels like there's a million other people selling the same thing as you? Are you tired of posting online only to feel like you blend in with the herd? (instead of hearing "how do I work with you?!" you hear *crickets*) Do you want to raise your rates, get paid well to do what you love, and/or live life on your own terms by being your own boss? Do you secretly know confidence is what's holding you back? If you answered yes to 1 (or all!) of these questions then I have something exciting for you!And I want you to know that I've been there too. Let Me Tell You A Quick Story: I remember it like it was yesterday... I woke up in a panic to find that I'd overslept my alarm, and scrambled out of bed to grab a granola bar before heading out to my dreaded 9-5 position at a retail company whose brand I did NOT align with. They treated their customers and staff (me) horribly, and I was only there because I needed the money, aaand I was in a foreign country with $1,500 to my name. 2 years prior, after running my first successful offline business, I'd left my hometown of 600 people and moved to New York City all in the name of finding my purpose. I was a dreamer, a visionary, and never for one second believed in doing something I didn't love. I guess you could say I'm not your average Joe... because I believe everyone has the power to live life on their own terms. And I believe entrepreneurship is the way to do so. With 2 suitcases in hand and a heart yearning for adventure, I landed in New York ready to try something new and get back on track to becoming my own boss. ...But life had other plans for me. After posting a single photo to Instagram, I was scouted by a modeling agency and thrown into a world all new. A world where I started getting told what to eat, when to smile, and how to look (talk about not living on your own terms). 6 months later after listening to my heart, I said goodbye to that life and booked a one-way ticket to Australia, determined to find my real purpose and get back to my entrepreneurial roots. Applying what I'd learned from my offline business, I launched my first online business a few months later - a social media marketing agency & a travel blog on the side. I did what I thought was right... I created a logo, spent dozens of hours on a website, posted Instagram-worthy pictures on social media every day, only to find myself months later with 1 single client and a sad looking bank account. Frustrated at myself for not succeeding as fast as I wanted to, I told myself it was the offer that was wrong, so I went back to the drawing board and started from scratch. I'd always had a knack for writing, so I figured I'd offer copywriting services to help small businesses get more leads and sales. Again, I did exactly what I'd done months prior - spending 12 hours straight changing my website, creating a new logo, and doing what I'd learned was the "best way to get clients". Yet... it still wasn't working. And I was beyond frustrated at myself for taking SO long to be able to say I "made it" as an entrepreneur. Everyone else's businesses were seemingly blowing up overnight (so why wasn't it happening for me?!) Ugh. Then, just as I was about to change tracks again, I got a voice message on Facebook from my 22 year old best friend back in the USA that left me numb to the core. "The surgery didn't work, the tumors are growing again, I'm being put into hospice"... Silence. I sat in the corner of my room and had my first ever panic attack. I'd never lost someone I loved, nor did I know how to prepare to do so, and I did the only thing that made sense at the time - I booked a one-way ticket back to the USA and left the next morning to go be with her. All business ventures paused, I sat next to her for 30 days straight before running so low on money that I had no choice but to fly back to Australia to my 9-5 job. 4 months later, 3 days before my 22nd birthday, she passed away. I could sit here and try to explain the devastation, anger, and emptiness I felt after losing her, but you'd be here all day. So I'll spare you the time and give you the short version instead. I simply isolated myself from the world for 3 months while trying to cope with her loss, and one day I while I was feeling the best I'd felt in a long time, I opened my laptop and started writing my story. Then, I pressed "post" and shared it on social media... and that's when everything changed. 