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Thread: Medical Mastermind Group (MMG) December '15 Speed Reading, Memory & Mind-Mapping 4.0

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    Lightbulb Medical Mastermind Group (MMG) December '15 Speed Reading, Memory & Mind-Mapping 4.0


    Speed reading, Memory and Mind-mapping Mastermind Group 4.0 (MMG) - Only MMG you will ever need!

    Opening Soon!

    Speed Reading, Memory & Mind-Mapping Mastermind Leader and Teacher, Aakash is beginning to re-open doors!

    Our medical community will surely benefit from his unique teaching-style and attentive personalization; catered to enhance areas not only throughout your medical careers but far into other facets of your life.


    More than 200 members have joined previous MMGs. Many have already said that the information in MMG works and it is life changing and have shared their improvements due to MMG.

    We've had many members (from both our medical & business community who have joined Aakash's version 1.0 + 2.0 + 3.0 MMGs in the past, and now here's your opportunity to check it out and enroll!

    I am passing on some additional information to those of us within the medical community who would be interested in learning authentic and highly applicable Speed Reading, Memory and Mind-Mapping concepts, toward their own personal life interests and ongoing career-related endeavors.

    We have a special Mastermind Group [MMG] course that will be re-launching again for the 2015-2016 Calander Year, thanks to the organization by Patriot and our MMG Teacher & Instructor for the course : Aakash

    Please note : This not a Group Buy but an individualized student-teacher, monthly course, open to all FUB-GI members (from both the medical and business community) that are interested.

    All your questions and answers will be answered by the course teacher, Aakash (within the included link above, which redirects back to the official [MMG Discussion] topic)

    Please read through the pages of replies by both the interested members along with Aakash's post replies beginning from post #1, as there is a lot of information, FAQs about the MMG from Aakash, along with helpful tips, members' feedback and perspectives conveyed.

    You have no obligations to join, but you may ask all your questions beforehand to see if the course best suits your needs and goals.

    Additional commentary from our Speed Reading, Memory & Mind Mapping MMG Instructor Aakash

    Regarding what you will gain and The major things what you will learn:

    1. You will be taught what is the right mindset while reading.
    2. You will be taught a complete system which you can use it while reading any book.
    3. You will learn how to use speed reading, memory and mind-mapping together. (very few teach this ).
    4. You will also be taught what to focus on while reading.
    5. I have also interviewed (modeled would be a correct word) some of my professors who were rank holders. I will share my findings as well.
    6. For the medical community : This MMG will fully cover how to approach technical material and retain comprehension and understanding. You may freely ask Aakash in the main thread to any specifics regarding your background history and current goals to see how this MMG can benefit you!

    In this MMG I will be covering everything about speed reading, memory & mind mapping.

    I am planning to make MMG v4.0, the best course that is available for these topics. I want all the members of this MMG to succeed in their leaning goals and this MMG, be their best investment they have ever made.

    There is no minimum month subscription, but it is anticipated that the entire course and respective lessons' duration will be : approximately 4 months to fully complete.

    Currently, there are over 75+ interested Medical & Business GI members who will be joining this MMG. There are a few more slots remaining before the class is full - once this limit is reached, the course will remain closed to those participating members - there is no decision as of yet to another future MMG of this caliber, and so you should act now if interested and able.

    During the first week, I will be focusing on understanding the members' individual needs and expectations. It's important for me to fully understand each member's challenges and frustrations. I will modify the lessons accordingly.

    There is no fixed period of when I will be rolling out each lesson. I would be rolling out each lesson in chunks over the course length. 4 months time is the estimated length of this course. This MMG will keep me busy and I will over deliver.

    I am planning this MMG like a personal coaching session. I will be rolling out lessons at frequent intervals. After each lesson there will be exercises and action steps that are required to be taken. After each lesson members are encouraged to share their experiences and ask questions if they are facing any challenges.

    Core part of MMG would be discussions within the private MMG thread(s) and email interactions directly with me via my personal email.

    Speed Reading, Memory and Mind-Mapping MMG Course Cost Clarifications

    #1. The MMG 4.0 course cost = $30.00 + Fees / per month - payment instructions will be announced shortly.

    There is no minimum monthly requirement for how long you wish to join and stay subscribed to, and you may cancel your membership subscription for this MMG at any time. However, please keep in mind that the entire course lesson plan is rolled out lesson by lesson over the entire duration of the proposed course length.

    #3. Proposed length of the course is anticipated for 4 months (our instructor Aakash & Patriot, will clarify the details as the course progresses)

    #4. This not a Group Buy but an individualized student-teacher, monthly course.

    #5. To be added and answered via the [Official MMG Link Above] - for any other clarifications, please be sure to ask any other questions within the given link, and Aakash & Patriot will answer you.

