5 Upcoming GBs - 2 Popular GBs to Close

Here are 2 GBs that had > 180 participants so far that are about to close:

4 Upcoming GBs:

If you’re interested in any, click on the the GB above and leave a reply.

If your GI account has a Yahoo email, please change it to a gmail/google account as our system is having trouble sending to yahoo emails. To change it, go to your account preferences. [From the top right of the page]

P.S 2:
If you have a course, program or a membership you’d like to propose a GB for and you need help, please reply back and we will guide you.


Hi @Patriot,

I have been asking in another post (3 times) if I can still join the following GB but have never received a reply. Can you confirm if this would still be possible? I reply would be appreciated as, so far, I have just been ignored.

[$15] Burchard - High Performance Mentoring - 1 year + HPX Membership - 1 Year


Closed GBs can be opened when we have money shortage with new GBs.

I’m keeping an eye on your post, and we should make some bold moves shortly with high priced GBs that we’re not sure if we can fill the required seats. (We took a risk with Stefan’s GB, and it worked out pretty well. No shortage. Yet, the number of GBs we’ll take risks with will be much higher. I might send you the payment details later today.)


Thank you for the reply @Patriot, it is much appreciated.

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thanks Patriot… there is a course by depesh mandalia for FB marketing caled CBO Cookbook. I would like to propose a GB for that. Please let me know how to do that?


Can you please create a Discussion topic for it in this section to gather interest?