[Discuss GB] Alter Ego Effect Masterclass by Todd Herman

You’ll get the most out of the Masterclass if you’ve read Todd Herman’s bestseller, The Alter Ego Effect™, and want to get more instruction, depth, and nuance when creating your own Alter Ego, as well as examples of real-life Alter Egos in action — whether in business, life, career, parenting, or sport.

“The Alter Ego Effect™ Method has been proven over the course of two decades and been tested by more than 75,000 professionals, through a combination of scientific research and practical application. It’s helped athletes land a spot in the Olympics, entrepreneurs secure major clients, and top-performers navigate challenges with toughness and dignity.

Price: $199
Number of Seats: 20

Looks great, I’m in!

I 2nd that im in too

Ok, this looks great. I’m in!

This is awesome, i’m in!

I’m very sorry I missed this when first available. Please let me know if it ever opens up again.

I went ahead and acquired this course on my own since there were not alot of interest from members here. Overall the theory behind the course is unique and it has some impact if you relate it to previous experiences in life.

If you guys want access just reply here and we’ll see if Pat approves.

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Love to get access to this :100:

To all interested members, you can now join this GB here:


Looks great, I’m in!

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I am interested too! Is it still on?

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In am in! Count on me, please.

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Please give me details

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paid with paypal