6 months later I'd built a loyal audience, a name for myself, a brand people wanted to be part of, and a coaching business that grew to 6 figures within 8 months. I dedicate the impact I've made today, the business I've built, and the contents of this program to my friend. Without her, and without me deciding to share my story online for the first time, I wouldn't be able to say that I own a business that allows me to live on my own terms... And I wouldn't have created this program to help you do the same. ELCOME TO MAGNETIC BRANDING SECRETS! Now before you read on, you need to know that this isn't another "Do what I did and you'll get results" course. It's neither a guru blueprint or a cookie-cutter course (both of which you've probably invested in before only to find yourself in the same place you started). What you're about to learn is proven methods behind personal branding and attraction marketing - but I'm about to show you how to use them in ways that apply to YOU and YOUR unique business. No cookie-cutter solutions, because those don't work. The proven tools in this program will show you how you can be your authentic self 100% of the time, do things in ways that feel good to YOU, and grow your online business at the same time. You also need to know that this isn't just another course where you get zero support. After investing in several courses myself, I realized one of the biggest reasons students fail at getting results is because they have no safe space to get help or ask questions. That's why I made sure Magnetic Branding Secrets was different. As an business owner and coach, I know making changes and stepping out of your comfort zone can feel scary at times, so I made sure Magnetic Branding Secrets students get unparalleled support through their entire journey in a VIP student support group. I also realized that most experts don't teach what they're actually doing - but instead create some mediocre, fluffy content and keep their real secrets hidden behind closed doors. Not in this course! As a student of Magnetic Branding Secrets you'll gain access to all of my best-kept personal branding secrets, proven attraction marketing methods, over 20+ video lessons with actionable steps to follow, and a private support group where you'll get unconditional support from me and over 110+ other entrepreneurs on a similar journey to you so you'll always have a safe space to ask questions and get answers. Here's what you get when you enroll today. 20+ VIDEOS $2,000 Value Learn everything from the fundamentals of personal branding to the power of attraction marketing, so you can attract quality clients and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond. PRIVATE FB GROUP $2,000 Value Get your questions answered fast, at any time of day, and network with other impact-driven entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you. WEEKLY LIVESTREAMS $1,000 Value Hop on live brand audits & business Q+A's with me every week to help you stay on track and get consistent results! INSIDE THE PROGRAM:Take A Sneak Peak At What's Inside! Module 1 Your Magnetic Brand Foundation: All About You How To Define Your Why: so you can instantly stand out from the crowd. How To Define Your USP: (your unique selling proposition) so your ideal clients and customers choose you over your competitors every time. How To Define Your Strengths vs Weaknesses: so you be a smart entrepreneur who scales your strengths and delegates your weaknesses. How To Define Your Brand as a Person: so you can understand exactly what your brand is, what it stands for, and how to convey your value to potential clients. How To Define Your Current Brand vs Your Future Brand: so you can have a clear understanding of how your brand is currently positioned, and what you need to do in order to transform into the brand you want to become. Module 2 You Magnetic Brand Foundation: Your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) How To Define Your ICA as a Person: so you can understand and relate to them on a deep, personal level. How To Define Your ICA as a Consumer: so you can understand their deepest desires, pains, problems and make sure your marketing positions you and your offers as the no-brainer solution to their problem. How To Prevent Your ICA's Objections: so you can sell more of your offers with ease and attract excited clients who can't wait to pay you. Module 3 Your Magnetic Brand Revealed How To Attract Your ICA With Ease: so you can learn how to consistently make your ICA's come to you ready to buy, instead of you chasing them/always prospecting. How To Define Your Brand Mission: so you can build a loyal audience and attract clients who share your vision. How To Create And Write A Magnetic Brand Story: so you can instantly stand out from the crowd, position yourself as a celebrity in your niche, and attract your ICA on autopilot. How To Be Simply Irresistible And Unforgettable: so you can build a loyal audience of raving fans who love you and buy from you over and over again. Module 4 Selling Like A Boss How To Sell Without Being Salesy: so you can confidently serve more people and grow your online business the authentic, genuine way. How To Find Out Exactly What Your ICA Wants From You: so you have a simple, proven method to use to find