[Discuss GB] Ezra Firestone - Smart Google Traffic

Ezra Firestone - Smart Google Traffic

Google is the largest network in the world for both search and advertising (coming in at over double the size of Facebook), yet most business owners aren’t taking advantage of this massive platform.

In this 5-module training, learn how to use the incredible power and reach of Google to create brand awareness and convert new customers — including how to use AdWords, Search, the Display Network, Shopping, and YouTube.

Covers Google Ads for eCommerce, including campaigns, video ads, etc.
Bonus: Client acquisition using YouTube (ads)

I will update the post with a link to the sales webinar in the next 24 hours.

Sales page:

Price: $997 (discounted for the next 5 days)
Min. number of seats: 30-40
Estimated seat price: ?

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