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    Today, 06:00 PM
    Interested Members (FUB): Omnimuk; jlars; deaders; Beekster; bienvenue; ultimat1; lespaul97; Pipena; mowe73; joyscape; Interested Members (GI): curbsam; johng_gb asam donixs sendas Gafleflam jagar Mailme JuceboxMarketing FordPrefect coexist lnx knuds chris190 kmm2908 Aleks beals stripybee soph kedlaw colinio samjam TennisAnyone justice maxcentral CP1 Mexius jack100 boss4all sensor emmafrey dobiz odupitan aby Mike iangmc afterdelight ymk kayt61 asterix90 princeofprint AlexaS icke zendobi sharp1 Feedub_guy zipposmith Davide nmoubayed jendaceo ChrsitianSeidel23; smarteru; edge540; Lloydh6494; Phillygooner; chunkymonky; jkriznar; ams; shinalife warkat; vedher; thedloader; OrganicFriendz; Macharia; Exloduce; przemko110; Red515; eddietiong; gralex79; jake11; godheir; Jim11111;
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    Today, 02:36 PM
    Interested Members: debar (any) manifestor (any) aby ... ...
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    Today, 11:58 AM
    No one has been added yet. Not sure if this has been released (it might have been released and shared with us by the buyer. I'll have to check that. Sorry.) but I guess it's still too early for getting access. I'll drop an update within 48 hours here.
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    Today, 06:30 AM
    Sure . This is fine
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    Today, 02:26 AM
    Interested Members (GI): curbsam; johng_gb asam donixs sendas Gafleflam jagar Mailme JuceboxMarketing FordPrefect coexist lnx knuds chris190 kmm2908 Aleks beals stripybee soph kedlaw colinio samjam TennisAnyone justice maxcentral CP1 Mexius jack100 boss4all sensor emmafrey dobiz odupitan aby Mike iangmc afterdelight ymk kayt61 asterix90 princeofprint AlexaS icke zendobi sharp1 Feedub_guy zipposmith Davide nmoubayed jendaceo ChrsitianSeidel23; smarteru; edge540; Lloydh6494; Phillygooner; chunkymonky; jkriznar; ams; shinalife Interested Members (FUB): Omnimuk; jlars; deaders; Beekster; bienvenue; ultimat1
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    Yesterday, 07:04 PM
    We think we can do $40/seat. But how many people are willing to go up to $40? (I think the majority should as this field needs money to make money and $40 can actually be lost in a one simple mistake in a field requires a lot of mistakes and risks to make any progress.) Yet, can you guys confirm if you're good with $40? (As soon as we see some +ve responses, we will proceed.) Also, reply if you can't do $40. Thanks everyone.
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    Yesterday, 06:43 PM
    We're sorry for the delay in delivering this GB to late paid members. We're going to work on this GB in the coming 48hrs (along with other GBs). Please notify me if you haven't heard back from me within 24hrs from now. Regards
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    Yesterday, 11:26 AM
    curbsam; johng_gb asam donixs sendas Gafleflam jagar Mailme JuceboxMarketing FordPrefect coexist lnx knuds chris190 kmm2908 Aleks beals stripybee soph kedlaw colinio samjam TennisAnyone justice maxcentral CP1 Mexius jack100 boss4all sensor emmafrey dobiz odupitan; aby; Mike; iangmc; afterdelight; ymk;
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    03-22-2018, 07:13 PM
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    03-22-2018, 07:12 PM
    interested please send details
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    03-22-2018, 07:01 PM
    paid via paypal and form submitted
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    03-22-2018, 06:51 PM
    paid via paypal and for submitted
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    03-21-2018, 10:04 PM
    Interested Members: debrat (any) ... ... ...
