[Discuss GB] War Room Crypto Trading Academy (Service)

Sales Page:

$3780 usd

Suggested Seat Cost:

Min. Seats Number:

If interested, please post below.

This is a lifetime service (ignore the “annual” cost on the sales page). Copy and pasted crypto trades from top experts. This is NOT just a course, this is an ongoing group which will regularly post trades taken from the main telegram group. Easy money even with small bankroll. Lets get it


how will the telegram messages be shared with the contributors? is this putting the burden on the organiser to forever be available to forward every trade to us all?

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We will give the main group access to a few trusted people so if anything happens to the organizer, trades will go on. Its no burden really just a copy/paste

I am game, add me to the list of interested people. IF it works, am ready to pay.

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Now that Patriot is back, is this going to be organized?

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I have the same question

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Interested… Hope this happens here soon

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here is the link to the discord where the GB is. Visit the #cryptocurrency channel https://discord.gg/PwFQG6P

link to the discord where the GB is. Visit the #cryptocurrency channel https://discord.gg/PwFQG6P

I heard or saw someone say the guy wasn’t delivering on this promise…based on another group that had purchased a GB. I dunno how true this is.

I’d stick to acquiring this GB from Pat (on GROUPINSIDERS) if I was you. You have a safer bet and it is less riskier. But upto you.

That guy was talking about the monthly webinar was stopped , put the telegram alerts is still going , but he was concerned that we should have a bot that will deliver those alerts to our group immediately as they appear , or this will fail.

Sure whatever works. There are already 20 people confirmed in the discord though

Link to discord is invalid :\

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