[Discuss GB] Igor Ledochowsky - Applied Conversational Hypnosis Program

Hey Guys,

I think we missed this program from Igor, unfortunatelly the sales page is down so I can´t provide the details. What I have are the demo videos, we can start see how many are interested so next time he released we will be ready to get it. Don´t you think?


1.AnEveDon (any)

That course has been available on various sites for awhile, he may have added a few new bonuses but it would still be the same course, I’d find it more useful to get “Hypnotic Ericksonian Storytelling & Metaphors” when its on special.


I’m overseas at the moment but people can message me at the end of next month when I’m home and I’ll chase up links for the Applied Conversational Hypnosis if that’s allowed on this site.

I would be interested in that one

Yes, sorry I got confused.

I didn’t realized I already had this program.

I am really interested in the other program… 'Hypnotic Ericksonian Storytelling & Metaphors” , we can close this topic and create a GB to see if people are up to it.

Igors latest program on offer now is advanced hypnotic rapport coaching and you get the rapport course as well cost 3 x $97