[Discuss GB] Prof G Strategy Sprint

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The game has changed. Today’s tech titans—including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google—have redefined the strategies that create extraordinary value in our winner-take-all digital economy.

Now, Prof G is offering a new two-week intensive course that unpacks learnings from these firms and teaches you how to create value today. Join the inaugural Prof G Strategy Sprint, where you will:

  • Learn how top firms create value
  • Deep dive on the strategies that define winners today
  • Assess a firm’s ability to generate value using Scott’s proprietary T-Algorithm Framework
  • Apply the T-Algorithm to your business to identify strategic opportunities

This sprint is short but intense, designed to help you think more strategically, get to smarter decisions faster, and out-maneuver your competition.

Course outcomes include:

  • How to identify the strategies that drive enterprise value in today’s most valuable firms
  • How to apply the T-Algorithm to your business and make actionable strategic recommendations
  • How to build the case for a new product or project within your company

If you’re a leader tasked with creating growth and strategic value, this sprint is for you. Prof G’s framework will help you make smarter decisions faster about where your team should allocate time and capital. This includes:

  • Managers, directors, and VPs in strategy, product, innovation, or marketing
  • Investors or corporate leaders responsible for assessing and driving growth

If you need to out-think, out-maneuver, out-execute, and outsmart the competition, invest in yourself with this Strategy Sprint.

Students will receive:

  • Eight new deep dive video lessons
  • Eight new video case studies
  • Downloadable data and sources for research included in lessons and case studies
  • Two livestream class sessions taught by Scott Galloway (including Q&A)
  • Office hours with Prof G strategy analysts
  • Dynamic T-Algorithm template to quickly analyze companies and products
  • Exclusive short videos from Scott Galloway on how sprint lessons apply to breaking business news
  • Access to Slack group to expand your network and learn from fellow students

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