    Many thanks everyone - this thread will be locked (and will be occasionally bumped to raise awareness), so that all questions and interest can be directed to the Official MMG Discussion thread linked above.

    Still Not convinced to Join MMG? See Few RESULTS OF FEW MEMBERS from previous MMG :

    More Success Stories ...........

    Quote Originally Posted by darsbuddy View Post
    Hello Aakash,

    Am very glad that you are starting another MMG. Am pretty sure that this would be very much a big success just like the first 3 were.

    For guys who are still thinking to join the MMG i wanted to discuss and share some of my insights and practical results i had because of joining the previous MMG:

    1. I finished my master's with distinction in spite of having a full time job, and all the credit goes to Aakash for teaching me speed reading techniques and also numerous
    memory enhancing tips.
    2. As i got to spend very less time studying, i got more time to work and am about to pay off my complete uni debt in another week or 2.
    3. I also got to impress many of my friends and family with the memory techniques i learnt, i even taught and shared with them. This has had a huge impact in building relationships with them.
    4. Finally the peace of mind i got to have while giving any exams if just unbelievable. Every exam i took was like an open book exam

    Aakash,i really wish to meet you in person and give you a big big hug for what an impact the MMG has had in my life.

    Thank you and all the very best for the next MMG

    Quote Originally Posted by lem0n View Post

    I just wanted to give a quick and dirty post about my success with this MMG.

    So anyways, at the beginning my reading speed was 280 wpm. My goal was to reach 450 wpm. Now with minimal practise and just by reducing my bad reading habbits, I am constantly reaching speed ABOVE 500 wpm. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I have already surpassed my goal and I can only wonder if I had given this my all from the start. But I'm still very very satisfied.

    Thank you Aakash!
    Quote Originally Posted by naquoya View Post
    I was doing the Jim Kwik GB and although I haven't finished it, I found the above to be exactly true, and would have saved me considerable time trying to study his material.Your one lesson above is worth more than what I got from his material (and I'm not being disrespectful to Jim Kwik). I did get exercises from his material which perhaps have helped me better utilise your lesson above, but even with that, I have found your explanation precise and to the point.

    Just wanted to add that I have found this MMG to be of exceptional value, and although I don't think I have studied as much as I could have, I have already seen big changes, especially in reading speed. The first book I sat down to read fully since starting this MMG was completed in 3 sittings, total approx 3 hours. Prior to the MMG it would have taken a dozen sittings, over 2 weeks (if I didn't get bored before the end!).

    When I started 3 months back, my reading speed tested at approx 260 words per minute. When I retest it now, it is closer to 900 words per minute
    Quote Originally Posted by akshay977 View Post

    1. What was your reading speed before starting this MMG ?
    Around 400 wpm

    2. What is your reading speed now?
    Around 650 wpm with good comprehension

    Thanks for the lessons you have provided so far. They have been very useful and has helped me a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by nobita View Post
    Hi Aakash

    Thank you so much for your infomation and homework that I have practised for 4 months.My reading speed increased from 285 to 677 (non-fiction)

    Thank for you quickest support in MMG.I have read all and make me more understand.

    Thank for every concepts that you give to me.I think it make my mind to enter new world of reading,taking note and memory.


    Quote Originally Posted by fl4m3r View Post
    Hi Aakash,
    Quote Originally Posted by fl4m3r View Post

    I am hitting 714 WPM on a fiction (I was reading at about 310 WPM).


    Quote Originally Posted by debrat View Post
    Hi Aakash,

    Just wanted to say thanks. From my experience the MMG is being taught very well. There are multiple things that I like about the teaching format:

    1. Your enthusiasm to teach the subject
    2. Lessons in digestible chunks
    3. Homework and tasks given to us which make us practice the skills
    4. Your messages to us to make sure we are on track
    5. How quickly you respond to messages
    6. Your explanation of key concepts
    7. The flow of getting the foundation right, blasting away myths and blocks and then diving deep into the core skills. This has been good for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by vancomycin

    I've firsthand witnessed Aakash instruct and teach our members from the beginning of MMG v1.0 in which I was part of. The level of attention and detail to what he will teach is impeccable. Furthermore, the depth of attention he gives to each individual member, is amazing! I've used many of his proven techniques taught for reading & memory and have been able to apply those to our medical literature.

    If you need further help or clarifications on any lesson or topic, literally anything, Aakash stands to answer and deliver these adjustments as best possible to you. You can go through dozens of related courses on these topics, but for the low price & one on one personalized interaction, you are reassuringly getting the best of the best - you can make this MMG course work for you the ways you best need!

    For more information, enrollment, and for any other questions in which you would like clarified for Speed Reading, Memory & Mind-Mapping MMG v4.0 opening December 2015-, please visit :

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