1. - Where did you hear about us?
    1. FeedUrBrain

  2. - Who are you? how old are you? what's your background? where do you come from? (these are suggestive questions, if you don't like to answer them, it's fine. They just give us an idea of who you are and so, members can help you and interact with you better)
    1. Norway, engineer and entreprenaur, 30ish+

  3. - What did you achieve so far? What do you want to achieve in 3, 5 10 years from now? Do you have plans or goals this year or for the years ahead?
    1. Amazon FBA and eCommerce seller

  4. - How can you contribute to this community?
    1. Very good knowlegde when it comes to Amazon FBA and eCommerce in general

  5. - State few skills you learned in the last 12 months.
    1. Amazon and FB marketing