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    03-21-2018, 10:01 PM
    From Visionary Speaker & America’s #1 Most Sought After MBA Lecturer Comes A New Quest For Personal Mastery Discover A Breakthrough Method To Dissolve Toxic Thoughts And Engineer Outstanding Levels Of Happiness… In 45 Days Or Less A Transformational Class Once Only Available To MBA Students At Columbia Business School, London Business School and UC Berkeley- With A Highly Restrictive Application-Only Admission And a Long Wait List To Get In- Now Comes To Mindvalley Academy. This quest is for everyone who wants to experience unheard of levels of abundance, significance and happiness, while having the practical wisdom to weather any adversity they face along the way. What if there was a way to make yourself so resilient to adversity that you could sail through storms that would sink most ships? What if you could apply the practical wisdom of ancient masters- stripped from all cultural and religious connotations- to ride out these these mighty waves without abandoning ship or drowning in a sea of self doubt? Mindvalley has helped you realize your potential and find your purpose. Professor Srikumar Rao is now inviting you to look inward to access the extreme resilience you need to pursue your passions relentlessly and attract all the abundance you desire- no matter what is happening around you. But before we go further, we need to address a question many of you might have on your minds: In Times Of Trouble Does The Universe Really Have My Back? According to Srikumar Rao, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this: “Is The Universe Friendly?” Einstein also asked the same question. On first glance, the answer is obvious. We know that the universe is a friendly place, and we yearn for those precious moments where we can tap into its deep source of wisdom to lead more spectacular lives. Yet when things go sideways… when unanticipated consequences arrive, or the universe doesn’t seem to act in our favor the way we expect it to, it’s natural to wonder if the universe is merely neutral or even indifferent to our desires. But is it…really? The Secret To Relentlessly Pursuing A Bolder Path In Life What if you knew that the secret to true happiness actually came down to how you see the universe, how you expect it to behave…and where to look so it’s always available to you? How much better would you feel if you could examine the everyday events of your life and easily pinpoint instances where the universe was working with you… Guarding you against your worst impulses, protecting you like a loving mother… So that even when “bad” things happen that separate you from the destination you originally had in mind… you could boldly step back onto the path to success until something even better shows up? What if you could experience a life where a wellspring of confidence and unstoppable resilience was always in easy reach- so synchronicities happen with ease… no matter what is happening around you? The good news is that all of these gifts are available to you, right now, when you join Srikumar Rao on this 45 day Quest. Srikumar Rao’s unique gift is his uncanny ability to remind you of the truths you already know, but may have forgotten. To show you how you can hit reset when times are tough and experience the happiness that is your birthright… We’d like to share a quick story that illustrates how Srikumar Rao applies the wisdom of ancient poets and philosophers to 21st century problems… to produce masterful results. Why Mindvalley Chose To Work With Srikumar Rao A Message From Vishen Lakhiani Srikumar Rao and Vishen Lakhiani “It was in Spring of 2016 where I experiencing the most stress I had ever gone through in my entire life. Between a looming deadline for my first book, running a 200+ person company, and an ever increasing workload — I was really beginning to feel like life was becoming an uphill challenge that I losing control of. And it was beginning to affect my health and my eyesight began to deteriorate. This was the lowest I had been in a long time. And I even remember thinking to myself… “God, what is the meaning of this all? Why do I feel like I have the entire world on my shoulders?” This was when I ended up meeting the legendary Srikumar Rao — one of America’s most popular MBA Professors and highly sought-after consultant by executives of Google, Microsoft, AT&T, and other leading companies worldwide. I was in New York at the time, and over a cup of coffee, Srikumar shared a piece of wisdom that was so profound, it shifted me instantly. Within a week, that weight on my shoulders dissolved. Within a week, a lot of the troubles that were in my mind disappeared. Within a week, I got back in my zone again. But here’s the amazing thing: he shifted me in just three minutes by sharing one singular piece of advice. And it wasn’t just the message Srikumar shared with me that blew me away… It was the way he delivered his wisdom. Through an ancient poem that cut through all the distraction and noise in my head and went straight to my heart. And it was at that moment that I began to feel the stress levels plummet, and my enthusiasm and passion for my work return. Even better, what followed was a new lease of creative energy that flowed through me effortlessly. All from a short 30-minute chat with Srikumar over coffee. Just imagine what learning from him, every day for 45 days, could do for you. That’s the reason why I wanted to bring Srikumar Rao and his teachings to Mindvalley and why I’m proud to introduce you to…” The Quest For Personal Mastery: The Freedom To Flow With Life A Success-Proven Spiritual Framework That Will Help You 10X Your Happiness, Attract Unheard Of Levels Of Abundance And Develop Unstoppable Resilience Join MBA Lecturer Srikumar Rao for this incredible learning adventure… and rapidly assimilate the same time-tested insights, and life shifting wisdom he shares with the world’s top CEOs, executives and thought leaders on TED Talks and conference stages around the world. Just imagine how exciting and fulfilling your life will be when you discover how to: Access a strong inner voice that guides you, prevents you from being the “victim” of