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Melissa Tiers - Chronic Pain Management

The psychobiology of chronic pain: Rewiring the brain for relief

In this course, Melissa shares her Integrative chronic pain protocol. You will learn how to get creative with changing the pain receptivity in the brain while helping your clients take back neural real estate where pain has moved in.

You will learn about dealing with psychosomatic conditions and how to approach the emotional aspects of chronic pain. You will learn updated forms of hypnotic standards for pain management as well as some new and adaptable techniques and inductions.

This class was filmed in such a way as to allow you to feel as if you were in the class with us except you have the ability to revisit any technique or induction for reinforcement and deeper learning. And all at less than half the price of the live training!

4hr 40min duration - $145.00

Sales page: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mtierscpm19/384680669?autoplay=1

A seat should be very inexpensive. If interested, add your username to the list

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