[Discuss] Stefan Georgi - The RMBC Method

Hello everyone

We’ve discussed a possibility of starting a mastermind group for the Stefan Georgi’s course, and we’ve received a good interest from the GB participants.

In this topic, we’re going to quickly discuss and plan how the discussion will go. We’ve done mastermind groups before, but we’re expecting to learn and modify a lot as we go.

We’d like to get started, learn and modify without losing the momentum.

Mistakes and hurdles are to be expected.

Yet, few insights from any member can make a huge difference in our study and work.


  • Who’s in?
  • Who can volunteer to supervise and manage this group discussion?
  • Suggest a way to go with this discussion. How would you like it to be?

Once we get some ideas and suggestions, we’ll create a poll to pick a way to go with it.

Please feel free to let us know how you would like this to go…

and let’s get the most out of this course.



100% in, would maybe a drip fed way of providing the course work better than providing the whole course at once to different members? Folks learn/write at different speeds so perhaps going through it a chunk at a time may work better, giving everyone the chance to learn and implement the principles one step at a time. I know people will be desperste to race through the whole course but if broken down it would give us a better chance to stop information overload and correct course along the journey of becoming high class copywriters.

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@Patriot Hello, I believe it would be nice to go through the course in stages (i.e. RMBC), and then we’d create discussion groups for each section, and then anyone who has successfully completed a section for a copy project they’re working on can discussion in the relevant section. This way we can meet minds, improve, and perfect what we’re doing.

I believe we’d learn faster and grow by DOING.


I’m late but I’d like to be in too. I have a day job, but I can always join in the discussion on weekends. :slight_smile:

We could make a drive out of our drafts.
Or, an administrator proposes an idea for a product (which does not exist or similar to something that exists) and we “students” perform the exercise.

I’d be interested in being here - feedback and creating with what we learn

I’d be leaning towards getting the course all at once to be honest. Personally speaking I consume
content pretty fast, and take action just as quick. Every day I save getting an ad out, or sales letter
written puts $$$ in my bank

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I’m in. I think we should give the course out in full and let everyone go through it at their own pace.

I think this group would be great to offer advice on copy so we can all lend a helping hand to one another. Everyone will be at different stages with copy, so this would be a really great resource for all levels.

Also it would obviously be a discussion around different video topics/concepts as well which would help members get a better grasp on the ideas presented.

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Can I still pay for this please?

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Hi @Patriot,

Please count me in for this. .

Here are my tots:
Let every member go through the modules individually before the mastermind begins

Also, I propose the following:

  1. We could use the Harvard MBA Model. which is mainly based on case studies for the mastermind…

We will need minimum of 4 anchors who are very tight in the various RMBC elements.

They should lead the conversation.

  1. Let the coordinators acts like clients and members of the mastermind be called RMBC AGENCY… or whatever name we suggest

  2. A Case studies or Brief is created for each section of rmbc which will be presented to agency members with specifics guidelines to achieve a predetermined purpose

Agency members then brainstorm to get the best for the client.

The Brief aim is to reinforce the RMBC method.

This could be in area of Research… Lead… Headline…Big ideas…Unique mechanism…Angles…Offers…Upsells…Stories…FB copy… etc

I believe making it more practical than intellectual will make many people learn a lot. GENUINE feedback will help growth

I also believe the mastermind should be application based… this should be RMBC IMPLEMENTATION CLASS.

Hope this helps.

Thanks once again @Patriot for your leadership.


I’ve heard some great ideas above for sure.

But the biggest danger in having this course is not using right away.

I’m very interested in using this method and would love to participate in any discussion to get the most value out of the course material.

Whether the course is delivered all at once or dripped out over weeks, I’ll still go over in detail and use it to start writing.
This is one method we can be sure works at the highest levels of direct response and we should treat it accordingly.

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There is nothing to discuss without the content, lets goo

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Totally Agree @gb1000 ! what can we discuss with just an intro?!

Please @Patriot, when can we have the Full Course to begin to Study and Implement? Because Really we don´t understand the delay in this specific course, because usually the deliver is in a short period of time…

I am in.

A mastermind will keep us accountable on a regular basis, it’s a better way to learn, grow (together), build skillsets. add to that you get to have connections and a circle of friends that help you make decisions and reach your goals.

Let’s start asap!

Okay I am interested.in this …

I am interested in this ……

I want to participate! Thanks!

I would like to participate as well…given the times and the kind of scenario the world is in…it is even more crucial then ever before…Thank you…

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