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Thread: update SEO knowledge

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    Cool update SEO knowledge

    Hi GIs

    I'm looking to get back into digital marketing after a bit of a break, and so I'm keen to update and refresh my skills.

    I have previously read useful resources from feedurbrain, and hope to pick up any suggestions for useful resources - particularly in the field of SEO, as well as other areas of digital marketing, content creation, PR, etc.

    This seems like a great community, and I'd be happy to help people out in any way I can.


  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    Welcome to GI
    Make sure to apply to (OSE) to have access to a private torrent site and a community that would help you with your goals.

    Best wishes,
    I'm here to learn and serve, and you are here to learn. If it's not the case for you or for me, then someone should leave.

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