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Discover Why Others Are Saying They’ve Found…

The Little-Known Formula Any Hypnotist Can Use To Create

A Successful FIRST CLASS
Hypnotherapy Practice…

… even if you don’t know the first thing about getting eager new hypnosis clients…

From:** Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

Whether you’re a practicing hypnotherapist with decades of experience or a budding hypnotist just starting out, I’ve created and honed a simple, dependable and repeatable system for you to get…

  • More confidence
  • More clients
  • More money
  • More freedom

As well as the hypnotic tools to help others make life-changing transformations which naturally leads to you having…

  • More fulfillment

And if your goal is to earn a ROCK-SOLID, steady income from hypnosis while being a force for good in the world…

Then you need a step-by-step plan you can follow to get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

That’s why I’ve created a proven training called “First Class Hypnotherapy” .

You start the training with your goals in mind (Like a sustainable and fulfilling hypnosis practice rewarding you with a 6-figure income) and I give you the complete blueprint to follow so you come out of it transformed into…

The Premier Hypnotist in Your Area Offering PREMIUM-LEVEL Services

The reason I have FULL confidence you will achieve all of this and more, is because I myself developed and personally used this process to build my own hypnosis practice.

Not only that, but I’ve seen it work over and over again with hypnotists I have shared this training with.

See, the power is in the step-by-step system designed to progressively get you to the point where you can effortlessly:

Speak about your hypnosis practice to the RIGHT people so they eagerly refer you to friends, family and colleagues in their network. I’ll even give you the EXACT scripts to use for every situation!

Communicate to the unconscious AND conscious minds simultaneously so you can easily move potential clients from “kind of interested” to completely and TOTALLY onboard without having to use any kind of sleazy sales tactics

RADIATE a “first-class attitude” others pick-up on subconsciously (you may be projecting a “poverty” mindset without even realizing it… and it’s robbing you of your true value)

Use advanced hypnotic solutions combined with symbolic language to give your clients “life makeovers” they will HAPPILY pay you for

Grow a THRIVING and highly-respected hypnosis practice in your community

And I’ll show you how to quickly use this system step by step, so that by the time you finish the training, you’ll be able to…

Confidently Achieve Your Hypnotherapy Practice Goals In Record Time!

With the tools you’ll master in this training, you’ll be able to walk into even the most hard-nosed business settings and STRIDE OUT with a list of prospective hypnosis clients!

Best of all, you will know exactly how to have your prospective clients feverishly booking sessions with you using a world-class client acquisition method blended with conversational hypnosis.

Now, chances are high that once you’ve started using this system, you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll use it full-time (and watch your income grow too).

But all that is really up to you.

One thing’s for sure, you will never be able to go back to working as a hypnotist “on the side” without you or your community taking your work fully seriously.

Something else that’s important for you to know:

The First Class Hypnotherapy training is NO ordinary program.

It’s designed around the Stop Smoking Protocol — and I’ll show you how to help people beat their addiction to nicotine for good.

You can build your hypnosis practice around this high-value offer ALONE, if you choose to do so.

Or, you can apply the same principles to any other problem you’re passionate about helping people solve — from phobias to weight loss — it’s up to you.

Whatever you decide to focus on, this system is designed to get you incredible results.

In fact, there’s a science-backed reason to explain why it’s so powerful!

See, the brain is equipped with an internal guidance system.

And when you set a goal, your inner “GPS” actively seeks out opportunities to help you reach it.

The closer you get, the more neural circuits light up all over your brain so you feel motivated and inspired to keep going.

Incredible, isn’t it?

The only problem, is that getting to this point can take years. Even DECADES.

That’s because your brain has to do the heavy lifting to figure out the best way to build up these neural highways.

And that takes A LOT of trial and error.

Now, imagine what happens when you have a concrete goal… PAIRED WITH… a complete blueprint to get you there.

Instead of all the zigging and zagging you simply…

“Install” a network of HIGH-SPEED

neural circuits!

