[Discuss GB] Super Data Science Academy [1 Year]

This is the ultimate Data science package, containing:

🗸 40+ Course Covering Data Science, Machine Learning, Tableau, AI and Python

🗸 50+ Practical Workshops with real-life application

🗸 Private SDS Slack Channel where you can interact, get inspired and exchange ideas

🗸 Monthly Podcasts with industry leaders, motivational speakers and entrepreneurs

🗸 Huge Library of publications covering most trending Data Science and AI topics

🗸 Certificate of completion showcasing your proficiency level

Sales page: Click me

Price: 159$
Min. number of seats: 10
Estimated seat price: 16$

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i do not recommend to buy anything from superdatascience. I have some of the courses from them from udemy and they are updated monthly (who knows what they really update) but their practical materials codes etc. are out of dates and they refuse to update it and as a work around the mods tell you to downgrade your system package relevant to the course to make the code works. I try that and in the end it did me more harm then good and the code is still not working and no additional help is provided on their side even when you reach out to superdatascience support directly!