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Thread: Michael Breen - Learning Hypnosis In Depth

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    Michael Breen - Learning Hypnosis In Depth

    Product Information / Sales Page(s):


    Throughout the ages and even today Hypnosis has been associated with strange, mysterious stage shows and faith healers. But the truth is hypnosis is not the least bit strange or mysterious.It's a very powerful toolkit whose application goes WAY beyond hypnotherapy or stage show entertainment.In this rare 5 day workshop learn how to use hypnosis naturally as part of everyday conversational process WITHOUT any of the funny hypnotic voice tones or convoluted language patterns.Rid yourself of the most common myths and limitations about hypnosis that hold so many student back.Develop real world skills in hypnotic protocol... so you can use it with ease in everyday normal conversations.

    • Recordings From The Never Released 5 Day Live “Learning Hypnosis In Depth " Seminar
    • 68 Page PDF Training Manual
    • 21 New Exercises Created By Michael Specifically For This Home Study Program To Further AccelerateYour Learning
    • 19 Additional Assignments From The Actual Workshop Program
    • 536 Page PDF Training Transcript so can study and read every pattern, induction and strategy shared.
    • Over 12 Hours Of Instruction By Master Trainer Michael Breen On The Principles, Processes And Patterns Of Trance
    • Hypnosis Training That Blows Apart All The Limitations Taught In Traditional Hypnosis Courses

    Product Price :

    Price Per Seat:
    To Be Announced.

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    The advantage to everyone being on the [Discuss GB] interested list will result in LOWER
    individual group buy seat prices + you will be notified of when the group buy is live via PM so that you reduce the chance of missing out on the Group Buy if it closes fast.
    In some cases, the larger the [Discuss GB] interested lists are, the quicker the GB can be processed to live as well. Please visit the appropriate [Discuss GB] forums to find suitable topics that interest you to help everyone out.

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    Site Fees: 20%/$200 (one or the other - whichever is the higher)
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    $3.00 per seat Upload Fees [\INFO]

    Number of Seats:
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    The GB Process From Start To Finish :

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