[Discuss GB] Mindvalley - The Mastery of Sleep Quest

Turn Your Sleep Into A Catalyst For Superior Health, Energy & Cognitive Abilities


Business page

price: 400$

seat price: 10$

If interested, post below and we will send you the payment details.

  1. soumen saha
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  1. soumen saha


I think this quest is inside the All Access Pass, so if you find the other GB here, you will get more bang for your buck (12+ courses for the same price as this exact one separately)


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  1. soumen saha
  2. Avalokita
  1. soumen saha
  2. Avalokita
  1. soumen saha
  2. Avalokita
  3. axle0987
  4. mic7

As I’ve mentioned above… it will be included in [Official GB] Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Membership

Makes more sense to pay the other GB and get all at once…

From the mindvalley all access page: (number 12.)

Quests & Courses

  1. Superbrain by Jim Kwik
  2. Duality by Jeffrey Allen
  3. Super Reading by Jim Kwik
  4. The M Word by Emily Fletcher
  5. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
  6. Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols
  7. Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith
  8. Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer
  9. Feng Shui For Life by Marie Diamond
  10. The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler
  11. Becoming Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani
  12. The Mastery of Sleep by Michael Breus
  13. Hero. Genius. Legend. by Robin Sharma
  14. Power of Visioning by Michael Beckwith
  15. Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen
  16. The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield
  17. Awaken The Species by Neale Donald Walsch
  18. The Quest For Personal Mastery by Srikumarao
  19. The New Psychology Of Winning by Denis Waitley
  20. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance by Marisa Peer

Upcoming Quests
10X Training
The Alan Watts Quest
Networking by Keith Ferrazi
Integral Theory by Ken Wilber
Money Mindset by Ken Honda
Silva Method by Vishen Lakhiani
Life Visioning by Michael Beckwith
Culture Hacking by Vishen Lakhiani
Conscious Parenting by Shefali Tsabary
Becoming Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani
Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas

WildFit and Lifebook Online are not included as they are structured differently from all of our other Quests. They are priced differently, as unique product offerings.
It’s our mission to make personal growth easy to access for as many people as possible. If we were to include these Quests, we couldn’t make the All Access Pass an affordable option for unlimited personal growth.

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thank you. i already buy all access membership. but didn’t noticed that it enlisted

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You’re welcome. When the course is published it’ll be made available

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Interested. Please send me Payment Details.

Hi soumen,

Maybe remove the post ? Or change the text to tell people to go to the mindvalley all access pass.


i try to remove it but i could not find the option

Can I still join the GB? if yes, what’s the seat and how to pay for it.

Kind Regards.

Check this post:

Check this post:

I’m not sure I believe the all-access GB will ever be completed. It still makes sense for me to buy this separately.

Why do you think so?

Are you checking the conversation with the members?

This course is a drip-fed one. It’s a new course and it will arrive to those in the All access quests as fast as it will be received if it’s done separately.


The Sleep Quest is available now


I want this! :smiley:

guys I have access to the all access pass, but not the sleep quest. Anyone want to swap for the sleep mastery course? send me proof please. I don’t like waiting for eternity because I wanted the sleep mastery and Jim quick’s Superbrain to start with. I got 12 courses so far in the provided mega link, but not sleep mastery. P.M. me please.