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  1. You're absolutely right.

    But, I always think that if I did quit, I will make more harm than there ever has been, as a lot of people now depend on us.

    Also, we hope to get out of these challenges stronger than before, or these delays caused won't make sense to anyone.

    Thanks for your words OS, you've been a great member to our community we appreciate your presence here.
  2. Pat - I'm sure there have been times over the past few weeks / months where you've wanted to throw your hands up say "I quit!" but I, for one, am glad you haven't. Thank you for going above and beyond for all the folks on FUB and GI. Most of us appreciate it! Thank you! Os
  3. Hi Pat - just to give you a heads up that the DownGB site is down or gone - this means all GB links which used that site are gone. thought you'd like to know. Best regards, Os
  4. Hi Pat - that was a wonderful message - thank you! I really do appreciate how lucky I am to be a part of the FUB community. I remember finding it about four or perhaps five years ago and you had closed the doors to new members. I saw everything but couldn't join. A great day for me when you opened FUB again. Thanks to you for all you do - your efforts, and the efforts of your great team, give us choices and chances...the rest is up to us.
  5. We would never forget what people like you did to the community. We would never be able to pay back for the time you invested and still investing in building and improving the site with us.

    But, nonetheless, we must stop by from time to time to show our gratitude to what you do, OS

    Thanks man
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