From there, building your first-class hypnosis practice will just fall into place for you so you can…

  • Get booked-solid (if you choose to) and by highly rewarded at the same time!
  • Gain a reputation for going above and beyond and getting amazing results!
  • Ban fear of getting rejected!
  • Work as little or as much as you like - you’ll call the shots!
  • You will have the success formula for winning the right kind of clients!
  • You will have the resources and skills of an ELITE-level hypnotist!
  • And (perhaps most importantly) you will take on the mindset of an A-LIST hypnotist who can thrive in any environment!

To give hypnotists like yourself the tools to make all of this possible is the reason I created the:


It goes F-A-R beyond just laying out hypnotherapy practice theory and teaching hypnosis as a bunch of techniques.

Its sole purpose is to take you from whatever you’re doing with hypnosis NOW, to internalizing the system of creating a successful practice as a true SPECIALIST in your field so you can actually go out and GET RESULTS.

There are 16 main training modules included in the First Class Hypnotherapy program – including:

Module 1: The First Class Hypnotherapy Success Formula

  • How hypnotists can earn a six-figure income (or a local equivalent) with just 30-60 clients a year !
  • 4 stages of a client’s life cycle and how to smoothly move potential clients from one stage to the next
  • The “Cialdini Influence Principle” you MUST stick to if you want to get phenomenal results
  • How to want to get out of your comfort zone (and ditch any excuses) so you can take the first step to building the hypnosis practice of your dreams
  • Why helping people quit smoking through hypnosis is one of the BEST ways to show value and attract high-paying clients
  • These 3 core conditions MUST be in place if you want this system to work (if any of them are missing all bets are off!)
  • FOUR success principles that keep your motivation up and make you thrilled to start your day every morning
  • This module gets you to the point of NO EXCUSES ( you will be boiling over with determination and drive to succeed after this session!)

Module 2: The 5 Satir Emotional Avatars & How To Generate Clients For Free**

  • How to win referrals and leads through networking groups in your city using these 4 easy-to-follow principles (not comfortable with networking? Don’t worry - I’ll show you exactly what to do AND say!)

  • How to overcome “activation energy” – this is the key to PROPELLING yourself to action and results

  • How to create your own personal referral group so others refer clients to YOU (they’ll do the work for you and be thrilled to do it!)

  • Why your voice is a window into your state of mind and the easiest way to instantly strengthen your mind frame so you project more confidence

  • How to create an authentic emotional connection with hypnotic rapport (do this and people will do anything to help you!)

  • How to find the RIGHT networking group to put afterburners on your hypnotherapy practice

  • How to talk to a lead or prospect and inspire them to take action using unconscious avatars

  • Why you must use emotion AND logic to truly influence someone

  • The 5 Satir categories of NLP that reveal VOLUMES about how someone processes information and emotion

Module 3: How To Become Memorable And Have A Constant Stream Of Referrals**

  • Recap of the previous two sessions on how to supercharge your networking
  • How to use your HOBBIES to increase referrals to your business (that’s right, grow your practice while having a BLAST!)
  • The key to being more memorable and leave others with good feelings towards you
  • How to engage and network in places (and with people!) you would have never imagined could help you win new clients
  • A SHORTCUT strategy for expressing the 5 NLP energies that makes you instantly more magnetic
  • How to give non-verbal (even covert ) suggestions to influence HOW someone thinks
  • What you can learn about being more charismatic and memorable by watching comedians in action

Module 4: How To Influence People On A Social Level & DEMO 1: “Questions For Smokers”**

  • 6 Laws of Influence and how to express each one for maximum effect
  • Troubleshooting your Satir energies: 2 reasons they go astray… and how to get them back on track
  • How to use Pearson’s Law to “turbo boost” your progress
  • Use THIS strategy to switch between energies so it becomes fluid and natural in your conversations
  • The difference between pushing someone and getting them to create their own tension… which turns into motivation!
  • How to trigger reciprocity by being reasonable
  • Demonstrations and coaching on how to put the laws of influence into action
  • How to express scarcity and exclusivity through your tonality and body language
  • A timeless tactic from Jordan Belfort’s own playbook to make someone feel like you’re granting access to exclusive information
  • In-depth tonality training so you express yourself in a way that builds the most rapport and has the biggest impact
  • Specific questions you will want to ask each potential stop-smoking client

