The Growth Hacking Traffic Ecosystem Formula so you can attract high-quality leads and buyers to your offers without any ad spend! ($1,297 Value)

You will learn: In detail how the ecosystem works, getting your mindset set up for success, how to choose a niche you’re aligned with, and how to pick profitable offers to promote.

The “One-take” Video Content System so one month of videos get completed in just a couple of hours! ($897 Value)

You will learn exactly how it works, what to make videos about, the best ways to create videos, and how to batch and organise your video creation.

Viral Youtube Masterclass so you can rank your videos for SEO and grow your views and subscribers full of buyers ($1,497 Value)

You will learn how to get started with Youtube, how to rank videos, how to promote your videos across the platforms.

Plus get my viral Youtube SEO Checklist and Description Template!

The Hyper-Engaged Facebook Blueprint so you can leverage other people’s audiences, automate group growth, and convert members into customers on autopilot. ($1,497 Value)

You will learn: how to set up and optimise your facebook pages, group, how to set your group up for automatic growth, how to monetise your Facebook page and group, how to effectively live stream and collaborate with others.

You will also get my 365 Facebook Group Post swipes so you never have to worry about coming up with content to post!

Email Marketing Engine so your email list grows daily, and you consistently market to your subscribers without any extra work. ($997 Value)

+Plus email templates & swipes!

You’ll learn how to create irresistible lead magnets, how to get people to opt in to become a subscriber, how to set up your email marketing platforms, so your emails get delivered and don’t end up in the spam, how to set up email automation, and send broadcasts.

Facebook Messenger ChatBot Success so you can instantly send more traffic to your videos, live streams, and offers! ($897 Value)

You’ll learn how to get people to opt into your chatbot, how to set up automation, and how to send broadcasts so you can immediately get more people to your content.

Total Value: $7,082

Sales Page:- https://rachelslee.com/ote

Price:- $197 ( Payments plan )
Min. number of seats:- 10 Seats
Estimates Seat price: $10

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