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Thread: Everything You Need to Know Starts Here

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    Cool Everything You Need to Know Starts Here

    This topic is going to take a while to be filled up with information. It's work in progress that might never finish....

    Keep revisiting and help us make it detailed, precise and complete.

    Topic Purpose:

    This is long overdue and we decided to save our time by listing all common questions here instead of answering them in private messages for hundreds of people.


    Why some GBs takes longer than others?
    • People don't read. [Instructions, how things work around here or Site Rules].
    • Staff members are busy with answering questions and replying to members' messages.
    • The process isn't finished. [PEOPLE. We're Doing GROUP BUYS. We actually buy courses. We don't get them from elsewhere and resell them.]

    But I've received a GB in the same day or a day later after I paid, why doesn't every GB go as fast?
    There are a lot of reasons why this could have happened. Let me give you an idea:
    • We do "Discussion GBs" Topics to check members interest and estimate the seat price. Some GBs are pretty popular and we start their process earlier. By the time people pay for their seats, they get the materials fast because the process was done already.
      Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.
    • Also, some members join too late. The GB they joined might have already been delivered for participants. They only get it fast because the process has been done already.

    Common Problems with Verifying Your Payment:
    1. Sending money to the wrong address.
    2. Members don't know their Primary Emails, Personal Names or Business Names.

    Working on it....
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