[Discuss GB] Float.tank.solutions business plan

Would any GI’s be interested in Floating and setting up a business plan for a float center?

For those new to floating: Watch this

This GB is for the business plan package from Float on

“Float On has become the go-to source for information on setting up a float center. Their shared knowledge on best practices and marketing were extremely helpful to me. If you’re not sure where to start with your float center, start here.”

Why use Float Tank Solutions?

Our goal was simple: to find the biggest problems in the Float Tank Industry and make them go away. The float tank industry is unique and fascinating, which can be both a blessing and a curse. When we were starting Float On we found ourselves running into skepticism and doubt from many different channels about the viability of a float tank business. We had faith in the business model we created, and worked to overcome the obstacles we faced. Within a week of opening our doors, we were running profitably, and we have seen impressive and steady growth ever since.

Using our own experience, and through talking to others in the industry, we designed Float Tank Solutions to provide the background materials that allow you to deal with the problems faced when opening a float tank center:

  • Finding and Choosing an Ideal Location
  • [Securing Funding]
  • [Health Department Regulation and Approval]
  • [Proper Float Tank Sanitation and Maintenance]
  • [Setting Up Center Procedures and Logistics]
  • [Materials and Design for Building Out]
  • [Marketing & Business Tactics]

By providing the tips, tricks, and knowledge of those who have already seen success in the industry, Float Tank Solutions hopes to spread the word about the benefits of floating, help the industry grow as a whole, and encourage individuals to open and operate their own float tank centers.

What Does Float Tank Solutions Offer?

Float Tank Solutions provides background materials and know-how from leaders in the float tank industry. Our products offer the information needed for a prospective float tank center to determine their start-up and operating costs, and can help organize and present this material in a thorough and compelling business plan. We want to share this information because we firmly believe in the Float Tank Industry, both as a means for mental and physical well-being and as a lucrative, successful business model.

Float Tank Solutions offers a variety of informational packages and support for those interested in joining the float tank industry, including informative blog posts and other resources from those in the industry, background materials and research about the benefits of floating and the growth of the industry, and even a full fledged business plan template for presenting the success of float tank centers to investors using real-world data.



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