Module 5: Setting Memorable Frames, Gaining Instant Rapport & Success Scripts**

  • EXACT influence tactics to use one-on-one… and… the one that one works BEST when you are talking about your services to others
  • The KEY goal to set for your first phone call or contact with a potential client
  • How to “filter out” clients so you find the RIGHT people who make an excellent fit for your program
  • Step-by-step review of the exact script to use during calls so you don’t trigger your prospective client’s defense mechanism
  • What to say in your opening line to INCREASE the chances someone will eagerly want to talk to you
  • How to make someone feel like they already know (and like you) even on the phone!
  • Demonstrations and coaching on how to nail phone calls and win over anyone who is on the end of the line!
  • Coaching on how to IMPROVE your tonality so you build rapport and a positive feeling using only your voice
  • How to make someone feel like you’re part of the same social circle (this amplifies trust and helps lower their guard)
  • The key to intuitively navigating conversations with the right tonality and social rituals ( hint : it’s all about having a mental “plan”)
  • Why ANY unconscious hesitation reveals itself in your voice … and how to make sure this doesn’t happen (you could be losing clients because of this without even realizing it)
  • After this coaching session, you will be able to pick up the phone and talk about your hypnosis practice with confidence, charisma and ease

Module 6: How To Create A First Class Stop-Smoking Program & Get As Many Clients As You Like!**

  • Why the emotional content of how you talk about your practice is MUCH more important than the language you use
  • How to “troubleshoot” your client acquisition presentations to make sure you strike the right emotional chord
  • A simple strategy to ingrain these powerful techniques into your unconscious mind so they flow naturally
  • How to gracefully handle questions about price (this always comes up so make sure you know how to frame your answers!)
  • Demonstrations on how to talk about the cost of your services so you convey the FULL value of your work
  • Discover how to pick up on someone’s true doubts and objections (even if they don’t openly express them)
  • How to infuse your client acquisition calls and presentations with a sense of mystery … your prospect’s curiosity will DRIVE them to get more information
  • Watch live coaching feedback as hypnotists learn to talk about their hypnosis practice – you’ll see exactly how to get the RIGHT tonality, pace, emotion and language
  • How to adapt your voice so it changes the whole frame and emotional weight of what you say
  • Keep your communication style from sounding STALE and losing your prospects
  • How to go into your specific questions for smokers with training on the EXACT tonality and transitions you should use
  • Harness the power of well-timed PAUSES in your conversations to sound more confident and influential
  • Taking your calls from COLD calls to WARM calls (you’ll form a bond before you hang up the phone!)
  • How to set appointments so the other person WON’T flake on you

Module 7: Building Hypnotic Rapport, Willpower & Eliciting Goals and Demo 2: “Rapport In The Client Acquisition Process”**

  • Complete guide and mentoring on how to master the appointment-setting call so you can easily get someone to become a prospective client
  • How to build hypnotic rapport over the phone (and one common pitfall to avoid!)
  • The right way to ask clarifying questions so you’re invited deeper into unconscious territory
  • Hypnotic rapport coaching so you get to the point where you can form a strong connection with ANYONE within a few short minutes
  • Step-by-step training on how to build hypnotic rapport while moving someone towards becoming your client
  • How to build MASSIVE authority and gain a reputation in your community as the “go-to” expert for anyone who wants to quit smoking for life
  • Walkthrough of the exact core qualifying questions to ask a potential client about their smoking history
  • How to uncover the TRIGGERS someone has around smoking
  • Why asking GOOD questions is critical if you want to position yourself as a true authority
  • How to gage your potential client’s willpower level (without making them uncomfortable)
  • Demonstrations of how to make your qualifying questions flow smoothly all while creating stronger rapport
  • THREE ways you’ll be able to tell if a prospect can afford to work with you

Module 8: The 4 Stages To A First Class Hypnotherapy Practice & The Differences Between Generative, Affective and Behavior Changes**

