A CryptoCurrency Telegram Group For GI Members


For all cryptocurrency fans and those interested in getting into the field, we’re going to have a telegram group run by people we trust that will help newbies and advanced members in discussing and receiving Critical field updates.

We also will have a dedicated group & Channel for the Palm Beach Products Participants. ($10/month GB)

If you like to join (It’s free), please post below and we will message you with the group details.



Definitely, count me in

Count me in
Please send me the payment link to palm beach aswell

Please count me, definitely interested.

I’m interested, thank you

I’m in. Thanks, Pat!

Intrested! Thanx a lot!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks… Please count me in

Hey count me in…and also I’ve paid for the palm beach product…but haven’t been added to the group yet…

Can count me in on both of them

Great idea! Im definitely in!

Please let me in. Thank you

Awesome! Count me in, please :ok_hand:

sure. keen to be in the group

Intereted, please send me the group details. Thank you

Please count me, definitely interested.

Please count me, definitely interested.

Count me in, thank you

Sure.Count me in.Thank you

Count me in man. Thank you