Euhm. What is going on?

Forum is clean. Everything is gone again. Are you sure that you do not need any help?

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We are recovering our old data.

It’s still in progress.

All members can login using their old accounts now but they need to recover their passwords through email.

We’re hoping will get the old topics too.



can u send me june update for helium 10 plz.

Thank you for email - the only way to log in.

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Checked your email (PayPal Email you’ve paid with)?

That does not work for me.
Few days ago I registered here with my old username and password. Yesterday it suddenly wasn’t possible to login: Wrong password oder username. So I tried a password-reset. My username was found in the database but I never got the reset-mail (yes I hit the re-send button several times and it’s not in the spam folder). So I had to register again by using a slightly modified username (ulli 2005a instead of ulli2005 which is still in your database) and a new password. Obviously something went wrong here, so that my original username is blocked now.

Will you send a mail to reactivate the original account once you’ve restored the data?

Please delete my post above. I’ve tried again and - suprise! - this time everything went fine!

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i am interested, can you give payment details

Hello mrpogi

What GB are you interested in? This is a topic unrelated to any particular GB. (I guess).

Let me know which GB you’re looking for to help you further.


Ben Cummings Fast Track - Is this GB still ongoing?

No, it’s not.

But it’s available for free in many other places.

We’ll make sure our members get it one way or another.

Almost all GBs that are getting discontinued from here due to attacks from the authors are getting released freely all over the web.

Glad we are back! Guys be patient, it’s a process and pat is working on it i’m sure!

I can’t login with my old account ID. Error: no such user after clicking password reset.

If I may make some suggestions.

  1. We should create some categories to keep the forums cleaner.
  2. We should get rid of this post, its ugly :smiley: (my fault I guess :P)
  3. We should get the FAQs back up, as well as the private forums.

Now I know you are hard at work @Patriot, so maybe you can give me some basic forum management rights and I can get those things done for us all. I’d love to :slight_smile:

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Where can we find these?

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I’m also interested to learn where one can find Ben’s (older) Fast Track videos. Those from 2017 / 2018 for example.