  • Q&A on the process of converting someone to a prospective client during your qualifying calls
  • The FOUR stages towards reaching a six-figure income using this program (by this point, you’ll already be moving on to stage 3!)
  • How to structure your client acquisition consultation calls
  • Revivifying the rapport, you’ve already built in your past conversations using a hypnotic summary
  • 4 reasons to keep in mind about why the decision to quit smoking is a HUGE deal to someone
  • Why 95% of objections are simply excuses to avoid making a decision (and how to turn this around)
  • How to help someone gain LOGICAL and EMOTIONAL certainty that they will not regret their decision
  • The REAL reasons someone keeps smoking (this will change how you think about smoking)
  • Help someone understand on a logical level how hypnosis will help them regain control of their smoking
  • What willpower really symbolizes and why this is a MEGA metaphor when it comes to smoking cessation
  • How to create the right frame right before you introduce the price of your program
  • The difference between Generative, Affective and Behavioral change (they are all important here!)
  • How to establish an “airtight” case around how your prospect will stop smoking
  • Do THIS to transmit certainty to your prospective client that they CAN and WILL succeed
  • The 5 buckets you MUST fill if you want to multiply the chances someone will work with you

Module 9: How To Overturn Doubt Using a “2-Loop” System & Demo 3: “Moving People To A Consultation”**

  • The KEY to talking to the conscious and unconscious mind simultaneously
  • Close-up review of the consultation script (full script included in this training!)
  • Step-by-step coaching and feedback on how to follow up on your qualifying call
  • Demonstrations of using questions, pauses and tonality to get the dynamic and flow of your calls JUST right
  • How to communicate meaning using powerful metaphors so your prospect will understand what you’re saying on a deeper level
  • How to avoid sounding as if you’re reading from a script and “faking” it
  • Get THIS wrong… and everything else you say will FALL FLAT
  • How to clearly express in your words and tonality that you are 200% committed to helping your prospect STOP smoking for good
  • The 3 emotional frames to pepper into your call to build up your prospective client’s confidence in you and what you can do for them
  • How to acknowledge and transition away from objections (you HAVE to know how to do this because sooner or later you will face objections)

Module 10: The Hypnotic Voice, Handling Objections & Demo 4: “Hosting A Successful Consultation”

  • Demonstrations of the ENTIRE client acquisition consultation protocol with step-by-step feedback and coaching
  • How to practice generating passion in your tone using everyday conversations (this will give you a baseline for what it really means to sound enthusiastic)
  • Use these tips to improve your VOICE… this will make a HUGE difference in your success as a hypnotherapist
  • What it means psychologically when your voice is off or you sound inhibited – paying attention to this is absolutely critical
  • Demonstrations on how to gracefully deal with objections
  • Why you should work on strengthening your state of mind if you want to improve your voice
  • How to infuse value into your conversations so you easily convey why your service is premium and exclusive
  • How to open a “logistics loop” to successfully set an appointment – you’ll get all of the details of how to handle this vital step

Module 11: How To Hunt For Hidden Objections, Using Hypnotic Loops & Key Phrases To Remember

  • Why EVERY objection you hear is a variation of these two thoughts (knowing gives you a terrific advantage!)
  • How to transfer logic and emotional certainty to your prospective client using hypnotic loops
  • How to respond when someone tells you they can’t afford your services (use the RULE of 2 here!)
  • Why the price point of your service is CRITICAL (the one I recommend you set for this program is OPTIMAL for several reasons. You will see why.)
  • The reason you should do the “heavy lifting” in your qualifying session before you start working with your client. Hint : this gets their fears and concerns OUT OF THE WAY!
  • Why you MUST project unconscious certainty … even if the person across from you is uncertain
  • How to handle different objections your potential clients will have (and what they really mean)
  • Specific words and phrases to use when you transition from objections to rebuttals
  • What it means about your approach when someone says you are too pushy
  • How to help someone make a GOOD decision using the P-CAT formula
  • Why you should ACTIVELY seek out objections (this may be counterintuitive… but it is the KEY to winning more clients!)
  • Complete walkthrough of loops to open so you can smoothly guide your lead towards becoming a client

Module 12: Emotional Investments & How To Turn Someone’s Fear Into Positive Energy And Demo 5: “How To Use The Guarantee”**

