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Thread: NEW MEMBERS!!: Read this after purchasing your first Group Buy.

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    Exclamation NEW MEMBERS!!: Read this after purchasing your first Group Buy.

    Hello Newbie Member,

    I welcome you to Group Insiders. I am not a moderator, just a member of this community that has helped me a great deal.

    In that interest, I thought it would be helpful to orient you a little bit, because it seems like you all have the same questions, particularly after you've sent your money through the ether to some bloke you don't know for a course you're chomping at the bit to get your hands on.

    BEFORE YOU POST asking "Please update us", "When do we get our GB download links" or worse some obnoxious or rude comment that is going to piss off our hard-working VOLUNTEERS, please read this carefully:

    Once a GB CLOSES:

    • The moderators must find a buyer
      This is the person who will buy the product on everyone's behalf. This process takes anywhere from 4 days to as many as two weeks in some cases. This buyer is a VOLUNTEER. They don't get any incentives to do this work for us other than the natural benefits that come from being the one who purchases the product (i.e. interfacing with the vendor and any other perks that cannot be shared). SPECIAL CARE needs to be taken to protect the identify of the buyer, which sometimes delays the process further.
    • The buyer makes the purchase using their own funds
      This process takes a nominal amount of time. It all adds up.
    • The process of downloading the gigabytes of data commences
      Depending on where the buyer is, this could take some time. Not all vendors organize their crap well. Some drip-feed their content, too. The buyer must do this while dealing with their own everyday lives.
    • Printed material? (double or triple that above estimate)
      If it's not digital and the buyer actually has to scan this stuff, this is what the poor bugger is doing for you after their everyday workday. Be extra-patient.
    • Whatever is secured is examined and uploaded onto iSaveLink
      GI mods must protect the buyer from risk, so they have to perform some checks. This takes time, too.
    • People are contacted.
      At that point, you will get a notification, sometimes by PM (private message), but always in the forum reserved for the buyers of the GB. You should have access to this forum. Go ahead and check now. If you do, then monitor that place for updates.

    As you can see this takes quite a bit of time.

    How long?
    From beginning to end, it can be anywhere from two weeks to as much as a month before you hear or get anything.

    >> IT IS NOT UNUSUAL if you don't hear anything from GI about a GB for a few weeks. IT IS NOT A CAUSE FOR ALARM. <<

    Just want an estimate?
    There are a ton of variables that make it impossible to even provide estimates.

    I know what you are going through. When I joined FUB/GI I bought 5 GBs in quick succession and a month later I had yet to see one byte of data. It was very unnerving. But the mods kept on reiterating that this is normal and I shouldn't be worried. And you know what? They were right. I've received every GB I've paid for, and in the instances where things have gone awry it was not because of GI but because of external factors beyond GI's control.

    If you have paid and you are whitelisted (meaning you are able to access the GB private forum thread, a privilege that only the GB buyers have), you are fine. NO NEED TO CONTACT ANYONE. No need to PM a mod to check.
    Just Keep an Eye on your "My GBs" tab in the home page to see if there is any updates about your GBs in case you haven't been messaged by the Staff. Here where you can find it:

    Bottom Line:

    Please, please, please, resist the urge if you are a new member to get annoyed, demand an update or make a comment that isn't polite.
    You are MORE THAN welcome to post a polite note asking for an update.
    But here is a tip: If you are a new member and in the GBs with older members and they are not worried, YOU SHOULDN'T BE EITHER. Sit tight. It will come. NO ONE IS RUNNING OFF WITH YOUR MONEY.

    Hope this helps.

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    (yeah, I'm back... long story)

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