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    - Where did you hear about us? Reading through Online Self Education trying to seek more information about crypto currencies as we had just touched upon that topic in a real estate class where a student had invested in bitcoin and got started in buying properties (homes, apts, etc) using their profits.

    - Who are you? how old are you? what's your background? where do you come from? (these are suggestive questions, if you don't like to answer them, it's fine. They just give us an idea of who you are and so, members can help you and interact with you better) I'm a mid-30's real estate professional from the US-Pacific region where prices keep going up and up. We're expecting a market stabilization possibly in 2020 so I was looking for other ways to build income in order to prepare for the market "correction" that's supposedly coming to see if I can take advantage of any investment opportunities.

    - What did you achieve so far? What do you want to achieve in 3, 5 10 years from now? Do you have plans or goals this year or for the years ahead? Honestly, I haven't achieved much in the case of investments however in the real estate field I've leveled up in the operations side and have made many contacts that connect me with investment opportunities and knowledge that the general public is not aware of. Most of this info is in properties that about to hit the market, motivation of sellers/buyers, program incentives etc.

    - How can you contribute to this community? My analytical and pragmatic way of approaching issues and such allows me to see things in different angles that others may miss. I've been told that my cool/calm demeanor brings calm to meetings and builds confidence in those I work around and my multi-skill set allows me to move almost seamlessly from dept to dept even when I'm thrown in the sharks pool to get eaten alive - I somehow rise to the surface and find solutions.

    - State few skills you learned in the last 12 months. Team building, organization, and seeing the skills in other people and utilizing them to the higher goal of the group/dept/company. Sounds like corporate talk but I've seen a lot of people fail in staying as individuals while the team rises to the challenge and shares in the glory.

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    Hi, your veiny brainy avatar cracks me up, dude! Inspired by feedurbrain, I presume!

    Is your plan to reinvest crypto profits into real estate, too?

    How much are you planning to invest in crypto, say on a monthly basis?

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