Drop Dead Copy: Get 6 Copywriting Courses From 6 Different Experts

# The Ultimate Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal: Get 6 Copywriting Courses From 6 Different Experts For LESS Than The Price Of 1 (Save $6,867)

Site: https://www.dropdeadcopy.com/epic/

Price: $ 497

The Six Experts:

  1. John McIntyre The Autoresponder Guy
  2. Derek Johanson Copy Hour
  3. Ian Stanley 30 Email Templates
  4. Roy Furr Breakthrough Marketing Secrets Insiders for 9 Months
  5. Shiv Shetti How To Get Paid Without Bank Costs Or Nasty Fees
  6. Daniel Throssell The ‘Inbox Detonator’ Bunker

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Interested Members:

  1. GIJOE01
  2. ?

Interested Members:

  1. GIJOE01
  2. Donutmad

Interested if it would go through. Thanks.

Interested. Count me in

Interested Members:

  1. GIJOE01
  2. Donutmad
  3. Dimos
  4. Alex064
  • GIJOE01
  • Donutmad
  • Dimos
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Count me in

Please how do I get this program @Patriot

@Patriot, can i still get this course??

Dear friend,

Since you’ve showed interest in copy I have an important letter for you:

It’s not sexy.

Not many writers and marketers enjoy it.

But there are few things as fundamental to the process of writing a winning promotion than good old fashioned research.

Why? Because research is the basis of everything you say in your sales copy. Every benefit, every proof element, your overall argument and so on – all this is contingent on the quality of your research process.

Even though Clayton has openly admitted to being the “world’s worst researcher” – he’s paid a not-so-small fortune to have top notch research done for him. And lately, his clients have been kind enough to employ entire departments solely dedicated to gathering quality information – the kind of info that helps better sell their products and services.

Apart from Clayton, you’ve probably also heard stories about other legends such as Gene Schwartz – who’d reportedly read 700-page books multiple times before writing a single word of copy … or how Gary Benciveng spends as much as 40% of his time on research.

One thing’s for certain: Most copywriters spend far too little time researching everything it takes to write a winning promotion. But that’s all about
to change …

Because we are joining efforts to buy the ultimate course on Copywriting Research.

Attention: This is not a course that have a module dedicated to research, this is a ENTIRE COURSE solo dedicated to the most valuable skill a marketing team can develop

Enter your costumers’ brain, and know them better them they do themselves.

How do you that?


This course is NOT just a list of actions, or questions to ask your client, or videos on how to browse Reddit.

Once you finish this course you will know with crystal clarity:

  1. How to ONLY do the minimum research necessary on any job, while still writing good copy (so you aren’t spending 10 hours researching a webpage you’re earning $200 for)

  2. WHICH tools to use for your research on any given job (and which you can safely ignore)

  3. The EXACT questions to ask your client when starting the job (so you don’t look like an idiot later)

  4. Step-by-step instructions for what to do when you “can’t find anything good online”

And, you’ll also discover …

  1. EXACTLY when to stop your research!

So join us in this GB right here: Daniel Throssell - Market Detective [Amazing market research course] - #66 by Colincavalo

The most people we have the less it cost to everyone

Okay, a few more things you’ll know once you finish Market Detective…

  1. How to know when you’ve found your market’s true, deepest pain (the one that makes them BUY)

  2. How to avoid being ‘tricked’ by misleading feedback — and even judo-flip it into sales copy on the spot (I show a live video of how to do this exact thing)

  3. When you DON’T have to call people to do research (and, IF you do actually need to — which is much rarer than you think — how to do it and what to say)

And … which is probably MOST exciting of all …

  1. HOW to do every step of your research!

By now you can see how having this course will be LIFE CHANGING

So 10X your copy gigs and skills by joining us in this GB: Daniel Throssell - Market Detective [Amazing market research course] - #66 by Colincavalo

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I’m super interested in grabbing these 6 courses too.

Hey guys is the groupbuy still active

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I think you all should check this out and join us if you want to Master the Root of copywriting in general

  • These (SIX!!!) courses will take a long time to go through - but you will get different ways of writing persuasively to a client about some relevant Issue

thats great! :smiley:

  • Market Detective will let you - KNOW
    your Audiences’ MOST Deeply Felt Need


That Fv(k!&@ AMZING!!!


Then ANY Copywriting approach you take will be Rocket Fuelled!

Just go read this and make up your own mind but seriously do check it out

Market Detective - The Persuasive Page

This guy won Ramit’s only competition, was chased up to work for him and has now REVOLUTIONISED the Game.

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