  • How to give your prospective clients peace of mind by offering a guarantee (this works wonders in your presentation)
  • Complete overview of how to help someone overcome decision insecurity
  • Use THIS rule of thumb for handling objections like a seasoned PRO
  • How to move someone towards an emotional investment so they are much more likely to follow through with their decision to quit smoking
  • Deep-dive into the willpower loop as a way to represent generative change
  • How to make your prospect feel supported by you with complete confidence in your ability to help them kick their habit
  • Look for THESE signals that reveal when someone is becoming more open-minded and receptive to you
  • How you’ll know when someone’s fear of failure is holding them back … and what to say to turn the fear into positive energy
  • Demonstration of how to handle one of the most frequent objections you’ll come across

Module 13: 10 “Check-Ins” To Know Your Client Is On The Same Page & Demo 6: “Handling Objections Elegantly”**

  • Hear hypnotists share how they are already getting new clients by this point using the First Class Hypnotherapy protocol!
  • Review of the entire consultation from START to FINISH … so you can confidently start using each phase
  • Feedback and coaching on how to improve the flow and language of each step of the process
  • Signs to watch for that you’re BREAKING rapport (you don’t want this to happen!)
  • Specific feedback on how to get the content and language of your presentation just right
  • 10 “check-ins” you can use to make sure someone is on the same page as you
  • How to give anyone else joining the conversation a “program loop” so they immediately grasp the value of your offer
  • Demonstration and feedback on how to deliver an effective overview of your offer so you influence someone on a logical AND emotional level

Module 14: The 3 Key Promises, The Magic Question That Unlocks A” YES!” And Demo 7: “Creating Powerful Generative Change”**

  • The “Goldilocks Principle” to make the price of your program feel like a natural fit
  • How to help your prospective clients “reshape” their identity so they feel a sense of pride and conviction
  • The 3 KEY promises you’re making when you talk to potential clients
  • What’s really behind generative change (and how you can infuse your conversations with hypnotic language to bring this about!)
  • The TWO paths you can take to spark generative change
  • Ask this MAGIC question to project your subject’s mind into a place where they have already succeeded (this is immensely powerful!)
  • Master the “law of generative change” and you’ll be successful at virtually anything
  • How to create success anchors that “pave the way” to your subject’s ultimate goal
  • How to get a smoker past their fear of cravings using hypnotic thought experiments
  • Coaching on how to make all of your qualifying sessions MORE EFFECTIVE many times over

Module 15: Framing Non-Smoker Identities, Digging For Metaphors With Mind Bending Language & Demo 8: “Priming An Empowered State Of Mind”**

  • How to prime non-smoker identities in your sessions – a simple and powerful tool to move your client into a “success” mindset
  • How to work with a powerful metaphoric/symbolic style of generative coaching
  • How to ask questions that encourage metaphors to “pop out” spontaneously
  • Removing limitations others place on themselves in social contexts by framing them OUT of the social reality into a much more hypnotic reality
  • How to blend in Hypnotic Rapport concepts and techniques
  • Working with priming metaphors (drop these into ANY session and they work phenomenally)
  • How to speak to the unconscious ( hint : its language is emotions and symbolism!)
  • The revivification metaphor formula for when you want to have a strong stabilizing and focusing effect on your subject
  • How to “dig” for metaphors using mind bending language
  • How to expertly handle a situation when your subject can’t find a metaphor (you’ll be amazed at how well this works!)

Module 16: Increasing Willpower Through Revivification, How To Master This Program And Use It For ANY Issue And Demo 9: “Handling A Subject’s Nicotine Cravings”**

  • Recap and review of what you’ve covered in the previous 15 training sessions
  • The THREE outcomes you’re really promising a client who comes to you to stop smoking
  • How to “mix and match” the three hypnotic models you learned so you can apply them in your sessions for maximum results
  • 5 questions to ask about your subject’s body language when they experience a craving to smoke
  • Specific hypnotic techniques you can use in your session to help someone stop smoking for good
  • Using a “hypnotic journey” to transition your subject from being a smoker to a non-smoker
  • How to increase willpower through revivification
  • When you should have a recovery session with a client you’re helping quit smoking
  • Demonstrations on how to help your client beat cravings through hypnosis
  • How to take what you master in this program and apply the skills to build a practice around ANY issue (it can be weight loss, phobias… you name it!)
  • Hypnotists share their REAL-LIFE success stories using the formulas covered in the program

Here’s something else that is unique about the First Class Hypnotherapy Program:

It’s delivered to you as a modular training system…over 16 weeks via online video modules (which you can watch, pause, rewind and view multiple times at your convenience).

