[Explain] How GBs Work

This topic is a work in progress. It will be updated continuously and we will use your help to add more to it.

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In a nutshell, here is how GBs work:

  • Someone open a [Discuss GB] For a specific course/membership.
  • People show interest
  • Once there are enough interested members, we open an official topic to collect payments.
  • When enough payments are collected, we find a buyer to purchase the course.
  • Once our process is complete, we deliver the GB to participants.
  • If you join a GB after it’s been delivered, it doesn’t mean you’ll receive the GB materials instantly. We have work around the clock. It only means you’ll get it much faster [Shorter waiting time].

Some Rules:

  • Don’t Reveal your Identity on the forum by any means.
  • Don’t post personal information or payment details in public. We won’t ask for personal information in public. We usually ask for them in Google Forms.
  • Please understand That participating in GBs won’t get you access as fast as you would get it by buying directly from authors. Understand this and don’t bother staff with questions about delivery dates.
  • Payments are non-refundable. In Most cases, If a GB is cancelled, you will get credit to use in other GBs.
  • Don’t ask about GB delivery dates or updates if they are in the 2nd post of this topic:
    [GBs Status] Latest GBs and Their Delivery Status

Here some suggestions from my side (and do not hesitate to simply copy what I have written below into your post and then delete this post).

The GB process in detail:
1. Someone open a [Discuss GB] For a specific course/membership. You can get a template here.
2. People look at the discussion post and show that they are interested by adding their name to a list of interested participants.
3. Once there are enough interested members, we open an official topic [Official GB] to collect payments. This means that all interested members will be contacted via private message, where they received payments details.
4. If you have received such a private message, go ahead and pay the amount and follow the steps outlined in the private message exactly. Make sure to not leave out any steps as every mistake leads to delays and annoyances.
Here are a few key points to pay attention to when paying:

  • Once you have paid the amount, fill out the google form with the exact details
  • Write a response in the [Official GB] that you have paid and filled out the google form.

5. When enough payments are collected, we purchase the course. Nobody will ever know the identity of the buyer. We keep his/her identity a secret for his/her own safety.
6. Once the course is purchased, the buyer has to undergo the process of downloading it. This means he/she has to rip web videos, download PDF files, do screen casts, etc.
This process can take a while depending on how much content the course offers and how difficult the ripping process is. In case that the course is shipped on DVD/CD or involves printed books or documents, this process takes even longer. We urge you to be patient.
The buyer then proceeds to ZIP all files and upload them, which can take a while as well.
7. Once all of the above steps are completed, the GB is delivered to all participants.
You can follow the status of GBs in this post.

Note: We know that you want your courses right there and now but remember that, all of these steps are being done by normal, working people. The GI staff and the buyers are all doing their best to deliver these expensive courses for little money, so please be patient. You will get what you have paid for.

Have any questions?
Please check out the Q&A post here. The first post there includes a tailored collection of questions commonly asked by community members. Most answers can be found there. If, however, your question is not included there, feel free to ask away. Do not feel ashamed or intimidated. We are here to help :slight_smile:


Thanks. This helps me understand the community better.


How to avoid to get scammed when it comes to make payments?

Is there any specific moderator who collects the money?

Yes exactly. Payments do not go directly to the buyer.

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Is it possible to join a Closed GB?

As far as I know yes, but it is coordinated by them team to cover needs in other GBs so there is no schedule defined or anything else. Just ask inside the thread and cross your fingers.

From my past experience it worked pretty well to get into closed GBs, the only virtue you will have to bring to the table is patience, but it pays off.

Good luck :slight_smile: