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    Interested Members: debrat (any) Fatcat12(Any) AnEveDon (any) lazybear (any) Aby (any) ... ...
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    05-13-2018, 10:05 PM
    Take a Journey Towards Your Life’s Greatest Spiritual Evolution Awaken Your Divinity in 16 Key Areas of Life in this Soul-Stirring Quest with Legendary Author & Spiritual Messenger Neale Donald Walsch Are You on the Right Path in These Challenging Times? Perhaps you have noticed the deep ideological divide humanity struggles with today. Some of us build bridges to unite – while others erect barriers to divide. Some of us choose love and compassion – while others hide behind fear and hatred. Some of us strive to contribute and honor a higher purpose – while others chase temporary and selfish gratification. If you’re reading this, you already know which path is right for you. But are your daily thoughts, actions, and contributions in alignment with your divine calling? Or do you still find yourself too often dragged down by the negativity, anxiety, and turbulence of modern life? If you’re ready to embrace a new level of self-mastery in these urgent times, then we invite you to join iconic messenger Neale Donald Walsch on a spiritual 21-day Quest like no other - As he facilitates your transformation into what he calls a Highly Evolved Being. You become a divine instrument of change.Neale’s Plan For You Neale has come to Mindvalley to amplify his life’s greatest purpose: Which is to help every person on the planet experience the spiritual evolution we so urgently need to survive and thrive. After helping millions facilitate their own spiritual awakenings through his books and teachings, Neale has refined a 16-part ‘ascension process’ anyone can use to smoothly and rapidly enter the state of a Highly Evolved Being. This process involves embracing and releasing various beliefs and thought patterns that define the human experience. It may sometimes appear counterintuitive. And it may sometimes defy conventional “pop culture” spirituality. But as you move through this process over 21 days, you’ll find yourself overcome by wave after wave of deep spiritual breakthroughs – culminating in a breathtaking state of peace, acceptance, clarity, and empowerment. The 16 Steps Of Spiritual Evolution Step 1: Embracing Unity Step 2:Embracing Truth Step 3:Embracing Congruence Step 4:Embracing What Works Step 5:Releasing Justice & Punishment Step 6:Releasing Insufficiency Step 7:Releasing Ownership Step 8:Embracing Sharing Step 9:Embracing Technology & Nature Step 10:Releasing Death & Killing Step 11:Embracing The Environment Step 12:Releasing Self-Sabotage Step 13:Releasing Competition Step 14:Releasing Need Step 15:Embracing Love Step 16:Embracing Metaphysics What Is A Highly Evolved Being? A Highly Evolved Being is a person who has risen above the social, spiritual, environmental, and political turmoil of our times - To embrace a higher stage of spiritual awareness in every area of life. A Highly Evolved Being is a person who is holistically equipped to release their old disempowering holding patterns - And instead express divine joy, abundance, contribution, and purpose in our turbulent modern world. A Highly Evolved Being is a person whose very presence uplifts others towards their own spiritual evolution. Anyone has the capacity to become a Highly Evolved Being. In fact according to Neale, it’s what you were born to be. And when you make this ascension, you may also realize that: Your character rapidly changes. You become the person people point to as a role model. You rapidly eliminate anger and arguments from your life. You develop feelings of love and connection to people you’ve never met. Your loved ones notice the change and start treating you differently. You get an incredible boost in your finances as abundance comes to you with little resistance. You always see the positive in every situation and help others see it as well. You are able to understand people and communicate from the heart. Welcome To Awaken The Species: A Spiritual Quest With Neale Donald Walsch Awaken The Species takes you on a 21-day journey into the most profound spiritual evolution of your life. By the end of this journey, you’ll have a permanent and unshakable connection to your true divine nature. And you’ll experience life-changing elevations in every area of life: from your wealth and career, to your health and relationships, to your contribution and spiritual fulfillment. Many people who complete this Quest also tell us they gain the clarity and personal power to: Be a more loving and heart centered person Be clearer and more congruent in all communication Develop a liberating new view of justice and equality for all Eliminate scarcity thinking Give (and receive) more Develop a far deeper understanding of the Self Show up and make a bigger impact for loved ones, family, and community Understand one’s unique role in the Divine Plan for Global Change What You’ll Learn How Your Life Is Going To Change in 21 Days How to get everything you want in life… without… force