[Discuss GB] Igor Ledochowski - The Power of Hypnotic Gifts

Give Anyone You Meet a Gift With The

Power To Change Their Life

And now YOU can master how to give hypnotic gifts without self-doubt, anxiety or worry (even if you’re a total newbie).

In fact, here’s a small peek into the hypnotic gifts you’ll be able to give anyone, anywhere once you go through the program:

  • Inner Smile: what if you could… change your mood in an instant, anytime, anywhere?

  • Happy Sage: what if you could… make any difficult or unpleasant task easier & more fun?

  • Dr Tao: what if you could… boost your immune system & bounce back from injuries/health issues more quickly

  • The Sanctuary: what if you could… have a place you could go anytime you needed a break from the world, a place to think, recover and feel good?

  • The Success Trophy : what if you could… face any obstacle or setback and find a way to succeed?

  • The Mask: what if you could… be like someone you really admire whenever you needed to?

  • Secret Therapy: what if you could… overcome problems before you even knew you had them?

  • The Chamber of Sleep: what if you could… fall asleep peacefully anytime, anyplace

  • The Wall of Wonders : what if you could… calm your body for the perfect night’s sleep

  • The Cave of Gratitude: what if you could… stop obsessive thoughts that block sleep (and feel great!)

  • The Future Wall: what if you could… turn your sleep into a vision board to build a better future

  • The Wall of Awakening: what if you could… wake up fresh & energised without an alarm clock

  • The Museum of Memories: what if you could… relive a charming memory you haven’t thought of in years

  • The Pool of Remembrance: what if you could… find & feature memories for unconscious success

  • The Elths & the Arrs: what if you could… develop a deeper set of success memories for the most important areas in your life

  • The Master’s Hall: what if you could… develop skills fast!

  • The Meditation Space: what if you could… feel peaceful and re-invigorated whenever you want

  • The Reading Room: what if you could… study and learn better

  • The Skills Room: what if you could master any skill you find important

  • The Boardroom: what if you could make better decisions when it counts

  • The Mirror of Virtue: what if you could… develop your virtues

  • The Statue of Power: what if you could… get in touch with a well of inner power

  • The River of Flow: what if you could… get better at conversations unconsciously

In this program, I’ll reveal to you my proprietary method for giving each of these lasting and life-changing hypnotic gifts in a unique way adapted to ANYONE you speak to in just 5 minutes… all while leaving others feeling like they’ve unlocked amazing new areas of potential within their mind.

To prove to you that the above statement is true, here’s a glimpse into what you’ll discover in the 11 hours and 40 minutes of in-depth video training across 10 modules:


  1. Iactnow

Is there a sales page?

Yes https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/the-power-of-hypnotic-gifts

I am definitely interested, (in anything of Igor by the way)

I’m interested. Thank you

Interested Members:

  1. lazybear
  2. Iactnow
  3. jack100
  4. CamilleB

Please add it to the main post along with the course cost (and if there is a deadline).


The sales page today (22/12) has a 65% discount and an extra $40 discount if you pay in one installment - so $137.

  1. lazybear
  2. Iactnow
  3. jack100
  4. CamilleB
  5. AnEveDon
  1. lazybear
  2. Iactnow
  3. jack100
  4. CamilleB
  5. AnEveDon
  6. debrat

There’s only few days left.

I’m happy to go forward with any price.


  1. lazybear
  2. Iactnow
  3. jack100
  4. CamilleB
  5. AnEveDon (any)
  6. debrat

I am happy at any price too, AnEveDon. Thank You.

  1. lazybear
  2. Iactnow
  3. jack100
  4. CamilleB (any)
  5. AnEveDon (any)
  6. debrat (any)
  • lazybear
  • Iactnow
  • jack100
  • CamilleB (any)
  • AnEveDon (any)
  • debrat (any)

Last day to get the program will be tomorrow. I’m happy to go forward.

Currently, It will be $137 between 7 = $19.57 + fees.

Thanks, AnEveDon, I’m happy with that too.

We’ll send out a newsletter in few hours to invite people to check this GB out and we think we can get more people on board.

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I’m also interested in this one.