[Discuss GB] Robin Sharma - Personal Mastery Breakthrough

​​Its time for your Personal Mastery Breakthrough

Choose to learn from any one of my 7 Personal Mastery Breakthrough Masterclasses, each specifically created to help you reach your loftiest goals, face your fears, get your biggest dreams done, and much, much more.

Every Masterclass was filmed at my 2-day live event, Personal Mastery Academy, where I walk you through brand-new [and life-changing] models, going deeper than I ever have gone before on my core ideas to help you revolutionize your mindset, x100 your confidence + fearlessness and learn how the most successful performers on the planet do what they do.

Watch and take pages of notes as I uncover my world-class learning models + materials + absolutely breakthrough tools that will cause exponential productivity, prosperity and impact on your life.

I so want you to succeed in this life, so I’ve shared over 1000 uncommon insights + daily routines + proven strategies to help you lead your field/own your craft/raise your power, so you not only create a rare-air life but also influence the world in a massive way.

Sales page: Click me

Price: $577
Min. number of seats: 30-40
Estimated seat price: $20 (for 30 people), $15 (for 40 people)

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1 - Hannpuch
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hey guys, i don’t think we have to buy this with 600$. before some months ago in India robin Sharma give us a offer to buy any course with 39$. i bought 3 wonderful courses from this and i have course of personal mastery 2017. and personal mastery program is pretty same with every year. so if you guys wish to access this courses with patriot permission respectfully. so i can give you those 3 courses at 39*3= 117$(don’t charge for make this content available offline , because we are the family). tell me guys if you wish to. i hope this will save our money and help us to buy a new

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These 3 courses are already freely available on other places.


where? give me the link

You are right I mistook them for other courses. I looked it up and the ones I mean are: Productivity Unleashed, Titan Academy Summit and Absolute best year 2018.

I’m interested.

so will we start a GB? with this 3 New courses??

Would be intersted , since someone already has this for a very low price
hoping for more interest by others

I am also interested.

I am interested in this GB. Is it still open?