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Dan Henry is one of the biggest internet marketers and sold at least 10 million worth of online courses.

His course aims to provide the fastest and most effective techniques to help create a highly valuable course, and then all the marketings strategies to help you sell it (Webinars, paid advertising, sales pages etc)

Sales page: https://getclients.com/sold-out-courses

Price: 2000
Min. number of seats: 20
Estimated seat price: 100

Please add your name to the list below to show that you are interested in joining this GB.
Please use the following list style as it is easiest to copy for the next person:
1 - Jedss
2 - Name 2
3 - Name 3
4 - …

That is my first time posting about a GB.

Did I do everything right? How come there is very little views and no comments?

Any help appreciated.