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Thread: Will there be an area for Crypto talk? What are you buying?

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    Will there be an area for Crypto talk? What are you buying?

    Hi To All,
    I was just wondering if there will be a thread or something for the people getting into the Crypto Market?
    Has anyone started playing around with the Crypto Currencies yet? I put a little into Bitcoin & Etherium just to get my feet wet.
    That was a huge crash on the 16th-17th. Kind of scary when you're new to it. The crash kind of made me think twice. But it seems to be making a comeback and I guess it was due for the most part to China & Korea trying to shut down Crypto currencies in their part of the world.
    I didn't even know there was anything going on until I actually invested. One good thing I did get in at a lower price. lol
    Of course I kind of freaked out when I hit the button and immediately noticed everything going down. Whew that caused a burst of adrenaline.
    Anyway I'd be glad to hear your thoughts and what you're into.
    Grandma Soup

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    It will start soon, don't worry. You can have a look in the GB section, there some good GB running about Cryptos

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