Ask Me Anything [Patriot]

Hello everyone

I’m sorry for being absent.

Please feel free to ask me anything that crosses your mind here.

Do me, yourself and everyone a favor and don’t use the private messages.

Please ask here first if you Must Message me privately.

Before you ask your question, please read the 2nd post as I’ll add everyone’s question along with my answer in the 2nd post.


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Hi Patriot

It been months that we are waiting for the delivery of the GB the secret monthly one, can you tell us you will share the links or we need to stop the payment and request a refund? I did pmed you long time ago, you said the link are ready to be shared then you did disappear.

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This is the 2nd Post. (I forgot to post it earlier.)

Here, you’ll see all members questions along with our answers.


Is the secret Group Buy stopped/cancelled or will it continue?

Here is what we will do:

  • We’ll ask members to tell us the months they paid for and haven’t received and we will deliver them.
  • We’ll ask members if they’re interested in continuing the membership, and we will continue if the numbers are right.

Should I cancel SIA monthly?
Here is what we will do:

  • We’ll ask members to tell us the months they paid for and haven’t received and we will deliver them.
  • We’ll ask members if they’d like to continue and if the numbers are right and according to the numbers, we’ll let everyone know.

What is the situation with Jon Loomer?

  • We’ll send Jan-June 2019 releases to all those who have joined to get them busy with something till we sort things out.
  • We’ll work things out with members if they’d like to continue afterwards.

Frank Kern - Inner Circle months. What’s the situation?

  • We’ll send out an update right now. [Update: Sent, to all Brand Class and Inner Circle Members. 5 gb of Update]
  • We’ll see if members like to continue a monthly GB for ~ $10-12/month.
  • If there is enough interest, we’ll continue the GB.

Why were you absent? Do you understand that this is a big breach of our trust? No updates or delivery on things we paid for months. The least you could done was update us and say you are busy and you’ll be returning etc.

  • I’ve been busy, overwhelmed and pretty exhausted with the work to do on the site. More important, I’m tired dealing with all sort of posts.
  • Freedom (speaking the mind) comes with responsibilities. I hardly find time to get things done here and I have to deal with 40-50 messages a day. I’ve been pretty busy and this place is becoming nasty with all new and old members speaking as they please as they don’t fear consequences.
  • I had to take some time away. I’m back now.

Any updates on ‘Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Membership’?

  • We’ve shared ~ 13 quests. We’ve always receiving all sorts of complaints from GB participants no matter what’s the shared quests. Not sure what you guys have expected but no matter what you receive, one of the participants finds something to complain about.
  • We’ve asked the buyer to send us a list of all quests along with their status.
  • Be patient and try to digest one of those quests in the meanwhile.

Welcome back.

  1. Should I cancel SIA monthly as per email you were assessing the situation? This was weeks ago what was your conclusion. I note there have been more cancellations since because of a lack of feedback. And are you refunding all members who paid and received nothing for the last few months?

  2. What is the situation with Jon Loomer? 3 months paid nothing delivered. You did say weeks ago you would send the first 6 months because of problems. Then nothing. Should this also be cancelled and what about refunds.

  3. Frank Kern - Inner Circle months ago you asked about who paid and you were going to sort out. Since the nothing, just vague coming shortly. What is the situation here?

Concrete proposals appreciated so a decision can be made.

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It is good to see you back. Really I mean that.

It would be awesome if you can deliver the said GBs (please see PM/ unfortunately a PM would be needed for that due to some details that I am unable to raise in public with you).

The other outstanding GB being the Hookup Workshop which I paid for some time ago in August 2019.

Thanks for coming back here.

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Why were you absent?

Do you understand that this is a big breach of our trust? No updates or delivery on things we paid for months. The least you could done was update us and say you are busy and you’ll be returning etc.


Any updates on ‘Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Membership’?
It’s been some time since we started this gb and the only courses available with the link are those that were already received here separately.

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All questions have been answered up till now.

Thank you Patriot and GI Team for all the efforts and hard work you invest in this community. I am truly grateful for the tons of material we have access thank to you guys. Be aware that there is still a lot of people like me that trust you, your team and this site. I know, It is so easy to complain when things are not going well and not give any appreciation when things go smooth and running easily, as most of the time GI has been, an amazing place and community. As the phoenix, you had to raise GI from his ashes twice after 2 cyber attacks and rebuild the site in what I’m sure it has been a titanic enterprise not easy to accomplishe. Please, don’t let the critics, to put you down and focus in this amazing community that is still alive in this site and love and trust you and your team and who understand that we all are humans, that we sometimes struggle and we need a break. Thank you for coming back Patriot and thank you again for being so amazing, you and your team. I will eternally be grateful.


Hi Patriot, good to have you back. I also mean that. I (and I think most anyone here) totally understand that personal developments in life happen, so I could never blame you for those things.

My personal pet peeve is however, that you were requesting help (awesome), but then don’t go through with it. I was also separately suggesting my help with encoding, downloading/uploading, forum support,… but it was never accepted.

The things piling up I understand when you don’t accept (all) help. If there are things still needed to become an admin or official support for the forum, give some people the benefit of the doubt and go with it, start to build up the trust. Getting the benefit of a premium user on OSE and being able to get some of the very interesting courses piques my interest tremendously.

Also, can you please start (or let me help start) up the GB [Discuss GB] Ultimate Human Performance - Joe Hippensteel Stretching Method ?

Would love to hear your thoughts above these.

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For contributors of SEO Intelligence Agency - Basic On Page Optimization 2019 can you update us on what is going on with GB.


Thanks for the hard work Patriot, the GB’s have made life a lot better for many people!
I wonder if there’s a way you could automate more of the payments/delivery/etc so you don’t need to contact people directly as much (and thus receive less messages?)

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thanks for all the hard work and welcome back. You should know that you are helping us, at least me, absolutely great. People will whine as always but try to ignore them.

My question is what’s secret monthly gb. I read about it above but not sure if I missed it.

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Hello Pat,

Yeah it’s great to see you back. It’s been a bit on the downslode but tha happens and I’m sure you had something to deal with.

I have seen an incredible GB that rivals UPLEVEL CONSULTING but actually compliments it as well.

I don’t know how we’re doing GB requests right now or the likelihood of it happening in the recent mood but it shouldn’t be missed especially now you are back and seem ready to go.

There are a few issues around this GB - just 2 - and I wanna bring them to your attention before getting everyone’s hopes up.

Can I message you please to explain briefly?

Thank you


Then just delete it mate!

Why are you finding it difficult to delegate responsibilities to some members here?


I love waking up to a Saturday morning taking a sip of coffee, and absorbing the knowledge that we have access to. Can’t thank a brother enough and all the members that make it come alive.

maybe in the future well do a group buy to send Patriot to a beach for a while.

  1. suave :joy:


A massive thanks for keeping your promise and delivering GBs and materials of late.

It is appreciated.


I have paid for July, August, September and October.

SEO is relevant to what’s happening with the algorithm now, so can you let me know when I can expect to receive these outstanding reports before they are too out of date.

And does this mean the GB remained open. Therefore do I continue to pay November and receive report. Or are you going to open a new GB and get new members so I should cancel?

Clarification appreciated on the above 2 queries.


Jon Loomer

Await Jan - June months.

Similar to SIA the FB algorithm is in flux so the more current the information the better.

I have paid for Aug/Sept/Oct do you have a source for these months along with the courses supplied with the monthly membership? If so, is there a estimated date for delivery?

November is due in a few days, do you have a source for Nov as it is unlikely the new GB will be in place? A Yes/No would be appreciated so I know whether to cancel or not.