Daniel Throssell - Market Detective [Amazing market research course]

Sale page link: https://persuasivepage.com/market-detective/

Course price: $1,464 (856$ with discount code “SHERLOCK”)

If you have done copywriting ever, you know that market research is the most boring, difficult and complex part of it.

If you have done your market research properly, the copy can be written almost by itself, but most of people dont know how to do market research the proper way, when to finish, what to look for, where…

This course, from Daniel Throssell (the best damn copywriter alive, if you ask me, and i studied all of them) is the piece that was missing for doing market research the right way and have a step-by-step process to do it easily and fast.

That means that, with this process, you will nail all the copy that you will write, in any form… email, sales page, ads… because if you speak your prospect language and you introduce yourself in your prospect mind, the copy and the selling process became easy.

I want this course, and i truly believe this course is a GAME CHANGER, but i cannot affort the full course.

Im 100% sure this will benefit any freelancer/solopreneur that need to sell more and write persuasive copy for their our projects or for clients.

We have the discount until thursday, so we have to be fast.

This is going to be amazing!


Has a GB for this course stated yet? I’m super interested.

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  2. @Bebai

Let’s get on this guys. This is an absolutely amazing course if you’re a freelance copywriter. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to shave you research time by half or more. Imagine being able to take on more clients/jobs as a result
If we have 30 participants, it would cost $50 per person to purchase the full course + the $37 add on.
Total cost = $1501

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  1. @apocalipnos
  2. @Bebai
  3. Timek
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Very interested! What will be the price per participant?

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If we have 30 participants, it would cost $50 per person.

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I’m interested! but only if we can bring the seat price to 10 USD

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Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

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Interested. Thanks for bringing it up.

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Yup… interested. Detective work

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The original course price is $1,464.
However, as mentioned the price will be $856 with discount code “SHERLOCK”.
This discount code doesn’t work anymore. Do you have new discount code, so we can get the course for $856? If so, the price per participant will be about $30.


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Interested. This will be very helpful

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This course is super-necessary, and I SUPER DUPER INTERESTED in getting it, please @Patriot

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Count me in guys, any price.

This is THE best course on Internet on market research, which is the cornerstone of copywriting. I can contribute with a high price as well.

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Any way to get this?

There are DOZENS of incomplete very unhappy people right now for multiple GB’s but mainly about weeks going by without any update whatsoever so I’m sure we can get payment going but am sure we will not recieve this - the payment will be set up then Pat will disappear.

This is facts and what is happening everywhere.

Not even updates LET ALONE delivery of a GB.

Below is the BEST kind of response you can hope to get.

Looking for a update is all - Support Desk - GI (groupinsiders.com)


So this is good for a lot more than just copywriting I assume?

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Every piece of your business should be shaped knowing who your audience is, if you know how to do the best “privete detective” kind of market research, you will know always what product to build (and it will sell), what service to offer, what kind of content to create and you will know WHAT you will have to say to persuade and move them forward for buying your products and services.

So yes, is for a lot more than just copywriting. If you have the right market research process in place, you will become your audience, and that will make everything much more easier.

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Just read the Sales Page

This guy is f***!N@ good!


It is made for proper Copywriters though

If you are doing this all the time for clients then it can make your job so much easier

If you are doing this for a one off or are an entrepreneur - then making calls, Amazon books, research on Reddit, etc etc.

Who cares if its messy and takes a week or a month - once thats done the job is understood properly.

one thing he goes on about is knowing when to stop research - you can see how a Copywriter doing 20 projects will find that soooo useful.

If you are trying to create one offer, this would be very very useful though.

Lets not get into how it will save time down the line for us - because by that stage we should pay for this outright or our own clients will make even this process superfulous.

But Copy being what it is, yeah thanks for sharing this - if I could choose one product it would be this.

Even then this would be a much more relaxing way which is crucial I think. It could tackle the overwhelm and have you done and dusted in a week - and follow up with this to actually turning that into a decent offer.

[Payment] Andre Chaperon - Momentum Builder Workshop - GI (groupinsiders.com)

Yes either if you had spare cash looking for a course OR if we had a actual functioning GI that delivered! - then this is a no-brainer.

  • One other issue - which is a good choice for him though - is that it is delivered via a mobile app.

I got no clue how a buyer would get that into a deliverable GB.

By the way the rapid offer creation course above is mostly pdf’s - thats Andre’s style.

Pat has ALL THE LINKs - its done by the Buyer and confirmed

Pat said he’d update later that day … just a 2 minute job

And that was weeks ago

He will not be able to deliver on this even if it was possible, in fact with the one I just mentioned he’s actively holding it back from us

This is a life-changer for Copywriters

But yes a Gamechanger for others as well

Any way to crack this somehow and get insights on the process

He is a great copywriter so obviously some of the secrets are probably very simple shifts.

Pat should get this course in a perfectly delivered way and give it as a giveaway to make up for the utter screwed up communication and attitude that has been just nasty.

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Let’s organize a GB on another website! I think at the moment this site is full of work to be done so it makes no sense to organize it here. Does anybody know a reliable website with people who might be interested in this product?


Interested. Can we have a GB on this? (and potentially on Daniel’s other courses)?

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