And divided up into easily-digestible “bite-size” training that progressively builds so you can start seeing results from the FIRST module.

  • You will never get overwhelmed.
  • You will never get off-track.
  • You will see exciting progress throughout the training!

And you will learn at a pace that is ideally suited to how the human brain absorbs, memorizes and internalizes new information.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention.

Along with the 16 main training modules we’ve just covered – you also get these special BONUSES:

****** BONUS #1: (LIVE) 16 Weekly Coaching Q&A Calls With An Instructor!**

  • At the end of each weekly module you’ll have a live group call for students to ask any question about the program or how to use it!
  • This is a rare opportunity to be guided step-by-step and week-by-week with the training to ensure you get maximum results from it
  • All calls will be recorded so you can listen to them if you miss out on attending any of them.

****** BONUS #2: (VIDEO) How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Clients**

  • Deep dive into generating new clients answering ALL of your questions about how to convert someone into a prospective client
  • How to get yourself into the habit of having the right vibrancy in your voice whenever you interact with potential clients
  • Watch in depth demonstrations of how to get your prospective client calls right every time!
  • See step-by-step feedback, script reviews and coaching
  • How to start your OWN networking group to help you increase your client base even more!

****** Bonus #3: (AUDIO) How To Supercharge Willpower Demonstration**

  • Complete demonstration of willpower metaphors
  • Discover how to form the right kind of metaphors to increase motivation and willpower
  • Listen in on this powerful example that will leave you feeling more inspired too!

Bonus #4: (VIDEO) How To Handle Conversations With Couples

  • Demonstration of how to handle a conversation with a couple
  • How to WIN support from your client’s significant other
  • Get the other person on YOUR side to help your client quit
  • The 3 components to keep in mind during your conversation

Bonus #5 (RESOURCES) Presentation Loops, Quick Networking Pitches, Call Scripts & More!

  • This 45 page manual is a treasure trove of knowledge that you will be coming back to time and again.
  • Includes 6 different networking pitches that will have people sending clients to you in droves!
  • And 7 Presentation Loops to use during the client acquisition process.
  • Plus the exact words to say during inbound calls, initial appointment calls and the main consultation call
  • This also includes word-for-word scripts on questions to ask smokers and handling objections and rebuttals

Bonus #6 (TRANSCRIPTS) 16 Weekly Main Training Modules

  • You’ll also receive full transcripts of each weekly module of the main training so you can quickly zero-in on any part of the training you want to revisit!

Bonus #7 (TRANSCRIPTS) Bonus Videos & Audio

  • You’ll also receive full transcripts of the bonus videos and audios to complete your training library.

This training is already tremendous value especially with all the bonuses including the 16 live Q&A coaching calls!

But I’m not done yet!

Because I want to ensure your success as much as possible with ONGOING SUPPORT…

Extra Bonus #8: (VIDEO) 8 Further Monthly Ongoing Support Training Modules

  • Once the main training modules have finished, you’ll be receiving a new ongoing support training module every month for a further eight months!
  • These support modules will focus on seeing students being coached through the system by me.
  • Watch demonstrations, see the step-by-step feedback and how to troubleshoot different situations.

Extra Bonus #9: (TRANSCRIPTS) 8 Monthly Ongoing Support Training Modules

  • You’ll also receive full transcripts of each monthly ongoing support training module too!

##Extra Bonus #10: (LIVE) 8 Monthly Ongoing Support Coaching Q&A Calls With An Instructor!

  • At the end of each monthly ongoing support training module you’ll have a live group call for students to ask any question about the program or how to use it!
  • This ongoing ability to get help, support and guidance really will mean you ensure you get maximum results from the training
  • All calls will be recorded so you can listen to them if you miss out on attending any of them

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