out exactly what products and services your ICA wants to buy from you at any time. How To Create, Launch, And Sell An Offer Without Using Paid Ads: so you can stop delaying your next launch or relaunch - and sell more of your life-changing offers without all the fancy bells and whistles. How To Generate Leads On Autopilot Using The Magnetic Profile Formula: so you can optimize your Facebook profile to attract consistent clients and customers on autopilot. Wes Ferrell:Student Of Magnetic Branding Secrets "It was easy for me to go out and build an online business that revolved around products and services but I had never gone into the coaching realm. I was really starting to struggle in this new path I wanted to take. Luckily for me Lauren revealed her Magnetic Branding Secrets course." "But I did what every unsuccessful entrepreneur does and I put the course on the shelf. I was doing the same thing I was... and that was proving to be unsuccessful." "I thought I keep seeing success stories inside the group, I'm going to dive back in... I kid you not, the stuff that Lauren paces out for you, it is where that if you take action, like Lauren says, things are going to change drastically for you." "I haven't even finished the course... But in that first week taking action, doing things like Lauren said, I ended up making $4300and being able to sign up 2 people that I can really make a difference in their lives so now I can feel a lot more fulfilled." "This course is worth it's weight in gold... You won't even need to get all the way through before you can make a big difference." Plus... Lifetime Access To A Private Support Group $2,000 Value I take your success as seriously as mine, so I made sure that when you step into my program, you step into my family. Not only will you gain access to all of the current and future modules of the program, but you'll gain instant lifetime access to a private VIP support group with me and over 110+ other impact-driven entrepreneurs just like you, so you will have a safe space to ask questions, get answers, and never feel alone in your journey. This is one of the most supportive programs you will ever become apart of, and I intentionally designed it that way because I know most courses out there throw you under the bus as soon as you get in. That doesn't happen here! Weekly Strategy Sessions With Me $1,000 Value On Saturdays we do business Q&A's. On Fridays we wear pink... and do brand audits. (okay - I'm kidding about that first part, but not the second). ;) As a student of Magnetic Branding Secrets, you'll have your chance to get your social media profiles audited by me 100% free, so I can help you make sure your brand is optimized to attract quality clients and customers who are ready to pay you. 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If you join the waitlist today and purchase Magnetic Branding Secrets when it reopens on June 26th, you'll gain instant access to an exclusive never-before-seen free training on how you can create your own profitable course to add a stream of passive income to your business, even if you've never created a course before or you don't have an idea yet. I'll personally be showing you the easy step-by-step process I used to bring Magnetic Branding Secrets to life, starting from idea phase to content creation phase. I'll also be taking you behind closed doors to show you the no-headache launch strategy behind how I was able to bring in over $10k in sales from the first month of the course being open, and how you can do it aaaall for yourself. GET IT ALLWhen You Join The Waitlist Today And Hop In Magnetic Branding Secrets When It Reopens To The Public On June 26! YESS I Need This! Put Me On The Waitlist Please!! 04 When the countdown expires the waitlist closes, and the exclusive course-creation bonus disappears. Still Not Sure If Magnetic Branding Secrets Is For You? Let Me Make Sure We're On The Same Page. This Course Is NOT For You If... You're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme You're expecting results to happen without putting in the work and applying what you learn You don't believe you're capable of making an impact and getting paid well to do what you love You don't want more eyeballs on you and your offers You're comfortable with where you're at in your online business You don't want to scale to $10k/months or your first 6-figure year You're planning to put this course on the shelf and complain in six months about still not hitting your goals You want another cookie-cutter guru blueprint that says "Do exactly what I did and you'll get results" This Course IS For You If... You've yet to hit 6 figures in your business or your first five-figure month You're a coach, consultant, service provider, or product creator/seller (network marketers included) You've taken other courses or hired coaches