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Thread: Perry Marshall and Tim Francis - 80/20 Summit

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    Perry Marshall and Tim Francis - 80/20 Summit

    Step away from your business
    for the next 89 days. Then
    see what happens next.



    Dear Business Builder:
    Your phone rings. It’s someone you trust and respect beyond question. His resources and connections far exceed your own and he needs your skills.

    He describes an immediate, rapidly unfolding situation that can 10X your current business, sales, profits, take-home cash-in-the-bank, within the next 12 months.

    BUT it’s going to require your total and exclusive focus for the next three months. Minimum 89 days. And you have to commit and then swing into action within 24 hours – so you have to decide right now.

    You’ll have to let the inmates run the asylum.

    Can you do it? What will happen to your business?

    Will it have GROWN and be RUNNING EVEN BETTER when you walk back in the door, three months from now?

    Oh, and the hypothetical phone call doesn’t even have to be a delicious business opportunity. It could be for some negative reason as well.

    What if there’s sudden health emergency? A heart problem? A fluke infection that leaves you bedridden for weeks, months? The dreaded C-word diagnosis?

    Or heck, let’s imagine that you decided to finally take that Mediterranean cruise or anniversary trip (or WHATEVER excursion) you’ve been dreaming would be yours with the FREEDOM of calling the shots.

    (If you’re saying “Freedom? What freedom?” then you KNOW I’m talking to you.)

    What would you say?

    Here’s the sad truth: You can’t do it.

    You can’t step away from your business for the next 30 days — much less 89 or 90 — and have any confidence that the wheels won’t totally just fall off.

    And that means you’re one disaster, or health crisis or skipped heartbeat away from an epic meltdown… PLUS you’re missing out on your biggest opportunities for moving forward.

    Because you’re too focused on keeping the business alive.

    AND, you’re missing out on life beyond business, and the AUTONOMY you crave as a business OWNER…

    That’s the bad news.

    The good news is you’re about to encounter the Operating System needed to completely turn this around. To install a new structure, to possess the business you’ve always wanted that works for you, rather than being a glorified J-O-B with 10X the responsibilities….

    It’s a method long-time Planet Perry member Tim Francis built called “The Engine RoomSM.”

    Even a conservative installation could liberate substantial time and cash flow within the next 12 months.

    A more diligent application could give you an instant profit increase PLUS whittle down your work to one super-powered three hours per day, in as little as six months.

    So why can’t you get yourself free? Why do the tentacles keep sucking you in?

    Sales Page:


    Please indicate your interest by replying. This webinar is fully packed with information that will transform your life and business.

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