Football trading/betting without losing your original stake

Course is from a well known football trader in UK, you need access to betfair global site

Course price is £697 cheaper option

this is a betting/gambling course but if applied correctly you wont lose money or will just lose an small ammount

looking for interested people

I’m sick of these systems that can make you 15,000 a month. I don’t believe them man. I would never buy this system/course, although I purchased few them recently.
Are you into football trading?

I know there are a lot of scammers, but this system has automation so it is very difficult for you to make errors, I am into football trading yes, this has 14 strategies even set and forget methods and scalping if enough people are interested we might get it a cheap price

I have Tony Langley’s last course, Daisho & have been taught by him personally with several others.
His methods DO work with a LOT of Practice, but to make the kind of money that’s mentioned you need a pot of around £10k minimum to stake around £500 at a time to make around £50 profit.
You are leveraging a lot money to make a small amount as there are minimal risks with these methods, but you have to know EXACTLY what you are doing otherwise you will lose a lot money quickly.
Also a major downside to sports betting/trading is that sometimes bookies do not play fair.

Interesting Jony I have been told this has more material than Daisho and recovery automation I think it is worth having a look

I’m member at Goal profits, and recently purchased Ultimate football trading course

Anyone Interested

1 - vaceroc

i will be interested in this. i have a friend of mind who have a system but does not teach it to anyone.The real people making money with this would never sell it they just keep it a secret.

Is possible to form a private group or a Skype group with other traders?

N.B: hope it’s not against the TOS…

Any update with regard the GB’ status?

From what I can tell we don’t have enough interested members yet to progress.

I’m interested in this