or struggle! The reason you don’t get what you want is because you are not in alignment with your goals. Once you make this shift, it becomes easy. How to find out what you really, really want! Most people think they want something intellectually but find it’s different on a heart level. People who are awakened always do what works for them. People who are unawakened persist in chasing what they can’t ever attain. How to live your life so you have everything you need. In a world that is showing lack, you’ll discover the balance between wanting and having. How to Eliminate All Problems in Your Life When you hear people say problems are part of being human, it’s not true. In fact, it’s a sign you aren’t attuned spiritually. Access Feelings of Joy, Inner Peace, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love, and Hope When you understand the concept of unity, you’ll unleash the power of the Divine within you. How to Love Unconditionally You’ll come away with a new understanding of what True Love is. You’ll understand how freedom and understanding are the basis of True Love. Program Information Master the 16 Behaviors of Highly Evolved Beings This Is How We Structured Awaken The Species So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible Week 1: May 21 – 27 Understanding God, Identity and Highly Evolved Beings. Plus an exploration and immersion into the first 5 behaviors. You will meet Neale and hear his story. Highlights include: You will understand the Quest goal of Awakening the Species by awakening yourself first. You’ll learn about your ultimate purpose in life. You’ll be able to accomplish more when you understand this. Week 2: May 28 – June 3 You’ll learn that an awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “insufficiency”. Highlights include: Overcome the scarcity mindset and watch as abundance flows into all levels of your life. This goes beyond ‘kindergarden personal growth’ tools like creative visualization. Understand do we own our possessions or are we owned by them? Here’s a way to step beyond this concept on a higher level. You’ll understand your role in the environment. Most importantly, you’ll understand the connection between the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat the environment. Week 3: June 4 – 10 Bringing it all together and giving you a new vision of yourself and your role in the world. Highlights include: Understanding self-poisoning: We understand you aren’t about to reach for the shelf and take and poisons. We’re talking about the poisons you absorb from the world and how to turn them off. You’ll understand why competition actually stops growth. You’ll learn how competition should be replaced with cooperation to create a world where everyone wins. While songs talk about love all the time most people don’t understand what True Love is. You will and learn how to apply it to your life. You’ll discover the concept of metaphysics. You’ll learn how this principle is one of the gateways to working with energy. Self-knowledge is the ultimate goal. Whether you call it Enlightenment or any other term, you will get the tools to know yourself. Price $299. This closes on 20/05/2018
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    05-13-2018, 11:43 AM
    If you have read the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind you will know that the key reason for the Homo Sapiens species (Us Humans!) survived while the other Human species could not is because of the use of Language and being able to communicate. Being able to communicate effectively has the power to give your tremendous breakthroughs, whether you are working with clients for therapy, using this in sales or coaching others or yourself. Think about it, the lack of this resulted in the wiping out of other species who were bigger, stronger, more adapted to cold climates and so on. Language has opened doorways to tap into the Human potential. For me, Igor's products are all aboout helping take you to the next level by using Eriksonian language to help with change intervention. It truly leverages the power of language and I have been able to use that with my own self-talk, working with colleagues or when coaching. The key with this stuff is it helps create lasting change. Not just feel good stuff. They give you a toolkit to use language to positively influence people you engage with. I highly recommend Igor's products and encourage you invest your time and effort in studying them.
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    05-11-2018, 06:36 PM
    Thanks guys. These vignettes are exactly what we need - how you have used igor's products to effect change in yourself for your benefit and also how you have used the material to effect changes in your clients. And, how specifically, using Ericksonian hypnosis (what this GB is all about) has helped you as NLP practitioners/hypnotherapists to help your clients. Please keep them coming......
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    05-10-2018, 06:46 AM
    Interesten..11 June is the next batch starting
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