1000x using experts in distributed tech, economics, hedge fund management, blockchain architecture, and more

Hi Insiders,

In short I´m interested in this because can provide a unique and informed fundamental perspective to supplement any trading strategy.
Ending in 2 days, 19/10.


If interested, post below and have a great day!

Would have loved to join in, but I see we didn’t get much interest. Did you get it or you gave up

Did not, it just opend again however but closes in 4 days, [https://www.1000x.report/joingroupnow?r_done=1]. Hope some people will want to get this info!

Hi, I’m back on GI because I’m interested in this 1000x program. I have already found one crypto with 1000x potential. I would like to diversify my crypto investments. At least find one other crypto with 1000x potential.

I am interested in getting this.