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Thread: Why Updates have been slow lately?

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    Red face Why Updates have been slow lately?

    Let me get few things cleared....

    By now, many old GI members have noticed some delays in Group Buys updates compared to how they used to get them in the past, beside other changes made recently to the way we conduct updates to the GBs.
    1. Why Updates have been slow lately?
    2. Why we've been able to get more interested members in the recent GBs than ever before? (we could easily reach 60 - 100 interested members in most GBs)

    Well, both questions are kinda connected.

    We have simply taken longer periods to release updates due to us working on tagging each member's GB materials.

    Because we need to get rid of all leakers from this community.

    We've also decided to share their details on a topic in this forum to make a nice profile for them if someone ever decide to search for their names. (Their names, payment details and everything that was involved in leaking and sharing our GBs.)

    You also might have noticed some leaks going out from Group Insiders, but they've never been completed by the leaker. (this gives you a hint how often we catch anyone who leaks any GB).

    Let me remind everyone here why we do GBs...
    These GBs are meant to help people who can't afford buying them alone. It's not meant to screw the authors.

    Since we've started tagging GBs, we've found many leakers and we could successfully stop them all from completely leaking our GBs to the internet.

    Yes, this most likely won't stop leaks any time soon, but we want to make sure of the following:
    1. If any GB gets leaked, it might have the first update of the GB only.
    2. If a leak happens, the leaker will be spotted and his information will be shred in a topic for everyone to see.

    As I wanted to make sure these tags won't be found and removed by any member, I've asked the staff to give me a GB that has a tag (all recent GBs have tags.).
    I failed to find it by myself.

    They've even sent me a file that has a tag, then guided me when exactly the tag will show up in the video, and couldn't find it too. I couldn't find the tag by myself in all type of files as much as I tried.

    Why I'm telling you all of this?
    It's simply to tell you that we haven't missed a single leaker lately and we want to make sure that everyone is aware of what's going to happen if we caught one.

    You'll see the leakers details soon.

    What does this mean for everyone?
    1. These GBs are meant to be for you. Don't give them to anyone else. Period
    2. We are doing everything possible to make this a better community for everyone. As we've noticed that many authors don't mind having GBs for their courses (as we haven't been receiving Shutdown Requests as before), I'm sure they don't like their courses to be leaked.
    3. If we fail to stop leakers, I think GI must be closed and we're going to close it ourselves.
    4. Soon enough, this process will be more efficient and updates are going to be sent out faster.
    5. This also has dramatically helped us gather more interested members to our GBs as they no longer can find our GBs offered by some leakers on the web. We are going to make prices even more affordable so everyone can have his own seat in his interested GBs.

    You want to help?
    Share with us any course leaked online that belongs to GI. You'll help us get that leaker out of here.

    Any Christmas Present from GI this year?

    1. Enzo might have something for everyone.
    2. Check out our sister site: (if you're not a member, and like to get invited, apply HERE)

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Guys, it's not allowed to message staff members. If you want to message a staff members for something important, ask in the forums first.
    You might get a warning if you ignore the rules.
    I'm here to learn and serve, and you are here to learn. If it's not the case for you or for me, then someone should leave.

    Therefore, No excuses are accepted neither from you nor from me.

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