Hello all!

I have found this forum by endless googling. I am from NY, USA. I am currently working a 9-5 as a software developer. I am tired of the constant office politics and ready to start my own online business however I have no idea where to start. Ideally, I would like to develop my own software, SaaS, and sell it to a market however I do not know which market or what software product anyone would want. I do not just want to go out and make a copy cat software and waste time and effort without anyone buying. I have followed a lot of Russell Brunson videos on Youtube especially his Funnel Hacker TV channel. I am fascinated by the software he created and the process of selling info products and books to sell the software.

I am a PHP, JS full stack developer. I use the Laravel framework and usually MySQL or MariaDB. If anyone needs help with hiring a developer I can certainly tell you what skills to look for.

I am looking to absorb anything I can about choosing a market and finding out what they need. I am looking forward to learning anything this community will give me the chance to learn.