[Discuss GB] Jared Codling - Hack Your Agency

Jared Codling - Hack Your Agency

The course is called “Hack Your Agency”, but, it’s really for any business owner that wants to increase their conversions, and make more money. This is dedicated for those we want to get all the most guarded secrets and exclusive ‘growth hacks’ to scale up and 10x their sales and businesses.

What’s inside the course?
Module One: Conversion Mastery
This portion has been launched. If you buy, you get IMMEDIATE access. In this module, I teach:

  • Audience Selection - Action thresholds, types of buyers, how to go after the right audience
  • Competitor Sniping - One member voice messaged me after one of the lessons here; and said that this ONE lesson was worth the price of admission - I show you how to target competitors groups, fans, even personal friends, as a custom audience. Plus SO much more, youtube placements, gmail targeting. HEAPS of stuff.
  • Validation - How to validate new eComm businesses, SAAS, and Lead Generation performance deals. Basically how to launch new businesses for peanuts and know they’re going to work before putting cash in.
  • Split testing mastery - Too much to cover here; but my ENTIRE process; end to end; on how to literally guarantee (and I mean that, fuck you FTC, this is a REAL claim) success.
  • Idea Brainstorming Walkthroughts - Live walkthroughs of multiple styles of sites; showing exactly where I’d start; what I’d split test; what I’d improve; and how I’d kick off an equity or performance deal with such a site.
  • Facebook Mastery - I’ve made most of my money with Facebook; and as much as I love other channels, FB is a beast. I walk you through my exact process and strategy that did $3m with the weight loss company; and my go-to strategies for different business types. This shit is advanced, and specific, but I walk it through thoroughly.


As I mentioned, the other modules will be dripped VERY soon. Here’s what they are:

  • Module 2: Life Beyond Facebook - Non-FB Traffic methods (I’m teaching crazy shit here that no-one has ever taught publicly before). This is for ALL levels of your funnel, and covers niches that FB won’t allow.
  • Module 3: Performance Deal Blueprint - Templates and scripts for getting performance deals. How to structure it, and finally get rewarded for the hard work you put in.
  • Module 4: Fast-Track To Equity - How to get equity deals, for no upfront cost. Also, how to find candidates for these deals; legal issues involved with equity deals; and how to transition a normal agency client into an equity deal.
  • Module 5: Growth Hack Anything - If you’re a member of TopFuckingSecret you would’ve seen, I’ve hacked basically everything; from the media (got #1 spot on TechCrunch for 4 days straight), to Quora, to Pinterest, to Google Maps. I’ve broken down HOW I do this; so rather than ‘giving a man fish’, I’ll teach you how to fish. It really is a process; and when I ran my site New Hack Every Week, I was forced into systemizing what I do just so I could deliver a new (top quality) hack every week.

Oh, and I give a bonus module, “Black Hat Mastery”, where I teach you all of my black hat secrets (proxies, fake accounts, the works).

Overall Package:
HackYourAgency SuperCourse ( $2997)
Black Hat Mastery ($1497)
Growth Hacking Wiki ($997)
Private FB Group ($5200)
Weekly Group Coaching Call ($0.08 lol)

Sales page:

https://www.hackyouragency.com/course/index https://www.hackyouragency.com/early

Price: $2497
Min. number of seats: 45
Estimated seat price: $55.50

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