forces beyond your control and steers you on the right path… Quickly befriend and team up with the Universe to co-create a new and exciting “reality” that is grounded in a “we centered” approach to life Instantly identify temporary obstacles as growth challenges in disguise so you can quickly bounce back and boldly step into the life you choose Cultivate the unbreakable resolve to overcome obstacles through powerful re-framing techniques so you can turn the tables on “tragedy”, no matter what is happening around you What You’ll Learn How The Quest For Personal Mastery: The Freedom To Flow With Life Will Help You 10X Your Happiness & Make You Unstoppable After finishing this 45 day Quest you will discover: How to question the beliefs, values, and mental models you inherited, and re-engineer them so they help you accelerate to your goals faster. As you complete the Quest, you’ll wake up with glowing confidence and a renewed sense of optimism every morning… because you’ve finally become the master of your own destiny. Simple mindfulness techniques that will help you get the universe on your side. You’ll watch in amazement as the external world rearranges itself to accommodate the new person you are becoming. This is where quantum leaps in happiness and personal breakthroughs happen effortlessly. How to find the hidden gifts in all the “misfortunes” that come your way. Hint: they’ve always been there, now you’ll know exactly where to find these blessings in disguise and use them to create new, empowering thoughts. The universal secret to unleashing incredible coincidences and good fortune on a regular basis in your life… you’ll go from “down on your luck” to “miracle maker” in a matter of weeks, not months or years. The resolve to overcome obstacles so quickly no one around you will even notice you had a setback. We can’t avoid stumbling blocks in our lives, but we can learn to bounce back more quickly and Professor Rao will show you exactly how. An exciting new capacity for wizardry in your life: learn how to automagically manifest what you desire without “working harder, working smarter or managing your time better” And much, much more… Each day of the Quest, Srikumar Rao will lay out the mental maps and counter-intuitive strategies you need to master your thoughts and the steps you need to take to reclaim happiness as your birthright. You’ll do it all with the support, inspiration and encouragement of a group of likeminded souls, your Quest Tribe. As you quickly absorb the wisdom he shares with your Tribe, you’ll be amazed how deeply you connect to your peers and how emotionally invested you become in supporting their growth as they support yours. Price $349 - Starts on 2nd March 2018
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    03-21-2018, 03:46 PM
    It's not available yet. GBs takes time. Please wait for our private message. Thank you
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  • MERCARES's Avatar
    03-20-2018, 07:25 PM
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    03-20-2018, 05:47 AM
    Hero Genius Legend - Robin Sharma - Mindvalley GB Discussion Topic: Hero Genius Legend - Robin Sharma - Mindvalley Sales Page: Product Price: $495 Seat Price: $13 Min. # of Seats: 38 If you're interested, leave a post below and we will message you with payment details. (Read Instructions Carefully to get access FAST.) Best wishes everyone
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    03-20-2018, 05:11 AM
    It has been purchased and is being shared for a while. Have you paid but not been granted access, Frank?
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    03-19-2018, 08:55 PM
    Interested members: curbsam;
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  • Patriøt's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 11:42 PM
    ~100 member. ($30 + transaction fees)
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    Could someone please give an update on what's going on with the Kern Legacy GB?
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    Hi Patriot, I am having trouble access a paid GB link - I sent a PM and commented in the forum - was for Jon Loomer Facebook product 2015
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    Hey Pat,

    Any chance I can get access (if it's been shared) to Frank Kern's "High Level Fellowship?" I paid for this on Tuesday/Wednesday but I've never
    received access to download, I appreciate it's a busy time of year and everyone's been super busy, just eager to put it into action. Thanks!
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    Hi!!! Pat
    Sorry for sending you this message as a PM.
    I paid for the GB# USS2Ck UWSA 2014 back in Nov 2014
    Till today I have not received the material. I left messages for everyone even in general discussion forum. But no answer. I have been given a good runaround.
    Following are the details:
    TKT# 512498
    Invoice# 398
    Date Nov 5,2014
    Time 21:22
    Amount UD$10

    I will appreciate if you can look into this.
    Thnx again
  5. Hi Patriot
    I need to PM you please!!
    Thank you very much
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    hi patriot i requested a seat to be reserve for me before it was close .... i wonder if it is being reserved????
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    PAt why dont u use GOOGLE WAllet service??
    better than paypal?
    i think paypal have might limited your account
    they also did same for me
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    Pat - I'm sure there have been times over the past few weeks / months where you've wanted to throw your hands up say "I quit!" but I, for one, am glad you haven't. Thank you for going above and beyond for all the folks on FUB and GI. Most of us appreciate it! Thank you! Os
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    Hi Patriot, can you please check Brian Moran The Fan Page Funnel? I think we're ready to set up the payment link for this GB, since this is a very time sensitive GB.

    You can check it here

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    Love you man!
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