Funnelytics FAAS Track (Funnels a a Service)

4-Week FaaStrack Training

FaaS stands for Funnels as a Service.

The aim of the program is to leverage our expertise and track-record to help you implement the 4-steps needed to scale a Funnel Agency.

Step #1 - ATTRACT your dream client through Organic and Paid strategies. If you haven’t figured out your dream client yet, we will show you a simple process to test various niches and choose highly profitable ones.

Step #2 - CLOSE the leads that you’ve attracted using a simple and repeatable process. We’ll show you how to package your funnel services for premium prices

Step #3 - DELIVER results for your new clients by assembling the right funnel team and shortcutting the build process.

Step #4 - RETAIN your clients longer and charge premium monthly retainers that stack your monthly recurring revenue

Sales page: [Click me!]

Price: $2000

NOTE: the buyer will need to get on adiscovery call with them to see if you are accepted in the program.

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Interested members:

  1. mic7 40$

Super interested in this GB. Have been followed-up on email with some inside snippets of what the Course/System is all about, and I must say it’s some top-notch value proposition.

Hopefully this GB is feasible!