who tried to teach you their "blueprint" or some cookie cutter method that worked for them - only to see no results. (newsflash: blueprints don't work, and that's why this course isn't one!) Attracting the right customers and clients feels next to the hardest-thing-ever (and it feels like every potential client you talk to has some kind of objection...ugh) You want to learn real, proven methods behind building a brand that lasts for years to come You're struggling with finding confidence in your voice, your offer, your value, or your pitch You already have an online product or service that you want to sell (a lot) more of You (secretly) want to be charging more for what you do You want to grow your online business while being your authentic self 100% of the time (you're sooo over being told you have to follow some guru strategy in order to see success) You're struggling with understanding and defining your ICA You want to grow an audience that loves you and buys from you Bottom line: if you take action and implement what I teach inside this program, you will get results! But Don't Just Take My Word For It...Check Out The Results My Students Are Getting! Hillary Robert Cody Griffin Annabelle Beckwith And Here's What They Think Of My Teaching Style... Ready To Build Your Magnetic Personal Brand And Explode Your Online Business?JOIN THE WAITLIST TODAY: And get access to the exclusive waitlist-only bonus training on how to build your own signature course to add a stream of passive income to your business. 04 YES, I NEED THIS! PUT ME ON THE WAITLIST! What you get as a student of Magnetic Branding Secrets: Unlimited Lifetime Access To 4 Modules with 20+ Video Trainings covering everything from the fundamentals of personal branding to the power of attraction marketing, so you can create a magnetizing brand that attracts quality customers and clients and scales your business to 6 figures and beyond. ($1,997 Value) Access To Bonus Training And All Future Modules Added (Lauren adds new modules regularly) ($997 value) Access to the Private VIP Support Group so you can get unlimited lifetime support throughout your entire journey, get your questions answered at any time, and get help from myself and previous students that have gotten results. ($2000 Value) BONUS #1: The Magnetic Marketing Content Playbook so you can learn how to create content that engages, attracts, and sells. The most straightforward guide on successful content creation you'll ever read. ($500 Value) BONUS #2: Facebook Live Hacks For Authority And Sales so you can learn how to use FB lives to sell out your offers, build your authority, and gain real trust with your current audience even if you've never gone live before. ($500 Value) BONUS #3: Sales Call Mastery so you can learn how to get more "yes's" from potential clients and never worry about getting ghosted again. If you use sales calls/discovery calls/strategy calls as part of your sales process - this will be GOLDEN for you. ($497 Value) EXCLUSIVE WAITLIST-ONLY BONUS #4: Profitable Course Creation Workshop so you can learn how to create your own profitable course to add a stream of passive income to your business, even if you've never created a course before or you don't have an idea yet. ($997 Value) Total Value: $7,488 You Pay: $497 when the program reopens to the public on June 26th. Join the waitlist now! "I could've spent months trying to figure this out by myself. I now have crystal clarity. You follow Lauren's instructions and stuff starts to happen, it really is that straight-forward." This launches June 26 in a few days. Price at that point
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    Hi guys, This is jason fladliens complete webinar system training that was filmed at joe polish's event. THe man has done over $100 million in sales via webinar and is the go-to guy for webinars according to russell brunson and many others. < sales webinar <sales page/order form Please lets get this amazing course! Thanks!
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    grzyman12 started a thread [Introduction] Regards from poland in Introductions
    Hello, I've been on FeedUrBrain for a long time, but it's my first day at GI . I live in the Poland.. I enjoy reading, collecting books, traveling,copywriting, chinese cuisine . I'm 22 years old. I m college student, that is making money by copywriting on the side.Im'm studing chemical engineering , I'm trying to learn sa much as I can while climbing up the suces ladder., I've worked in physical labor, and sales as well, . My main desire in life is to acquire knowledge, to make my live more collorful and, gain financial freedom. I didnt hit my succes yet, but i'm always open to share my knowledge regarding copywriting, other fields are things im still learning. I look forward to participating more in Group Insiders !
