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Thread: [Update] GroupInsiders Newsletter

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    Red face [Update] GroupInsiders Newsletter

    How to Create Your Dream Career

    The Ultimate Life Purpose Course

    ​Hello GI members,

    We are organizing the 2nd Group Buy on OSE. This time, it's for

    The Ultimate Life Purpose Course
    Course Price:

    Seat Price:

    This GB starts as soon as we get 25 interested members. If you are interested to know more or join this Group Buy, please follow this link:

    This GB is for a limited number of seats. Make sure to join now if you are interested as seats run out quickly as soon as newsletter like this one is sent out.

    Here is a short description for the course:
    Hey, I'm Leo.

    I know how frustrating it is to sense that you could be doing more with yourself but just don't know how.
    It took me 10 years of trial & error and groping around in the dark before I discovered the principles by which one creates a purposeful, passionate life.

    I'm not just talking about outward "success". I'm talking about inner meaning — loving your work, waking up excited!

    Let's get real. Look around you. How many people do you know who are living their dream career? Not just a cushy career, but a life calling which impacts the world in a meaningful way and produces that sense of deep satisfaction and love for life!

    Very very few people. Why?

    Because the principles by which such a life is created are largely unknown, not taught to us in school, and time-consuming and expensive to discover on your own.

    I've spent the last 10 years actively trying to figure this out for myself until I finally did. Then I spent the last 3 years actively trying to deliver this information to people like you via my Youtube channel, my website, and one-on-one coaching.

    And now... finally... I'm excited to make this info available as a comprehensive online course!

    Who Is This Course Good For?

    • Professionals considering a career change
    • Aspiring entrepreneurs
    • Seasoned entrepreneurs seeking more meaning
    • Aspiring artists & creatives
    • People stuck in wage slavery
    • People stuck in a rut or lost in life
    • High school and college students
    • Self help junkies
    • People who want to change the world
    • People struggling to stay motivated
    -Stay-at-home-mom's re-entering the workforce
    Unprecedented Features
    The most comprehensive video course about finding your life purpose!

    35 Core Concepts
    In-depth discussion of all the advanced theory you need to know to design your dream career.

    25+ Hrs, 90 HD Videos
    Massive amount of video content streamed in 720p. 90 individual videos cover every concept in great detail.

    200+ Gigabytes
    Uploading all this content took 2 months! The most comprehensive video course on life purpose.

    Free Lifetime Upgrades
    Even more content coming! As this course expands in the future you will get all the upgrades for free.

    90%+ Exclusive Content
    The theory and techniques discussed in this course are nearly all brand new, never before released on

    Worksheets & Exercises
    Not just theory, but actionable techniques for creating results. A dozen worksheets and dozens of exercises.

    Guided Visualizations
    Over a dozen guided visualizations that start to drip on your subconscious mind, creating emotional shifts.

    Instant Online Access
    No waiting. No shipping. No downloading. Buy now and start watching in minutes in your browser.

    I spent years reading books and taking notes on the best advice on life purpose that exists. This course is full of insights from exceptional people:
    • Self-made millionaires
    • Marketing experts
    • Best-selling authors
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Academics & PhD's
    • Psychology researchers
    • Self-help gurus
    • Spiritual gurus
    • Coaches & therapists
    -Visionary creatives & artists

    Having coached dozens of clients one-on-one on finding their life purpose and dream career, I've distilled my process down into a convenient course that explains it all in EVEN GREATER detail than possible over the phone.

    Clients routinely pay me $2,000 - $4,000 for this, but given the time-consuming nature of one-on-one coaching, access was limited to high-income individuals.

    Not any more! Now it's 20 times more affordable!

    You get it all for a fraction of the cost! And in more detail that I could ever relate to you one-on-one.

    I am giving away my ENTIRE life purpose process!!! All of it!

    What You'll Learn

    • The vision for living a purposeful life
    • 35+ Core Concepts
    • How to discover your top 10 values in life
    • How to unwire toxic & negative values
    • How to discover your top 5 strengths
    • How to find your Zone of Genius
    • What your impact in the world should be
    • How to create a powerful vision
    • How to identify & deal with your top fears
    • How to unwire your top limiting beliefs
    • How to start taking action
    • How to find your niche in the marketplace
    • How to program your subconscious mind
    • How to do research into your field
    • How to build strong habits
    • How to set goals
    • Critical books for you to read
    • How to stay on track with your life purpose
    • How to inspire yourselfWhat You'll Leave With
    • An authentic life purpose
    • A vision for your life
    • Accurate understanding of your top desires, values, passions, and strengths
    • Awareness of your deepest fears, limiting beliefs, and obstacles
    • A roadmap for how to stay on purpose
    • A set of action steps
    • Powerful book list
    • Motivation to change your life
    • Answers to all the most common questions
    -Years & $1000's saved off your search

    So, if you are interested, join now before it's filled:
    If you have any problems, please post in the topic, message Patriot, or reply to this email (if you can't do either of the previously mentioned ways) and we will help you out.

    Best regards,
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