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  1. If I may share something from my experience, it's good to be skeptic and not accept everything that's "thrown at you" (that's how some become fanatic acolytes without much of a reasoning foundation). The thing with lucid dreams involves a bit of a leap of faith and it's useful to have your mind a little bit open, which you already do, since you went for it.

    If I were to contribute to this "leap of faith", what I can say is that I have lucid dreams once every 2-3 months (keeping track of them) and they're totally worth it!! They started coming probably due to my meditation practice for the last 3 years or so, as during the meditation, sometime I have what some refer to as "hypnotic dreams".

    Other than that I wish you success !

  2. hmm… it seems I can't send you a PM albeit us being on each other's friends list (didn't receive a notification when you accepted that). Oh well … the rest of my posts up to 100 will come in time.

    Sorry for adding these to your "visitor messages" wall.

  3. Ozzy, I'm really sorry you're receiving this only now. I haven't reached 100 posts yet, so I had to add you as a friend to be able to send you a message. Here is the reply I prepared for you the day you asked me.

    Indeed, I was and still am interested in the course. What happened was that just before acquiring the course myself I realized it would interfere with something I'd already started doing (i.e. listening to certain subliminal tracks during night time). Also, due to the hectic program that was about to follow, I had a realization about not being able to keep up with the tasks (went for the introductory lesson and quantified the amount of time&effort - "no go" for that period). Ultimately I decided to delay the acquisition, expecting to start sometime in August.

    I like the guy and I believe he truly knows what he's teaching.

    Sorry for not being able to share any kind of progress.

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