[DISCUSS] Is this community Dead?

Old GB’s still pending to be delivered.

No response from @Patriot

No new GB’s opening even when they have a lot of interests.

Anybody knows what the heck is happening??


Hello Mazin490,

No this isn’t dead, Patriot is sorting few things out and things will be up running asap.


Awesome to hear that from the staff.

Good to know, I miss Pat as well. Hope all is well.

we miss you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

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I was just wondering the same question. Because the interest in new GB’s has dropped drastically. Thank you @Enzo for answering. I hope that soon people will get back so we can enjoy new GB’s, we missed a couple of Ledochowski products :frowning:

Great to know !
its alot of work , hope you can sort things out and come back soon Patriot !


Please can you see my posts of today and where possible reply or give an update ? I have tried to make a payment without luck.

As a staff/moderator you will be able to view the areas where I have posted and therefore know what I am referencing.

I sent you a pm


Thanks man, I appreciate it.

I have replied a moment ago.

Happy xmas 2019 !!! :slight_smile:

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