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    Learn to Generate Supercharged Retirement Income
    by Joining Manward Trader

    The average payout for a couple is just $2,212 per month. That’s $26,544 a year for both you and your spouse – just over the federal poverty line.

    Needless to say, it’s not nearly enough for a dream retirement. Or even a comfortable one.
    And that’s just not right.
    Your retirement should be a celebration. A triumph.
    And while the government is content with giving you less and less... at Manward, we want to give you more and more.
    That’s why I’ve developed a way to build what you can consider your own personal “social security” – capable of paying you an extra $5,167 per month.
    In total, that’s an extra $62,000 per year, about 2.5 times more than the average Social Security payout.
    Better yet, you can collect this income BEFORE you turn 65. And this is critical: If you’re already retired, it in no way affects your benefit payouts from the federal program.
    That’s because my method – and I, for that matter – have nothing to do with the Social Security Administration.
    This method is the foundation of my independent research service Manward Trader... where I teach readers exactly how to collect their own supercharged “social security.”
    I believe that once you create your own retirement income, you’ll be set for the comfortable retirement you deserve... and you’ll achieve the real meaning of the phrase “social security.”
    In fact, combined with $26,544 from the federal government’s Social Security program... and maybe a little bit from your 401(k) or pension... you could be pulling in more than $100,000 per year with my system.
    Moving into your dream home and paying off the mortgage with lightning speed – with only your own effort...
    Taking your whole family (grandchildren included) on trips around the world – and not pinching pennies...
    Pulling up to reunions with old friends in a gorgeous sports car you paid for in cash...
    Now... I’m not handing out any fish here.
    I want to teach you how to generate reliable, meaningful income – using a special investing strategy to help you retire on your own terms... without worrying about making ends meet.
    That lack of worry is true freedom. True liberty. You’re not restricted by anything – not by your bank account... and definitely not by any Washington bureaucrats.
    In the past, I’ve helped more than 5,000 people discover how to get started with their own supercharged moneymaking systems.
    I want you to be next.
    Let me show you just how profitable this system is...

    My system for generating income is a special type of investing.
    It’s one that requires NO previous financial experience...
    It doesn’t require you to sit in front of a computer for hours day trading...
    And best of all, you can get started with $1,000 or even less.
    To put it simply, this technique involves a way to use the power of the stock market to increase your wealth quickly – and consistently hand yourself outsized income in a very short time.
    This does NOT involve leverage. Or options. Or any difficult trading strategies.
    In fact, it’s the simplest and most profitable income strategy I’ve ever uncovered.
    That’s why I recommend our subscribers use it to generate the retirement income they deserve.
    Creating your own supercharged “social security” (without the help of any government agency) starts with a very simple principle.
    You see, for all the fancy math and complicated charts you hear about from the talking heads on TV...
    For all the crazy metrics and unusual chart patterns...
    Stock prices actually move based on only two forces...
    Buying pressure and selling pressure.
    Put simply... buying pressure pushes a stock up. And selling pressure pushes a stock down.
    Mind-numbingly basic, I know, but it’s an indisputable law of economics.
    This law is the foundation of my system. And it’s the reason you could reliably generate $5,167 monthly by following one easy signal.
    In short, I found a way to identify the exact moment when buying pressure begins to dominate selling pressure – and drive stocks much higher.
    Let me show you.
    Here’s a chart that shows what I call the “Liberty Indicator.”
    I call it that because understanding the simple way this indicator works can give you more financial liberty than perhaps any other investment tool.
    What you’re looking at is a line that measures the difference between buying pressure and selling pressure.
    When the Liberty Indicator crosses into the green zone, that’s where buying pressure is higher than selling pressure.
    So from that moment, stocks go up.
    Legendary investor Joe Granville said, “Stocks do not rise in price unless demand exceeds supply.”
    It’s just that simple.
    You don’t have to look at earnings, book value or complex financial statements... And you definitely don’t need to learn any complicated trading techniques.
    When buying pressure begins to dominate, stock prices can’t help but skyrocket.
    Okay, no doubt you’re skeptical something this easy could actually work.
    I don’t blame you.
    So let me show it to you in practice.
    The Liberty Indicator chart I just showed you is from the stock Vale.
    Buying pressure rose above selling pressure on September 26.
    And here’s what happened to Vale from that moment on.

    The Liberty Indicator crossed into the green...
    And the stock rose nearly 60% in just a few short months. Not bad, right?
    But hold on, it gets much better.
    Here’s another example.

    On March 7, the Liberty Indicator for United States Steel Corporation crossed into the green.
    Buying pressure was higher than selling pressure.
    And in fact, it continued this way for five months!
    As a result, from the moment the Liberty Indicator crossed the threshold, United States Steel Corporation shot up 89.19% over just five months or so.
    Talking heads on financial TV segments may talk about price-to-earnings ratios... moving averages... or the complexities of the global steel market.
    But according to the laws of economics, you don’t need to know any of that.
    It all comes back to that one simple fact...
    Prices rise when buying is greater than selling.
    In the case of United States Steel Corporation, you would have nearly doubled your money in just five months. You would have collected $8,919 of pure income from just one $10K investment.
    Here’s another example... Emerge Energy Services.


    Sales Page Link: [c ode][/c ode]

    Product Price : 600 usd

    number of seats : 30 = 20 usd per seat + site fees

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    "I am committing to contribute to this Group Buy (GB) for purchase from the respective Author of this product"

    - GI Username + (AMOUNT) or (ANY) or (=<10% TOTAL COST)

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  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    Thank you for this thread, i am interested in this

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