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    Sales page: Price: $899 Story: He started trading when he was only 22 years old. By combining the methods of others and learning from their mistakes he established his own strategy very early on. Thanks to this strategy and his exceptional dedication he was able to turn $27.000 into $1.3 Million in just one short year. Visit his website for testimonials and reviews:
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    Product Information / Sales Page(s): OVERVIEW OF THE PRODUCT MICROSOFT, WEWORK AND OTHER BIG COMPANIES LEARN FROM THIS COURSE Product Information Details The product consists of Digital Marketing Courses, detailed below: - Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing - Email Marketing - Paid Advertising - Sales Funnels - Google Analytics - Search Engine Optimization 2 - SOP ( Standart Operating Procedures) Library : They have a membership Library of Standart Operating Procedures (step by step procedures to execute high quality digital marketing tasks) Sales page Digital Marketing Courses SOP Library WHY JOIN THIS GB? Hello, everyone! I own a Digital Marketing Agency, and for the past two weeks i have been researching the best courses related to Digital Marketing to train my employees. One of them, that caught my attention, is Why? 1 - Big companies are learning from them: Microsoft, grammarly, wework, etc. 2 - All the courses are backed up with Teachers that work in big companies. This makes extremely likely that we will learn the same techniques that this companies are using. Example: SEO, Email Marketing and social media courses from Managers and above of AIRBNB. 3 - SOP Library Standart Operating Procedure) - It's a step by step process to follow and apply Marketing Digital Strategies. After analysing a substancial number of courses, and considering the points that i explained in the previously lines, i have judged this course as one of the best. So, i am really interested in buying it. Product price: $997 (Courses) + $97 (1 Month of access to SOP Library Files)= $1094 Suggested Seat Price: US$37 per seat Group Insider Group Buy Rules & FAQ The GB Process From Start To Finish : Group Insiders Group Buy Complete FAQ Topics : read all sticky, pinned topics and replies and noted info boxes] GB Rules Reminder Post & Resulting Outcomes if violated :!!-Read-this-after-purchasing-your-first-Group-Buy&p=17393&viewfull=1#post17393 IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS GB, PLEASE COPY THE LIST BELLOW ADDING YOUR NAME (RESPECTING THE FORMAT.) ========Please Include This Message & Everything Below it - Thank you======== List of Interested Members + (including respective GB pledges) Please try to keep the list formatting in order so that our members and staff don't have to keep editing it to correct, Before you post the reply to add your name to the interested list, you can preview the post and edit it after if something was not correct. Most important is to not miss any members from the ongoing list and copy the brackets like how the other members are posting. "I am committing to contribute to this Group Buy (GB) for purchase from the respective Author of this product" Format - GI Username + (AMOUNT) or (ANY) or (=<10% TOTAL COST) Committed Contributor's List: paulolpd ANY ... ... ... ... List Updated. Please DO NOT MISS ANY MEMBERS + INCLUDE TOP + BOTTOM BRACKETS WHEN COPYING ========Please Include This Message & Everything Above it - Thank you========
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    Philo108 started a thread [Introduction] Greatings from Switzerland in Introductions
    Thanks for this plattform and the service of connecting people with the interestes in learning and developing. For me it seems helpful to work together with other like minded people to archive goals and create a change in the world. I'm running my own company and started now to work on a project will enrichen my service for my fellowhumanbeeings for this I like to make some studies to develop my interest into strong skills. My contribution would be in form of a kind forum user and definitly a user that will order some seats to realise some interesting GB's Thanks for your attention and kind regards Philo108
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    Top training recommended by Ryan Deiss on becoming a paid speaker and getting paid gigs:
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    ryu-chan started a thread [Introduction] Dating coach from Down Under in Introductions
    Found this site through a product I was using... great embedded marketing! I'm a dating, sex & relationship coach from Australia, building a business online and offline and looking forward to multiplying my business this year. I would love to contribute by helping others understand the tools and shortcuts to building a business effectively and efficiently. I have an MBA from a top school, but got sick of corporate and am going it solo... In the past year I've been focused on mastering NLP and coaching models and am pretty competent in these areas. If you have questions, just ask :)
