[Discuss GB] Sponsored Products Academy 3 (Amazon)

Number 1 and 2 were amazing.

Seems like 3 will be the best one so far.

This will be a quick and a private GB.

URL: https://www.sponsoredproductsacademy.com/launch-page-3-33400377

Price will be either 1k or 2k (they haven’t announced it yet)

We’ll do either 20 seats at 100 each or 10 seats at 200 each if its 2k.

Please post interest below.

I’m interested in this.

  1. Day
  2. netprofits
  3. kossytv
  1. Day
  2. netprofits
  3. kossytv
  4. Neil
  1. Day
  2. netprofits
  3. kossytv
  4. Neil
  5. evollution

Giving this a bump.

Today is the last day to join so I’ll probably be buying this. :slight_smile:

@Neil @netprofits @Neil @kossytv

Are you guys still in at $400 ea?


Day , are you still interested?

I’m interested, but not at $400 a pop. If we can get more interest to bring the price down, that would be great. I’m also interested in the other PPC course with Sean.

Seems like they are closed now.

Anyone has a source that managed to grab it?

This is def 100% closed for now. I am interested but not too sure at $400 a pop.,.maybe $100-$150. It ought to go lower if people knew this was secured and it was at $100-$150 or less or something.

What was the price point it was offered at ?

it was offered at 2k.
and it was not secured either.
ill try to find from other sources i have to see if some one got it.

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Hi, Did you get it. How many are in and at what price per head please? Thanks.

If anyone has got this please hit me up!

If anybody is interested in this still. I was emailing with Brian Johnson today and he gave me a link to get the course even while it is closed, so if anybody wants to go in on this please let me know.

I’m still interested. You can count me in!

interested, count me in!

:+1: sounds good. We just need some more folk to get the cost down a bit.

I am going to go ahead and buy it this week and not sure how this system works, but whoever wants to split the cost of it and receive the course send me a message.