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Thread: So.... combining all these together into the greatest knowledge pool?

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    So.... combining all these together into the greatest knowledge pool?

    What I mean is........

    Checking the sales pages, the product pages of the top gurus...

    Then, using operations of thinking, doing some comparisons, analysis and synthesis, deducing some deductive reasonings with the common elements of each...

    So.... pure and simple, putting it all together, chunking all informations found from GB's in one place.

    Taking notes, making notes, then congregating in one place.

    "all there is to know about influence", "all there is to know about goals", "all there is to know about internet marketing" etc.

    So.... ok, so we have the input.... we read, study, learn... then we process the info, thinking, contemplating, pondering, analyzing... then, the conclusions, the output, delivered in as few words as possible and in the most elegant way possible.

    So.... something such as:

    "Hey, I read 100 books on influence, persuasion + 10 GB's on sales, influence etc and here are the key points and the conclusions, the principles, the longstoryshory, the TLDR"...

    Simple, actionable material....

    Also, maybe we can start another thread discussing the guru's blueprints, or the guru's business model...

    Well, the business model is simple...

    optin/squeeze + list + nurture/grow list
    aka capture/collect attention in emails, lead/guide attention with questions/surveys, then lead behavior with emotional VAKOG speaking...

    then product development, creation, maturation and offering.... starting with a small book and leading to a membership community with monthly payments.

    yes, having 10-50k subscribers in x niche + 5-10 products to offer and 1-2 recurring memberships and maybe ~1000 - 10000 customers.... this will make sure financial independence appears sooner rather than faster.

    ok, so............ questions time:

    what's the TLDR (key points, summary, conclusions) & LSS (longstoryshort) of the all the GB's you've participated in?
    what's your business model today? does it resemble the knowledge found in the GB's you've participated in?
    ... if no, what's the drawback? what's the setback?

    sincerely waiting for your replies and hopefully the comments and replies to this thread will be of a constructive, win-win, mature, nurturing way...

    looking forward to collaborating on this, to get to the core of the problem, in a loving way, yes? :*

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    very interesting mate!

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