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    06-08-2018, 09:35 AM Learn How To Acquire More Customers & Scale Your Business From The Top Marketing Experts In The World! When you invest in Unicorn IQ Academy today you'll have access to a library of courses covering Facebook, AdWords, Instagram & LinkedIn, 90 minute live daily trainings with our expert mentors, a private group made up of 7-9 figure business leaders, 24/7 support, all future courses including SEO, Amazon & marketing automation & over $3,000 worth of bonuses. You've Discovered The Only Marketing Training Solution Specifically Designed To Help You Supercharge Your Customer Acquisition And Scale Your Business, Which Has Already Helped Thousands Of Business Leaders. The days of building a 7 figure plus business exclusively off of Facebook Ads are dead. Scaling to 7 figures and beyond now requires omnipresence. Put simply, you need to be active on multiple traffic channels and know how to play to each one's strengths. Luckily for you we created Unicorn IQ Academy, a hybrid training platform combining knowledge packed courses and daily live trainings with expert mentors, to help business leaders like yourself achieve explosive growth in 2018 and beyond. Are You A Business Leader With A Passion For Increasing Your Revenue And Acquiring More Customers? If You're Reading This Then We Are About To Make Some Positive Assumptions. Chances Are... You have a GREAT product! You have EXISTING customers! You want to GROW quickly! AND you understand you need to scale and diversify your traffic strategies... But You're Stuck, Which Is Okay Because We Are Going To Help You Get Unstuck! You Just Discovered A Solution To Help You Eliminate The Need To Choose Between Hiring A Costly Team Or Doing It All Yourself... 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We pride ourselves in taking a personal stake in the success of all our students. From the daily live trainings to the private group, you have a direct line to us and our mentors. Introducing The Netflix of Digital Marketing Training Before reading any further take a second and imagine something... Imagine what your business and life would be like if you had a team of marketing experts on call to personally answer your questions, share their best strategies and review all of your marketing campaigns. What would this mean for your: Facebook Ads Google Ads Revenue Growth Overall Business Growth We can't answer that for you, but we can tell you what it means for our existing students. It has been game-changing for both their business and personal life. Unicorn IQ Academy gives business leaders, like yourself, the tools, resources and community support to achieve and maintain explosive growth. 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AdWords IQ Academy - $1997 Value Over 13 hours of video training teaching you how to create and scale profitable AdWord campaigns. Instagram IQ Academy - $1997 Value Over 40 video lessons that teach you how to explosively grow your Instagram following. LinkedIn IQ Academy - $1997 Value Over 90 video lessons that cover building an online community, person brand and growing your business with LinkedIn. 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Our shared email workflow will provide you with the ability to customize each email to your specific audience and start selling through email again... Profitably! Gain Instant Access To Unicorn IQ Academy $297/month PLUS Access To Weekly Trainings To Propel, You, Your Team, and Ultimately Your Business Forward!
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    lilu27 started a thread [Introduction] Hi from Spain in Introductions
    I found GI while searching for a course and a whole new world opened up. I am addicted to courses but many are too expensive to invest in on my own, so to say I was happy to find this place is an understatement. I've also had a look around FUB and curious about other sites like OnlineSelfEducation but most seem to be invite only. I am a psychologist currently working in organizational development but looking to start my own business. I feel I have so much to learn that sometimes it gets overwhelming, but I'm doing my best! Being a lifetime learner is the only way. In my spare time I try to read everything I can on psychology, self-development and business. Also a big fan of wine and food in general. Happy to meet you all and hope I can be of value to the community!
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    graeterslover started a thread [Introduction] Hello and Introduction from Ohio in Introductions
    Hello, I've been on FeedUrBrain for a couple of years but this is only my second day on GI. I live in the American MidWest, in Ohio, but am originally from the East Coast. I enjoy reading, collecting books, collecting swords and blades, and travel. My favorite places to travel are North Africa, Britain, and France and Spain, but I like seeing many places in the world and getting to know new people. I do IT tech work now but in the past have managed and owned a couple of businesses, I've worked in importing and product distribution, retail sales and even restaurants. My main desire in life is to acquire knowledge, to constantly learn new things and expand my mental horizons. My job is stable, but in today's world you have to be agile in order to protect yourself and your family from financial catastrophes. Learning more about online entrepreneurship will help me find resources for for my wife's hospital and health needs, build a small house for us here in Ohio, and repair her family's house in her home country, and be able to travel more, and most importantly help people in my community. I have many friends who have hit rough times in this economy and if I'm able to develop a successful online business I feel that I can be an asset for my entire community. Those are my main motivations for seeking information here. I look forward to participating more in Group Insiders !
