[Discuss GB] Ben Cummings & Mr X - The Amazon Catapult Method

Ben Cummings & Mr X - The Amazon Catapult Method $2197

This is open for the next week on special offer. I wonder if any of you folks want to jump on this ASAP and secure this ?

There is a 3x part payment option of $795

This can work as follows:
3x payment plan: $800/20 = $40


1x single payment plan: $2220/60 = $37

Either way this is very time sensitive.

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I would be interested in this

Hope you are well and the website gets sorted easy!

interested, you can add me

Interested for sure.

I’m interested in this - anyone acquired it?

I would definitely get in on this one.

intrested in this course

I’d be up for this as well

Hi I’m intrested …

Interested in this GB. Thanks!

Interested in this GB

Seems like its still open

I am Super Interested In It

Guys, check it out here:
Manuel Suarez - The Catapult Ranking System

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