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Product Management Foundations

The only class that teaches you how to THINK like a product manager.

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What is it?

Product Institute is an entirely online school created for Product Managers, by Product Managers. Though we’ll cover the basics, our classes go in-depth and are designed to advance Product Managers at all levels. We know first hand the responsibilities and challenges a successful working Product Manager faces, and have crafted a full and dynamic curriculum around our experience. We will equip you with a breadth of insight and information immediately applicable to your field, and will move you a full career level up, and beyond.

How does it work?

Our online courses are packed with engaging content in the form of entertaining videos, blog-like posts, and interactive exercises. The classes are structured into segments, and your pacing through them is completely up to you.

Product Institute offers live video discussion sessions led by our knowledgeable team of coaches. These dynamic sessions address a range of student-requested topics and will be scheduled across time zones to accommodate our international student base. You can opt to sign up for any session you’d like- whichever topics you feel best relate to your current role or experience level. These sessions are a great opportunity to meet like-minded peers who struggle with similar issues or are interested in similar topics.

You will also be added to our international Product Institute Slack community, where you can chat and get advice from past students, current peers, coaches, product leaders, and course instructors. This community will be there as you apply the concepts you learn in your day-to-day work.

Who is it for?

Our classes are for those with any array of experience working in product development, whether you are a junior Product Manager who’s just written your thousandth user story, a Product Manager or Product Owner looking to improve your craft, or someone who builds MVPs at a high level and would benefit from a fresh perspective. We also encourage enrollment from people in software or UX who understand how needs become features, or senior VPs of Product who want to set useful expectations for their teams. If you aim to excel at product development, our classes are for you.

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For Individuals

Individual membership subscriptions include all courses, starting with our core Product Management course. Additionally, you will have access to live discussions and our international Slack community. Our annual subscription ensures you will be get access to newly released courses. Throughout your career, a Product Institute membership will enable you to continue learning and growing at every stage of your career.


This option does not include invoicing or payment options other than what is offered through the site (credit card and PayPal). You will receive a financially accurate receipt automatically when you enroll. This level of support is only provided for team licenses.

For Teams

For teams and companies, we offer the ability to buy seats through your company that will live with the company rather than the individual. If someone leaves your company, you can repurpose this seat to a new person. These licenses are based on a yearly subscription with the option to upgrade for enhanced reporting. Product Institute also provides additional support with invoicing and offers additional payment options such as ACH and wire transfers. Please contact info@productinstitute.com to get started.

STANDARD: $1,299 per person

Designed for smaller teams, this level provides access to all courses and offers multiple payment options and invoices. It does not include detailed reporting.

PREMIUM: $1,499 per person

Includes everything in the standard license, with additional detailed participant reporting provided. This option is ideal for larger teams and companies.

ENTERPRISE: contact for pricing

Includes everything in premium plus unlimited seats and a dedicated course experience. Contact us for pricing at info@productinstitute.com.

Become the “Bad Idea Terminator”

Product Management is all about asking two very important questions- “Should we build this?” and “Why?” Feature ideas come from everywhere within an organization, but the best Product Managers know how to kill the bad ideas swiftly so the best ideas can prevail. After our 10-module Product Management Foundations course, you will be one of those Product Managers- a cool kitten strutting away from a giant explosion of terrible ideas that would have led to sunk costs in your organization and unhappy users. Now put your sunglasses on, join our school, and get to work.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: What is Product Management? (38 minutes)

Module 2: Goals and Metrics (42 minutes)

Module 3: Empathizing with Users (35 minutes)

Upcoming Courses 2020…

Market Research

In this course you will learn how to size your market, research what your competitors are doing, identify the major trends in your market, and learn how to pull this information together to make a business case. This is a critical step to not only building roadmaps, but making recommendations to executives on how to move forward.


In this course, you will learn about how to effectively construct roadmaps, why they are important, and how to use them. You will be able to create outcome-oriented roadmaps for your product, think critically about how to meet the needs of your audience, and build company-wide roadmaps to establish alignment within your organization.

UX Fundamentals

Product Management and UX go hand in hand. In this course you’ll learn what Product Managers need to know about UX to be dangerous. That includes how to gain deep insight into people’s unique needs and behaviors, and using that insight to create a human-centered design strategy. You’ll learn to conduct qualitative user research, test your prototypes, identify user flows and refine your solutions to what people love. Even if you are working with a UX designer, this course will help you collaborate better and become more user-centered.

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