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    06-13-2018, 01:58 PM
    Can you do a GB for this course? This is different and off the beaten track than the normal GB's. It is not publicly available. I became aware of this course through following Alex on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @Alex__Antoniou. I have contacted him directly and he replied the following (sorry for long copy and paste): "Thank you for your interest in the theory of Eight . This is a very special seminar with a certain deadline. Twenty five years ago , i started experimenting with the Pythagorean Code, which is a hyper extension of the Pythagorean theorem. It consists of the 3 basic shapes Triangle, square and circle, but on a 3-dimensional form. In our case we have the Pyramid ( tetrahydron, ) the Cube ( hexahydron ) and the Sphere. Pythagoras , the Ancient Greek Philosopher built the Greek language on Math and Music and there's much more than we think. He had a method of accurately predicting the future in every form. To make the long story short, i managed to apply the Pythagorean Code in the Financial Markets and i got very rich. So rich that i am opening my own Investment Bank, which will be a Technology Bank ( one of the first five in the World ) We are almost ready in a couple of months in Germany. We will be based in Frankfurt. I developed a theory called " The theory of Eight” , which i analyze in this seminar to a very strict number of people that come ONLY through reference or contact me directly. The Theory of Eight has not been advertised publicly so far for the reasons i am soon explaining . It teaches you the following in 2 or 3 different sessions : Session 1 : How to calculate EXACTLY the future retracement of a swing from top to bottom and vice versa. This theory applies from the Daily chart down to the 1 min chart. Session 2: a) How to move from the previous theory that has to do with the circle to the square. In this theory we understand WHY every swing stops EXACTLY at a future top or bottom and again we are able to calculate exactly the next tops and bottoms. It focuses on degrees of the circle and how and when the circle is complete . When the circle is complete , the trend changes and we calculate again EXACTLY where it stops. b) Vibration : Vibration means the price level that every security “ flirts” most of the day. In other words you will be able to calculate the day’s vibration and thus point exactly the price level that it has to pass within the day. The Vibration applies to the Daily chart and it gives you a big picture of the day’s price level. Session 3 : The cherry on the pie is what we call “ Polarity”. The polarity is the most difficult thing to predict. It has to do with the candle polarity. It other words, we will apply the Theory of Eight to accurately predict whether the daily candle will be bullish or bearish !!! This theory applies to every chart down to the 1 min ! At the end of each session I give you assignments to predict where the future price level will be. This seminar is bound with an Non Disclosure Agreement , This is because investors have put 100's of millions and soon Billions and the damage of even mentioning its' name can be huge loss. Moreover , it's been intellectual Bank property since March 2018' . You may use this knowledge for your own privilege and nothing else. The Value of this 2 – 3 session seminar is 12.500 Euro. At the moment it is by far the most expensive trading seminar worldwide. The reason is that from my trading experience and the dozens of seminars i have attended in the past , there is nothing like The Theory of Eight. I made it so simple than even a five yr old can apply it. It is by far the best investment someone can make for himself! For some clients i can break the amount into 2 or 3 instalments 4500 euro+ 4.000 + 4.000 for their convenience. Everything is live on skype on " share screen" If you manage to come up with the amount to reserve your seat , i will send you the NDA. All the Best, Alex Antoniou"
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    ma90291 started a thread [Introduction] Hello from the Pacific Northwest in Introductions
    Hello everyone, According to my profile , I've been on FeedUrBrain since 2010.However, I haven't been that active. I just joined Group Insiders officially, just about an hour ago. I've also just purchased my 1st GB. I hope to participate more on GI. Years ago, during the 2008 recession I lost my job and decided to make a full time go of internet marketing. I had been "dabbling" up to that point. Crazy I know, but somehow it worked out. It took a while, but it worked out. There were some good times and some bad times. I learned a lot that allowed be me to build a stable business over time. It's really just about taking action. Small steps and improving over time. Over the last 10 years I've somehow made it from starting out with just the very basics of internet marketing, to being in & mentoring startups, to now developing and marketing products for a global company. I credit sites and communities like FeedUrBrain & now Group Insiders, for starting me on this path, keeping me educated and engaged with like minded peers. However, now that I've got a good thing going, it's time to stir the pot a bit and see what's in store for the next 10 years! I've had that independence and I need to scratch that itch again. If I've learned anything, is that you can't relay on the corporate job. You always have to have another income stream (or streams) going so that you have something to fall back on. With some hard work, you can be pretty sure it will grow into something. I look forward to participating in GI.
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    paid via paypal :)
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