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Thread: Todd Brown - E5 C.A.M.P. MASTERCLASS

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    Todd Brown - E5 C.A.M.P. MASTERCLASS

    Todd Brown (creator of 6 figure funnel formula & mfa) has a new product. E5 CAMP. I liked his past products so was looking to maybe get a GB going for this one.

    Price: $1997.

    The E5 C.A.M.P Masterclass
    A New & Different Method For Generating Daily New Customer Sales!


    • 8 Modules walk you start-to-finish through building your own high converting E5 Campaign
    • 30 Video lessons make it easy to follow step-by-step, whether you're a seasoned marketer or just getting started
    • Implementation worksheets save you time and simplify the entire process for you
    • Conveniently delivered over a 6-week program so you stay on track and get the results you want


    • Live Weekly calls with Todd himself where you have direct access to ask Todd about any of business and marketing questions you have
    • On these live coaching calls, Todd will be treating your business and marketing campaign as if it was his own, giving you the expert advice and direction you need to rapidly grow your business


    • Any time during your 6 Week Class submit any of the Engineering Pieces of your new E5 Campaign for review, critique and approval by our trained E5 faculty.
    • You never have to wonder whether you're on track. Because Todd's personal team will be on hand, and ready for you, to make sure your new E5 Campaign is spot-on and totally dialed.

    • You will get access to our insider club of E5 Marketers who assist and support one another in order to guide you in your journey.


    1. Generate New Customer Sales, Every Day! No more zero sales days or sporadic new customers. Now, you’ll have an evergreen marketing campaign that brings you new customer sales, every day. Consistently. Predictably. That you can bank on.
    2. Create “Buying Demand” For Your Offer… Without Hardcore Selling! Forget the obnoxious hype and exaggerated claims. Now, you’ll have a message which creates excitement, hope, and an eagerness to buy within your prospects. Without having to use any of the common aggressive “sales funnel” tactics or trickery.
    3. Turn Prospects Into RAVING Fans That Buy! Experience sky-high sales conversions… with a marketing message prospects value & appreciate. One that positions you as an authority, builds trust, and creates goodwill.
    4. Get Attention For Your Marketing… Even In A Crowded Market! Operating in a saturated and competitive market? Now, your marketing will stand-out & create engagement. So your emails get opened, your ads get clicked, and you get the leads and sales!
    5. Scale Cold Traffic, FAST & Profitably! Never struggle again to get traffic. Now, you can scale your flow of leads and new customers as big and as quickly as you’d like. Just turn it on… and watch.

    +++ BONUSES +++

    Free Bonus #1: Complete Campaign Swipe File & Dissection Bundle
    This package is easily worth $4,997 itself. Because inside you’re getting access to 6 of my personal, real-world marketing campaigns that have generated over 8-figures in online sales.
    • You get all the pages, all the images, all the offers, and all the copy. This way you have the exact page templates and layouts I use in my own million-dollar-plus E5 campaigns you can model and swipe for your own campaigns.

    This way you don’t have to worry about how to layout and format any of your campaign pages… you can just swipe mine!

    • You also get access to a behind-the-scenes view and dissection of 4 more of my E5 campaigns that have produced multiple millions of dollars.

    You’ll see everything. You’ll see what I said, when I said it, why I said it in each of these campaigns... including how I developed the Unique Mechanisms and Big Ideas, all the psychological triggers used (and why), how I strung together the claims, promises, and proof.
    • Includes 12 video scripts, 8 slide-decks, 2 mind maps, and a long-form sales letter dissected and ready for you to model and swipe.
    • Discover how and why I structured the offers the way I did, why I used the bonuses I selected, the follow-up sequences and emails, the ads I ran, even the videos and graphics used.

    Including your own unedited copies of the video scripts and video slide-decks that you can model for your own campaign.

    Like I said, this package is easily worth $5,000 itself. With your enrollment in the E5 CAMP Masterclass today, you get it FREE!

    Free Bonus #2: Complete Email Sequence Swipe File
    Inside you’ll find 15 different and complete email sequences you can swipe, model, and use in your own E5 campaign and any additional campaigns you have or set-up.

    And these aren’t just some templates thrown together. These are email sequences I personally wrote and used inside of real E5 campaigns.

    So, with your copy of the Complete Email Sequence Swipe File, you never have to worry about staring at a blank page or what to say or how to say it in any of your campaign emails.

    Because you now have 15 complete email sequences you can swipe and deploy.

    If you were to pay someone to create this volume of emails and sequences for you, even a C-Level copywriter would charge you at least several hundred dollars just for a single email, if not more.

    With your enrollment in the E5 CAMP Masterclass today, you get it FREE!

    Free Bonus #3: The MFA Internal Traffic & Media Buying Video Manifesto
    Never shared publicly before. You get access to a private, internal video manifesto from the COO of my company, Damian Lanfranchi, breaking down our company’s entire traffic generation approach from beginning to end.

    You’ll see right away, the way we approach and generate traffic is very different from what most average marketers are trying to do.

    And this this isn’t just some training on traffic generation...
    • Discover how we scaled our traffic from just $30 bucks a day to tens of thousands of dollars in new traffic, daily visitors, and customers.
    • Complete behind-the-scenes view of how we approach traffic generation, select channels, design campaigns, choose audiences, set our budgets, review our metrics, and more.
    •And because it was recorded as an internal debrief for our leadership team, you won’t find any fluff or hype or bogus tactics in here

    And when you’re done watching this, you’ll have everything you need to successfully and profitably scale your new E5 C.AM.P. campaigns using paid traffic to get even more new customer sales.

    Jeff Walker Bonus
    Here's the email from Jeff Walker promoting this product and offering a unique bonus if we sign up through his link:

    A quick heads up.... Todd Brown just opened his"E5 CAMP" program.
    I think it's a weird name, but I also think you
    should take a look. It's all about creating a
    marketing campaign and message that creates
    "buying demand" for your specific product or
    The truth is, if you have your offer and marketing
    set up correctly, then traffic isn't a problem.
    You can simply buy traffic or find partners if
    you've got a great marketing system that converts.
    A bit about Todd: back in 2007 I put on a $5,000.00
    per person live event. This was my first ever "PLF
    Live". I brought in just a few people to help as
    "faculty" at the event...
    Not "professional speakers" but actual faculty
    that would help attendees with their launch and
    marketing plans....
    And I asked Todd to be one of my faculty.
    All the way back in 2007.
    He was good enough to teach my best clients back
    then.... and he's gotten another decade of
    experience under his belt since then.
    That's why I think he's good enough to teach you
    ow, and why I think you should take a look at E5
    CLICK HERE for Todd Brown's E5 CAMP program

    NOTE: if you register through my link above, I've
    got a very cool bonus for you.
    It will be a "Nail Your Big Idea" OFFICE HOURS
    call with Todd and myself. One of the most
    powerful parts of the E5 CAMP process is that
    you engineer your "Big Idea" at the front so it
    builds intrigue and interest in your prospects.
    Your big idea is probably the single most
    important thing in your marketing.... and that's
    what we'll focus on in this bonus OFFICE HOURS
    We're going to have a small group - just Todd, me,
    you - and the other people who join through my
    link. We're going to work directly with the folks
    on the call to nail down EXACTLY what your "Big
    Idea" is.
    CLICK HERE for Todd Brown's E5 CAMP + Office Hours with Jeff + Todd

    best regards,

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  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    1. luther88 (up to $20)
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    It doesn't have all the bonuses, but more so, it doesn't have the coaching calls. In his past products ( 6FFF & MFA) Todd always delivered at least as much, if not more, value in his coaching calls than in the main course. But I admit I haven't seen it on OSE before posting this. I would definitely want to go though with this GB anyway because of the amazing bonuses and coaching calls

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    lol, weird bug, it switched the image to a hypnosis course.

    really surprised that nobody wants to do this GB, if I wasn't so cheap I'd even pay the full $2k for this course. meh, whatever, maybe I can find it somewhere online

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